Section Two: Common Motivators

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The charismatic movement is, by and large, man-centered, not God-centered, and the focus is customarily on:

  1. Gifts
  2. Spiritual experiences
  3. Spiritual manifestations (signs and wonders)
  4. Heavenly places and supernatural realms
  5. Spiritual warfare

These motivators in particular are driving the charismatic movement. The focus on desiring a relationship with the Heavenly Father has shifted to an increasing desire for self-centered, sensual pleasures (appealing to the physical senses and gratifying the carnal desires). This is producing the ideal environment for occult practices and doctrines to thrive, enabling Satan to push his plan forward, using infiltrators who have come into alignment with his agenda.

Contents of Section Two

I. Man-centered, not God-centered

EgocentricLeaders or Pastors?

II. Gifts and Abilities

Seers and ProphetsImpartations — Giving and ReceivingSupernatural Works of God, Natural Works, Lying Works, or False Works?Effects of the False Prophets and Seers Within the Charismatic MovementWhat the Bible Says about Prophets within the ChurchOther GiftsConclusionReview

III. Spiritual Experiences

IV. Spiritual Manifestations (signs and wonders)

Gold DustA Demonic AnointingReview

V. Heavenly Places and Supernatural Realms

VI. Spiritual Warfare


I. Man-centered, Not God-centered


One of the foundational motivations driving the charismatics centers around their ego. Because of this, they seek after things that make them feel powerful, authoritative, and prestigious. They have the tendency to see these things as fruit that is evidence of their good works or what they imagine to be the work of the Holy Spirit, as well as being evidence of God’s blessing, special anointing, or divine favor.

Some of the things that make the charismatic feel powerful, authoritative, and prestigious include:

1. Having excessive amounts of money, or at least, having the appearance of having excessive amounts of money.

  • Included in this is success in business or career, and expensive or excessive possessions.
  • It can also include having a spouse that looks as if they have excessive amounts of money.
  • Important to Note: having a large amount of money, a successful business, or expensive possessions are not necessarily bad in and of themselves. What is wrong, however, is using these things as a measuring stick of God’s anointing or approval, or desiring and seeking after these things rather than desiring and seeking after God. It is a matter of the heart.

2. Having a large following of people who are mesmerized by them or their message.

3. Having imagined “words of God” that they then share with their fan-base.

4. Occult gifts and abilities, such as astral travel (they call this “traveling in the spirit”).

5. So-called supernatural works of God, that are actually either natural works of man, lying works, or false works.

6. Spiritual manifestation and other spiritual experiences.

7. Their imagined effectiveness at what they consider to be spiritual warfare.

Most of these things will be covered thoroughly in this book, but the main point in this section is to point out that all of us can fall prey to this, because by-and-large, humans are ego-driven. We are driven to do things and seek after things that make us feel good, and to do things and seek after things that are for our benefit. This isn’t always a bad thing; however, when the things we seek after do not line up with the Word of God, therein lies the problem. We should each constantly search our own hearts, asking ourselves what our true motivations are: is it to please ourselves, or is it to please our Father? The wiser thing to do, however, would be to ask our Heavenly Father to search our heart and to reveal to us our own motivations, because we can be blind to the intentions and desires of our heart, not always realizing we are coming from a place that is putting our own will above the will of our Father.

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Leaders or Pastors?

One common attitude that has infiltrated the churches in general, and one that is deceptively simple and usually overlooked, is this attitude of “leaders” versus “pastors.” In this section, we are in no way speaking of pastors who are following the Biblical standards and specifications on how to lead, but we are speaking of those multitudes of men and women who are not following the Biblical examples and instructions on how to lead.

While it is true that pastors are to lead in a Biblical way, there is a definite ungodly and unbiblical attitude that has slowly but surely crept into churches. In many instances, much emphasis is placed on prosperity, gifts, spiritual experiences, and rules of men and women that vary from church to church depending upon the culture. The focus of many of these leaders seems to be more on learning “how to build a prosperous business and build a following,” and less on shepherding a flock — protecting them and leading them into spiritually-safe places.

There is more emphasis placed upon “motivational speaking” (a “feel good” doctrine), but not a lot of correctly teaching the Word of God, warning of the dangers of not following His Word, encouraging people to build a relationship with God, and being a good example of Godly living.

So what is motivational speaking?

→ Motivational Speaking: the action or occupation of giving presentations intended to motivate or inspire the audience, frequently with the aim of raising morale or productivity in a workplace.(1)

While there is not anything inherently wrong with motivational speaking, solid Biblical teaching is lacking today in many churches and ministries. Instead, there is what Paul described in 2 Timothy as “itching ears, turning from the truth and turning unto myths.”

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and encourage with every form of patient instruction. For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” (emphasis added)

2 Timothy 4:2-4 (BSB)


Itching ears: desirous of hearing something pleasant (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon)(2)

Myth: an idle tale, fable, fanciful story.

  • In the context of this verse, myths are referring to: the fictions of the Jewish theosophists and Gnostics, especially concerning the emanations and orders of the aeons (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon).(3,4)

There is often much “encouragement” in many churches and Christian groups today, but not much rebuking or reproof. And while motivational speaking can be pleasant to listen to, much of the “encouragement” within charismatic groups is actually encouraging people to continue in their sin and delusion that is leading them to destruction.

