I Want This Publicly Known, by Carolyn Hamlett

On September 17, 2017, I posted an article on my former blog, "Beyond The Physical Realm". The article was titled, "I want this publicly known, by Carolyn Hamlett". I have decided to repost that article here, because recently in an article written with Loren Grace, I supplied more details in regards to what took place … Continue reading I Want This Publicly Known, by Carolyn Hamlett

Carolyn Hamlett – “Thoughts from the Heart,” Vlog #1

(Originally posted on June 25, 2018) This is my very first try at making a video. For many months I have been wanting to share some of what has been on my heart, but I just didn’t have the energy. Tonight just felt right, so I decided to give this video making a shot. Keep … Continue reading Carolyn Hamlett – “Thoughts from the Heart,” Vlog #1

“The Organization” — What Is It ?

"The Organization" is the name I chose many years ago to describe and represent Satan's complicated network of interconnected hierarchies in the physical and supernatural, which work together on many different fronts to carry out Lucifer’s (Satan’s) plan, “The Plan”. From the little I have tried to explain so far about “The Plan”, it is … Continue reading “The Organization” — What Is It ?

“The Plan”… What Is It ?

As with every other earthly organization, Satan’s organization (what I have termed “The Organization,” and what the Bible refers to as his “kingdom”) has a mission, goals (both long-term and short-term), and strategies implemented whereby those goals are achieved. There are long-term goals and short-term goals, but whichever goal is being worked on, every individual … Continue reading “The Plan”… What Is It ?

Lucifer’s Hierarchy, Structure, and Purpose

"The Spiritual Hierarchy" — Who Are They? The authors, overseers and the directors of “The Plan” call themselves “The Spiritual Hierarchy". This spiritual hierarchy is comprised of Lucifer (who is Satan) and the fallen angels who have aligned themselves together against God the Creator of the universe and His plan for mankind, which is a … Continue reading Lucifer’s Hierarchy, Structure, and Purpose