Carolyn Hamlett – “As in the days of Noah,” Vlog #2

(Originally posted on July 27th, 2018) In this 2nd video vlog, I give a short update on my health (as of July 2018), then I share something that caught my attention about the popular end time topic of “As in the days of Noah”.  Many people today, including many self proclaiming Christians, are so enamored and so captivated … Continue reading Carolyn Hamlett – “As in the days of Noah,” Vlog #2

“The Plan”… What Is It ?

As with every other earthly organization, Satan’s organization (what I have termed “The Organization,” and what the Bible refers to as his “kingdom”) has a mission, goals (both long-term and short-term), and strategies implemented whereby those goals are achieved. There are long-term goals and short-term goals, but whichever goal is being worked on, every individual … Continue reading “The Plan”… What Is It ?