Furthermore, these church leaders learn and use motivational speaking skills to prey on the minds and emotions of the audience to get a desired response. They are manipulating the audience through that emotion, often done in an attempt to sell their products: books, CD’s, DVD’s, classes, entrance into special conferences, et cetera. This is also done as a way to “sell themselves” to the audience, so they can be more effective at spreading their message. In turn, this feeds their ego, as the bigger their fan-base, the better they feel. It also has the tendency to grow their pocketbook as the people that are following them are buying not only the message coming from them, but their products as well. This, of course, is the desired result of such a leader, feeding their motivation to have not only power, authority, and prestige, but also satisfies their greed for money and material possessions.

So while we acknowledge that pastors are to lead, we would also like to point out that many of today’s modern, charismatic “leaders” are not pastors in any way, shape, or form. They have received their definition of “leadership” from worldly standards, and not from Biblical doctrine. They are leaders, and not pastors. They are building their earthly kingdom, and not working for the Kingdom of the true God. They are, in fact, allowing wolves into the flock who teach doctrines of demons, leading people into destruction.

Moreover, because of this worldly standard of “leadership” that has invaded the churches, men and women are all too eager to follow a human leader, rather than follow Jesus Christ. There is an alarming tendency to look to the “leader” to tell them what the Bible says and what it means. There is also an inclination to idolize leaders, and when we see they are going astray from sound Biblical doctrine, there is fear of even questioning them, much less rebuking or correcting. Phrases and words found in Scripture — such as “touch not God’s anointed,” and “obey them that have the rule over you,” and “submit” — are twisted to manipulate and browbeat people into not questioning or coming against false doctrines or teachings, for fear of not only human retribution, but of the wrath of God.

This attitude is wrong. It is unbiblical.

Paul Fahy, in his essay titled, “Apostles first or first apostles?” writes:

“A final thought, that I have expounded many times before, hierarchical leadership systems focusing upon a single dominating figure is actually a demonic system. It originated in the ranks of fallen angels that submit to Satan and has been worked out in human history in multiple spheres: military command and structure; commercial corporations; national governments; absolute monarchies and many other systems.

“The church is categorically intended to be the opposite of such systems (‘the first shall be last’, leaders are ‘servants of all’). When we see churches ruled by a hierarchy dominated by an individual (whatever his title) then we see a failure to obey God and submission to the enemy. It is a demonic system of government.”(5)

We wholeheartedly agree with Fahy’s assessment, and urge people to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and to not blindly and unbiblically follow man or woman. Jesus said to follow Him, not men. Even the Apostle Paul urged his “followers” (people he was discipling and teaching) to follow Jesus Christ, and to imitate him (Paul), with the important stipulation added: “as I imitate Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1) This is the proper, well-balanced, Biblical way. Let us use the Godly, Biblical standards of pastoring and of being pastored; of leading and following. Not worldly standards of following and leading.

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II. Gifts and Abilities

One of the largest defining factors of the charismatic movement is that they are gift-motivated and gift-centered. This is no big surprise, since the word “gift” comes from the Greek word “charisma,” which is the root word of “charismatic.” Gifts are often used as a way to order God about, impress others, control others, boost ego, and/or bring in money. No longer is the focus on Jesus Christ and the goal to become more like Him, but the focus has shifted on gifts and the goal is to develop and master those gifts, often with the objective of becoming well-known and sought after for those gifts.

Seers and Prophets

Within the charismatic movement, having a “prophetic or seer anointing” is probably the most coveted gift, and the two are closely related.

The main thing to keep in mind concerning the modern-day seers and prophets within the charismatic movement, is that they are false. Not so much because their prophecies and visions are false, although many times such visions and prophetic utterances are eventually proven to be false. However, even a broken clock is correct twice a day, and sometimes the correct “prophetic utterances or visions” are a result of either common-sense, human understanding, or sheer luck. In some cases, they are secretly being fed information by other people, or channeling demonic messages or visions.

But regardless of whether or not the false prophecy or vision is real or correct, it is not truth that is coming from God, and that is the more notable defining factor that reveals these seers and prophets to be false: they are leading people away from the true written Word of God, and are leading people into being guided and led by a spirit of witchcraft. This, in turn, is bringing people under the influence of the spirit of the antichrist, a point that we will attempt to fully develop and explain throughout this book.

In this chapter on gifts, we will give examples of information coming from false prophets or seers that may be real or accurate, but are not of God. We will also get into how these false prophets and seers are leading people away from God, and the negative effects they are having on people. Before we get into that, however, let’s more clearly define a seer and a prophet, specifically with how they are being used within the charismatic movement.


The defining characteristic of a seer is that a seer has visions. As with prophets, the Bible speaks of true seers — those who were given visions by God, usually for prophetic purposes and to guide and advise the kings of Israel and Judah — and false seers — those who had the occult gifting of visions that were lies that would lead to destruction.(6)

In modern times, the word “seer” has most often been associated with an occult gifting rather than a gift from the Heavenly Father, and the term is beginning to become more common within certain charismatic circles as people desire to experience visions, or as they seek out those who have visions. The visions can be for self or for others, and can include entering into so-called “heavenly places” or “supernatural realms” in order to supposedly interact and communicate with angels, God, Jesus, demonic entities, and even the dead. As will be explained throughout this book, these experiences are part of a demonic deception.

The visions can also serve a supposed prophetic purpose, and can be used in conjunction with a type of so-called “spiritual warfare” that many engage in. Additionally, it’s becoming more common for charismatic leaders to have a “seer” from whom they take spiritual advice. In case it isn’t clear, this is no different than any other person seeking advice and guidance from an occult diviner, seer, astrologer, spiritualist, or fortune teller.

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The so-called prophets of modern times are those who give prophetic utterances about what they believe God is saying to people today. If the written Word of God is used as a foundation for these so-called prophetic words, the Scripture is twisted out of context, and its meaning grossly misapplied. So since they do not fully line up with Scripture, they are not of God.

These modern-day “words of God” can sometimes be used to speak curses over people or groups of people, but they can also be designed to make people feel good. In addition, their so-called “prophetic words of wisdom” are usually vague, occasionally to or about a specific person, but most often “doomsday predictions” concerning a particular group of people, such as a specific church, a city, a state, or a nation. Most such predictions never come true. Of the ones that appear to come true, we dare say sheer luck is involved, which is why their predictions are usually so vague. On the other hand, sometime the “prophecies” come true because they are actually curses that they are speaking over people, and those words have demonic power behind them.

The “prophetic words” can sometimes be accompanied by supposed words of knowledge, whereby the so-called prophet claims to know secret information about the person receiving the word. Of course, the false prophet will usually say the secret information was given to him or her by the Holy Spirit of God or by their special “personal angel.” The truth, however, is that the information comes from other people, from the demonic, or from the imagination of the false prophet.

Impartations — Giving and Receiving

These so-called “prophetic words and visions” can be accompanied by spiritual manifestations, and often end with a type of spiritual impartation. Examples of such impartations can include:

1. an impartation for healing, either for the person themselves or for someone they are acquainted with.

  • If the “healing” is for someone else, they are sometimes given a special object to give to the person who needs the healing, such as a piece of cloth or a piece of paper.
  • They can also be given a special prayer to recite over the person or to give to the person.
  • Within the occult, these objects and prayers are commonly referred to as “fetishes or charms,” as described in “Elements of Spell-casting.”

2. an impartation for an increase of income, a supernatural appearance of money, or a supernatural decrease of bills.

3. an impartation for another desire to be realized, such as a new and better job, a promotion or raise at the current job, a spouse, or children.

4. an impartation to pass on the supposed anointing or prophetic gifts and abilities from the false prophet or seer to the person receiving the impartation.

  • This is actually the transference of the demonic spirit that is controlling the false prophet or seer.

The impartations require the individual to open themselves up to receiving what the false prophet or seer is offering to them, and the raising of hands (to receive) and the laying on of hands (to give) is used quite often in this way. If the false prophet is on television or similar media, they will often instruct the individual to reach out their hands and touch the television or computer screen in order to receive the impartation, or to simply “open their heart or mind” to receive.

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Supernatural Works of God, Natural Works, Lying Works, or False Works?(7)

Before we get into details concerning these impartations from false prophets and seers, let’s categorize and define different types of works:(8)

1. Supernatural works of God are self-explanatory. They are something that is brought about by the power of God, with no natural explanation. A supernatural work of God always has good results (fruit) and leads to good things.

2. Natural works are done by people, and they result in natural consequences, either for the good or for the bad.

Positive natural works can lead to good things. Negative natural works lead to bad results. Sometimes negative things happen to people as a result of the poor choices of others, lying works of others, or false works of the demonic. On the other hand, if the results are bad, sometimes there is no purposeful ill intent behind the work that caused the results to be negative. An example of this could be a car accident.

Often, negative natural works stem from ignorance, stupidity, stubbornness, or the like, but not purposeful evil. Unrealized sin, such as rebellion against God (disobedience to His Word), can also cause negative results, but it is not purposeful. However, once realized, if it is not repented of, it can lead into lying works.

3. Lying works and false works are closely related. Both are extremely harmful and have negative results. Sometimes they are done by people who are being controlled and manipulated by the demonic in various degrees, and sometimes they are directly produced by the demonic themselves.

Lying works are done by demonically-controlled individuals, such as: narcissists, liars, cult leaders, false ministers, et cetera. These people use purposeful lies, coercion, guilt, and manipulation to bring about a desired result that benefits themselves, but rarely anyone else. They are very abusive in one way or another, either mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even sometimes physically or sexually.

Lying works are done to deceive others in one way or another. The results are either not tangible because they are complete lies, or they have “strings” attached to control others. Those participating in false works can find forgiveness and healing through the work of the Holy Spirit if they repent. Individuals who are conned by someone through a lying work are led down a rocky path that can take a long time to heal from, but it is possible through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Lying works, if not repented, will lead to destruction, and can sometimes lead to the individual being used by the demonic to a greater degree, producing false works.

False works are done directly by the demonic, or by people who are being used by the demonic to a greater degree. The works are real in the fact that the results are often tangible or quantifiable, either physically or spiritually, but they are false because they are not truth that is coming from the Heavenly Father. Examples of this are: demonic healings, demonically-inspired visions or dreams, or demonically-inspired prophecies. False works lead to destruction.

Healing from participating in or being duped by these false works is possible through the working of the Holy Spirit.

In the combined 100-plus years of our experiences, we, the authors, have never seen or experienced such words, visions, or impartations from charismatic “prophets and seers” to actually be true and from God. Furthermore, we have rarely seen the false prophecies or visions come to pass. We will speak of the main exception to this rule in a moment, but first, some examples.

Please keep in mind: we are not speaking of true supernatural workings of God to bring healing, to bring a helpmeet (a spouse, companion, supporter, friend), to supernaturally help with money situations, to bless with a child, or other needs or desires we may have that are according to His will in our lives. Yes, we are aware that God does intervene in these situations at times, as His will permits. However, we are speaking of the individuals who are operating under a spirit of witchcraft and are trying to force God to do what they desire. And we are speaking of the charismatic seers and prophets who falsely claim to know what God is saying or what He desires.

Example One — Healings

We have seen healings from these “impartations” by false prophets or seers that either don’t actually occur or have been faked. These are lying works. Demonic healings, although real, are not truth from God. They are false works. They also rarely last. If they do last, there is some sort of transference or subtraction. The person (or their family members) may develop a different physical problem, but more often than not, they, or their family members, become demonically oppressed and begin suffering from depression, nervous disorders, develop an addiction or an addiction worsens, begin having fits of anger, and the like.

Example Two — Finances

We have rarely seen supernatural money increases or bill decreases come to pass because of a supposed impartation from a false prophet or seer. Reasons for this include:

1. The individual was suffering from subtraction or transference.

2. They weren’t taking proper care of their finances, either out of negligence or ignorance.

3. They were giving their money away to charlatans or sluggards, including false friends or greedy family members.

4. They were giving their money away to false apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, sometimes under the guise of “free-will offerings” or so-called “tithes” to such false men and women.

Many of the money increases that did come to pass was because the individual was a con artist, scamming others out of their money in one way or another. We’ve seen plenty of false apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who fall under this category, scamming the ignorant and innocent out of their money through guilt and fear, usually under the guise of tithes and offerings. Such financial increases for these con artists are not a work of God. They are lying works.

Depending upon the circumstances, we’ve seen some people give money to someone or pay someone else’s bills as a way to control them and to lure them into a situation whereby the individual is dependent upon them or beholden to them in some way. Such situations are not supernatural works of God, but lying works, and will always end poorly.

And for the record, just as robbing a bank is not a supernatural increase of money, neither is not paying one’s bills or filing for bankruptcy a supernatural decrease of bills. A family member or a loved one dying and leaving someone an inheritance or a sum of money is not a supernatural increase of money. A family member or a friend paying off someone’s bill is not a supernatural decrease of bills. Making a ton of money off the stock market is not a supernatural increase of money. All these things are either lying works or natural works.

In some cases, we have seen the Holy Spirit move on the heart of an individual to help another pay a bill or to give them a sum of money. This can be looked on as a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit who moved on the heart of one person to compassionately help another who was truly in need, and in this way, it can be seen as God providing a way to have a need met. But even still, money did not supernaturally appear or bills get supernaturally paid. Humans were needed to do the work that the Holy Spirit was prompting them to do; therefore, while the work on the heart was a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, the paying of bills or increase of money was a natural work, not supernatural.

There are diverse individual circumstances surrounding financial increase or debt decrease, and it would be onerous, and likely impossible, to give examples of every circumstance in this book. However, these are just a few things we have seen concerning financial increase or debt decreases within the charismatic movement, and we have found that many charismatics incorrectly label such increases or decreases as being a work of God. The majority of the money increases or bill decreases came because of hard work and wise money-management by the individuals themselves, making this a natural work, not a supernatural work that came about through an impartation by a false prophet or seer.

Example Three — Jobs

We have rarely seen the “new and better jobs” come to fruition because of impartations by false prophets or seers, because simply being a Christian does not qualify one for promotions, pay raises, and better jobs. Hard work and actual skill in one’s particular field is involved, making any such promotions or better jobs that seem to come about because of a “charismatic impartation” to be a natural work, not a supernatural work.

As with the example we gave above, sometimes the Holy Spirit will work on the heart of an employer to give a job to someone. It may even be someone who is not qualified for the position, and they agree to train them as they work. This could be considered a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit who moved on someone’s heart to help another, but the giving of the job was a natural work.

In contrast, we’ve also seen people given jobs or promotions for which they weren’t qualified, because they were being given a “treat” for working for Satan, or they were being lured into a situation by a controlling individual. Such situations always end poorly, and are not a supernatural work of God, but a false or lying work.

Sometimes the job or promotion is a “quid pro quo” type of situation, in which a favor is being returned or a favor is expected to be given later. Depending upon the surrounding circumstances, these situations can turn badly or end well, but are not a supernatural work of God. They are a natural work.

Example Four — Marriages and Relationships

We have never seen a so-called prophetic word or vision by one of these charismatic prophets or seers that has led to one finding their so-called “soul mate.” Instead, we’ve watched men and women get into very bad relationships because one or the other felt that “God” had told them they were to be together. Or, because a false prophet or seer gave them a false word of God saying they were to be together.

We’ve also seen the following:

1. Arranged marriages, often arranged by the pastors or leaders themselves.

This is usually done because the pastor has a supposed “word or vision from God.” But although the true reasons for the arranged marriages vary (often related to the leader having egomaniacal control issues), it is all symptomatic of the way a cult works. This is a lying or false work, not a work of God.

As a side note, this is also how marriages often work within occult bloodline families. Without getting into a lot of unnecessary detail, the main reasons for arranged marriages within such families are to keep the bloodlines contained within particular families, and for control. The arrangement may be accomplished overtly, by forcing the relationship or marriage; or covertly, by abnormally encouraging the relationship or marriage.

2. Fornication or adultery is sometimes used as a way to force one individual to marry the other.

For example, we’ve seen marriages break up as women, convinced of a false prophetic word they thought they heard from God themselves, or received from another, use their sexual prowess to lure men away from their wives. This coercion by sexual means is not a work of the Holy Spirit, but a work of the flesh. It is a lying work and, in some cases, also a false work.

We’ve also seen men, convinced of a false prophetic word that came either from themselves or another person, leave their wives and children to pursue other interests, such as another relationship or a career. Sometimes they fallaciously label the career as a “ministry.” While many will look down on a Christian man who leaves his wife to pursue a career, they are more likely to applaud the man who leaves his wife for the “work of God.” This is especially true if the man can convince others that his wife was keeping him from doing “God’s work.”

The Main Exception to the Rule

From what we have seen, of the desires that were realized after a false “prophetic proclamation” (such as a new job, promotion, money appearances, spouses, children, et cetera), they eventually led to very negative consequences, and it ended up not being of God. Why? Because they were not within the will of God, and they were false or lying prophecies that were leading people down the wrong path.(9)

For example, in some circumstances, the individual is given a “treat” by Satan for their work, and so an increase of money will come through what seems to others to be natural means, such as: stock market winnings, an inheritance, getting a brand new job or a huge pay increase, et cetera. But it is a false work, and there will be a subtraction or transference, leading to destruction.

As children of God and followers of Jesus Christ, we should seek for the will of our Heavenly Father to be done in our lives, over and above what we desire or what we think we need. We should also seek God’s written Word and learn to hear His voice for ourselves, and not depend upon other people to tell us the will of God.

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Effects of the False Prophets and Seers Within the Charismatic Movement

Not only are the Biblical definitions and the historical understanding behind the office of prophet and seer being misunderstood, but the Biblical standards on what a prophet actually does is being flat-out ignored within the charismatic movement (this will be briefly studied in the next point). Furthermore, these “prophetic words” or “visions” from so-called prophets and seers are being applied in an unbiblical way, including:

  • False or lying words or visions to control or bring fear.
  • False or lying words or visions to appeal to the ego, either of the person giving or of the person receiving this false word or vision.
  • False or lying words or visions to speak curses over someone or their family.
  • False or lying words or visions to tell people to do things that are the opposite of what God is actually telling the person to do.

In some instances, these words or visions may be real or accurate, but they are false because they are not truth that is coming from the true God. For example, the person experiencing the vision or hearing the “word from God” may really be seeing or hearing something from the supernatural; but since it does not line up with Scripture, and since it did not originate from the true God, it is not truth. It is a false word or vision.

These main danger of these false or lying words and visions is that they are leading people away from the true God, usually by slow increments. They are being used to lure people into trusting and following after a person who has consciously infiltrated, or is unconsciously spreading false, Satanic doctrine. The effects of this within charismatic groups as a whole include:

  • an increase in false prophets/seers and false prophetic words and visions.
  • a tolerance for and acceptance of these false prophets/seers and false prophetic words and visions.
  • an inability for Christians to make decisions without first having a “word” by a false prophet, or getting direction from a false seer.
  • a decrease in the desire and in the ability to seek out the voice of God for themselves.

People are seeking after these false prophets and seers as one would a fortune-teller, and this is actually divination.

divination: the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers.(10)

This is no different than seeking a medium or seer or fortune-teller — any of those who practice the occult arts — to give a reading. According to Scripture, these practices are an abomination to God. We urge you to study the Word of God and what it says about divination and witchcraft, and ask God to reveal if you have been practicing this in any way. At the end of this book, there is a list of Scriptures you can look up to begin your research in this area.

Seeking out and accepting false prophet and seers, with their false prophetic words and lying visions, is leading to an inclination to not compare the modern, supposed “prophetic words and visions” with the truth of Scripture. Consequently, these false prophecies and visions are influencing an individual’s decisions and guiding the direction of their life. The “new revelation and word,” given by man or woman, takes precedence over God’s written Word, to the extent that Scripture is given little to no consideration, except to search and find verses to be twisted out of context to make allowances for gross error, and to try to prove the new, false word of knowledge or revelation as being truth and as being something that is authored by God. This attitude is opening the door for people to reject God’s written Word and to move away from the true God.

These false prophecies and visions are also perpetuated by the belief that these “prophets” and “seers” can hear from God and communicate with Him better than the individual can. Receiving a personal “prophetic word” or a “vision” that gives them direction, is interpreted as hearing directly from God through someone else who is claiming to be God’s mouthpiece or eyeballs. Such Christians are being led by a lying spirit, not the Spirit of God. This results in them often being deceived into making bad decisions for their life, and in them being paralyzed by fear or uncertainty of the future, unable to make decisions until they hear “God’s voice” through a “word” from a false prophet. Rather than building a personal relationship with the Father and learning to listen to and trust His voice for themselves, they begin to follow and trust those who have these “prophecies and new revelation,” relying upon them to give a “word from God.”

These Christians who are seeking after false prophets and seers are actually attempting to replace Jesus Christ as the Mediator between themselves and God, with a man or woman as that mediator. They are throwing away the work of Jesus Christ! It is only through the finished work of Jesus Christ that we are able to come to the Father. We do not need man or woman to be a mediator for us any longer. We can communicate directly with the Father through His Spirit, because of Jesus Christ! He is our Mediator!

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What the Bible Says about Prophets within the Church

Although some theologians believe there is no longer a need for prophets in any capacity within the church today, we are not going to argue this point one way or the other. The simple fact is, we aren’t sure either way, and we get tired of the arguing back and forth, so we won’t engage in the argument. We do know, however, that whether or not the office of prophet exists today, the modern-day “prophets and seers” with their false visions and prophecies are not following examples that Scripture gives us concerning such prophets and prophecies within New Testament churches. If anything, they are attempting to follow the examples of prophets that came before Jesus Christ, although they are actually identical to the false prophets of the Old Testament, and not the true prophets of God. They are often very arrogant, and do not take the office of prophet seriously, nor the gift of prophecy seriously. They make a mockery of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

However, for the sake of argument, we will assume for now that the office of prophet does exist for today’s church. So let’s study what the Bible has to say about prophets within the New Testament.

Scriptures for Study:

Acts 13:1-3 (BSB)

“In the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen (a childhood companion of Herod the tetrarch), and Saul. While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, ‘Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.’ So after they had fasted and prayed, they laid their hands on them and sent them off.”

Acts 11:27-30 (BSB)

“In those days some prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. One of them named Agabus stood up and predicted through the Spirit that a great famine would sweep across the entire Roman world. (This happened under Claudius.) So the disciples, each according to his ability, decided to send relief to the brothers living in Judea. This they did, sending their gifts to the elders with Barnabas and Saul.”

Acts 21:8-14 (BSB)

“Leaving the next day, we reached Caesarea, and we went to stay at the home of Philip the evangelist, who was one of the Seven. He had four unmarried daughters who prophesied.

“After we had been there several days, a prophet named Agabus came down from Judea. Coming over to us, he took Paul’s belt, bound his own feet and hands, and said, “The Holy Spirit says: ‘In this way the Jews of Jerusalem will bind the owner of this belt and hand him over to the Gentiles.’” When we heard this, we and the people there pleaded with Paul not to go up to Jerusalem.”

“Then Paul answered, “Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” When he would not be dissuaded, we fell silent and said, “The Lord’s will be done.””

1 Corinthians 14:3, 24-25, 29-33 (BSB)

“But he who prophesies speaks to men for their edification, encouragement, and comfort.

“But if an unbeliever or uninstructed person comes in while everyone is prophesying, he will be convicted and called to account by all, and the secrets of his heart will be revealed. So he will fall facedown and worship God, proclaiming, “God is truly among you!”

“Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said. And if a revelation comes to someone who is seated, the first speaker should hold his peace. For you can all prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged. The spirits of prophets are subject to prophets. For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace.”

With these Scriptures in mind, a Biblical view on prophets and their place within a proper, Biblical church setting(11) includes the following:(12)

1. Acts 13:1-3 — Through the Holy Spirit, prophets are able to discern what is to be done for the good of their local church. In studying this verse, notice the prophets weren’t acting alone, but were with others, both other prophets as well as teachers. In other words, there was accountability.

2. Acts 11:27-30 and Acts 21:8-12 — At times, through the Holy Spirit, prophets can foretell certain events. In studying these verses, notice the following:

  • Their prophecies actually came true, unlike the prophecies from the modern-day, false, charismatic prophets.
  • People were not using these prophets as fortune-tellers, or to mediate between themselves and God or the spirit world. This is the total opposite of what people do today with modern-day, false, charismatic prophets. In today’s time, people follow and chase after those false prophets or seers to tell them what to do with their life, to predict the future, or to give them a “word from God.”
  • Likewise, these prophets were not offering their services as a fortune-teller. This is completely unlike the modern-day, charismatic false prophets, whose motivations include to gain notoriety and prosperity.
  • In Acts 11, the prophecy was inspired by the Spirit of God as a way for God to provide protection and provision for other church groups who would otherwise be adversely affected by the coming famine. It was very specific to a place and a time frame, unlike many of the vague, doomsday predictions by modern-day false prophets. Furthermore, the effect of the prophecy did not send the entire group into a panic or bring fear. In other words, the fruit was good. This is not true of the modern-day, charismatic, false prophets.
  • In Acts 21, the prophecy was foretelling that Paul would be seized by the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem and handed over to the Gentiles. It caused some people to try to persuade Paul to not go to Jerusalem, and in this way it could be said that these people were fearful. However, it is clear that the prophecy was specific to Paul, and not for the others. Furthermore, given his reaction, the prophecy gave Paul comfort and made him more certain than ever of the will of his Heavenly Father; therefore, it is likely safe to say the prophecy was meant to prepare him mentally and emotionally for what was about to take place. Unlike today’s false, charismatic prophecies, the fruit of this prophecy was good in that it was expressing the will of God, and bringing comfort and peace to Paul, for whom the prophecy was meant.

3. 1 Corinthians 14:29 — Prophecies are to be carefully examined with discernment. This is completely opposite of what happens with modern-day false prophets.

4. 1 Corinthians 14:30-33 — These verses describe that within groups settings, prophets are to give prophecy in an orderly fashion, not jumbled up together, one after the other, or one speaking over another. This isn’t always the case with charismatic false prophets. Not only are many of the “prophecies” coming in the middle of disorderly services, but often the loudest false prophet prevails, with no consideration of or deferring to others.

5. According to 1 Corinthians 14:3 and 24, prophets are meant to do the following within each group of believers they fellowship with:

  • Edify the group of believers.
    • Edify: to build up; to give constructive criticism and instruction that builds a person up to be the suitable dwelling place of God.(13)
  • Encourage the group of believers.
    • Encourage: is an “intimate call” that someone personally gives to deliver God’s verdict, i.e. “the close-call” that reveals how the Lord weighs in the relevant facts (evidence). This word is used to speak of the Lord directly motivating and inspiring believers to carry out His plan, delivering His particular message to someone else. The core-meaning of this word is shaped by the individual context, so it can refer to: exhortation, warning, encouragement (comfort), etc.(14)
  • Comfort the group of believers.
    • Comfort: from the word “paramutheomai,” meaning, comforting that shows sympathy (encouragement), cheering someone up by soothing speech with a “personal touch.”(15)
  • 1 Corinthians 14:24-25 — the prophecies of the prophets also do the following within a group setting:
    • Bring conviction of sin to those who have refused to follow God’s Word, and to those who are ignorant of His Word.
    • Reveals to the unbelieving and to the ignorant, as well as to the true believers around them, the state of their heart.
    • Because the sinful state of their heart is revealed, this brings the unbelieving and the ignorant under judgement by the rest of the believers who are there to bear witness to the true nature of the person’s heart.
    • These things are for the purpose of humbling the unbelieving or ignorant before God, and to cause them to be unable to deny that God is working and moving within the group of true believers.
    • When studying these verses, please note, this does not bring glory to the prophet, nor to the other believers, but glory to God, unlike the false prophets of today.

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Other Gifts

Aside from the prophetic or seer gifts, other gifts that are commonly sought after include:

1. Tongues and interpretation of tongues, either personal tongues or as part of a so-called prophecy

  • Sometimes these tongues are babble and nonsense.
  • Sometimes these tongues are from the demonic, and are actually uttering blasphemies against God and proclaiming curses.
  • Many times the interpretations are false.
  • For common examples of false tongues and false interpretation of tongues, we recommend reading “Charismatic Gifts” and “Occult ABC,” by Kurt Koch.(16)

2. Healing

  • As stated before, the healings are either faked, never actually occur, or don’t last.
  • Some of the healings are demonic, and will come with a subtraction or transference.

3. Working of miracles (signs and wonders)

  • This usually includes different types of spiritual manifestations, such as “glory clouds,” gold dust, angelic manifestations, et cetera.
  • This will be covered in more detail in the chapter, “Spiritual Manifestations.”

4.  Astral traveling or projecting

  • This is repackaged under the more Christian-sounding term, “spirit travel” or “seeing in the spirit.”
  • This will be covered in more detail throughout this book.

5. A gift of knowledge or wisdom

  • As stated above, these are false words from demonic sources, or lying words from human sources.
  • These “words of knowledge or wisdom” are often used in conjunction with a supposed gift of prophecy, because if the false prophet or seer has a “supernatural knowing” about an individual or circumstance, then they will often have a so-called “prophecy” (a false or lying word) to go along with that “word of knowledge or wisdom.

Often, displays of such gifts are erroneously used as proof and validation of:

  1. Salvation
  2. God’s blessing
  3. God’s special favor
  4. A special anointing
  5. Holiness
  6. Righteousness

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There are two main reasons why seeking after gifts and abilities (making the gifts and abilities your focus and goal) is dangerous:

1. Seeking after supernatural gifts and abilities is opening the doorways for demons to provide those giftings and abilities. So while the gifts or abilities may be real, they are not truth, because they do not come from God.

Rather than seek after gifts or abilities, it would be more advisable to seek after cultivating a relationship with our Heavenly Father, and on allowing His Spirit to work on our hearts. This would take the focus off of ourselves, and the fruit of the Spirit would become evident in our lives. Fruit of the Spirit should be more desirable than gifts and abilities.

2. Seeking after supernatural gifts, in particular the prophetic or seer gifts, is leading to people listening to self or others rather than the voice of the true God.

Before Jesus Christ, God’s people relied on true prophets or seers (those appointed by God) to tell them what God wanted them to do and what He wanted to say to them. However, after Jesus Christ, we do not need to go through someone else to tell us what God is saying. The Spirit of God is now available for everyone, and not just a select group of people.

The proof of this is throughout Scripture, but the moment in history where this became our new reality is recorded in Acts 2. Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He told His disciples to go to Jerusalem and wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit of God. So they traveled to Jerusalem and waited. On the day of Pentecost,(17) as promised, God poured out His Spirit on the believers that were gathered there. Peter addressed the crowd of onlookers, pointing out that what they were witnessing right then was a direct fulfillment of the prophecies of Joel. As recorded in Scripture in Acts 2:17-18, Peter quotes the prophet Joel, saying:

“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on My servants, both men and women, I will pour out My Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.’” (BSB)

Acts 2:17-18

In verse 33, Peter continues explaining to the crowd that had gathered: “Exalted, then, to the right hand of God, He [Jesus Christ] has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear.” (BSB) (emphasis added)

In other words, because of the work Jesus Christ completed, God’s Spirit is available for everyone: men, women, young, old, and, as Peter found out later as recorded in Acts 10, people from every nation. We can speak directly with God. There is no longer any need to rely on a special, select, small group of individuals to be the mediator between ourselves and God. Jesus Christ Himself is our mediator (1 Timothy 2:5) and we can hear directly from the Spirit of God. As believers, the Spirit of God dwells within us, and we do not need prophets or seers to tell us what God is saying or to give us revelation.

There is something else that is interesting to note about these verses in Acts 2. “The last days” that Joel prophetically spoke of as recorded in the Old Testament Scriptures, were the days that came directly after Jesus ascended into Heaven. There are several different Scriptures that show the believers of the New Testament were, as we are now, living in the last days, but Hebrews 1:1-2 is particularly appropriate to quote, as it speaks to the very point we have tried make in this chapter (emphasis added):

“On many past occasions and in many different ways, God spoke to our fathers through the prophets. But in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, and through whom He made the universe.” (BSB)

Hebrews 1:1-2

In conclusion, the huge problem for those who are relying on or seeking after others to give them a “prophetic word from God,” or to share a “heavenly vision” that offers insight or direction, is that they are not seeking after hearing the voice of their Heavenly Father for themselves. This is opening themselves up to being deceived by Satan, who is speaking through false prophets and seers. So rather than seek after prophets, and rather than seek to receive or give a prophecy, let us seek after our Heavenly Father, study His Word (Scripture), and allow His Spirit to change our heart. If there is any word of prophecy — instruction, comfort, encouragement, rebuke, conviction, or even knowledge of events to come — such a prophecy will come as a result of the Holy Spirit working through those individuals for God’s purpose, and not through individuals who are seeking after the words for their own purposes.

Stop chasing after gifts and start chasing after your Heavenly Father.

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Point One

A spirit of pride runs rampant through the charismatic movement, and “gifts” are often used as a way to order God about, impress others, control others, boost ego, and/or bring in money, including:

1. False or lying words or visions.

2. False or lying miracles, including fake healings, but also healings done through demonic power.

  • Demonic healings rarely last, but if they do, there is some sort of transference or subtraction.

3. False or lying signs and wonders.

  • For example: gold/silver, gold dust, gems, glory clouds, angelic manifestations, et cetera.

4. Using the Scripture (combined with “prayer”) as a witch would use a spell, to cause something to happen or to manifest something that is desired (money, healing, a spouse, et cetera).

  • This is “manifestation,” or, “name it, claim it.” It falls under the realm of witchcraft when we put faith in our words and our abilities (or the words and abilities of others) rather than in the true God; and when we are telling Him what to do rather than submitting to Him and humbly bringing our requests, with the desire that His will be done over ours.
  • God is our Heavenly Father, not our Heavenly Genie. He is our Heavenly Provider, not our Heavenly Cash Machine. Attempting to order God about by chanting this Scripture or that Scripture, or reciting this prayer or that prayer, comes from a spirit of witchcraft.

5. False tongues.

  • Sometimes these tongues are babble and nonsense.
  • Sometimes these tongues are from the demonic, and are actually uttering blasphemies against God and proclaiming curses.

6. False interpretation of tongues.

Point Two

Often, displays of such gifts are erroneously used as proof and validation of:

  1. Salvation
  2. God’s blessing
  3. God’s special favor
  4. A special anointing
  5. Holiness
  6. Righteousness

As children of God and followers of Jesus Christ, we should seek for the will of our Heavenly Father to be done in our lives, over and above what we desire or what we think we need. We should also seek God’s written Word and learn to hear His voice for ourselves without depending upon other people to tell us what they say God is saying.

Fruit of the Spirit should be more desirable than gifts and abilities. Rather than seek after gifts or abilities, we should seek after cultivating a relationship with the Heavenly Father, and allowing His Spirit to work on our hearts. This will take the focus off of ourselves, and the fruit of the Spirit will become evident in our lives. The Father gives good gifts to His children, but why chase after gifts? We should seek the Father, not the gifts.

Point Three

The characteristics of the false prophets and seers of today, as well as their prophecies and visions, include the following:

1. False prophets and seers are sought after as one would seek after an occult medium for a reading.

2. False prophets and seers are attempting to replace the work of Jesus Christ by acting as a mediator between God and mankind. This is evident in the fact that people seek out false prophets and seers to give them a “word of God,” rather than seek God for themselves.

3. False prophets and seers are attempting to replace the work of the Holy Spirit to influence an individual’s decisions, and to guide the direction of their life. This is evident in the fact that people seek out the guidance of the false prophets and seers, rather than seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

4. The prophecies and visions of the false prophets and seers are not lined up with the Word of God, and they take precedence overGod’s written Word.

These “prophetic words” or “visions” from so-called prophets and seers are being applied in an unbiblical way, including:

1. False or lying words or visions to control or bring fear.

2. False or lying words or visions to appeal to the ego, either of the person giving or of the person receiving this false word or vision.

3. False or lying words or visions to speak curses over someone or their family.

4. False or lying words or visions to tell people to do things that are the opposite of what God is actually telling the person to do.

The effects of this within charismatic groups as a whole include:

1. An increase in false prophets/seers and false prophetic words and visions.

2. A tolerance for and acceptance of these false prophets/seers and false prophetic words and visions.

3. An inability for Christians to make decisions without first having a “word” by a false prophet, or getting direction from a false seer.

4. A decrease in the desire and in the ability to seek out the voice of God for themselves.

We can study the Word of God for ourselves and read what God has to say to us; we don’t need prophets to tell us what God is saying. Stop listening to and chasing after these self-proclaimed prophets and seers who are false, and start following Jesus Christ and speaking directly to your Heavenly Father.

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III. Spiritual Experiences

Many of today’s Christians are following after spiritual experiences, and equating those spiritual experiences with a close relationship with God. There is also a tendency to follow after people who claim to have had these spectacular spiritual experiences and are teaching others how to experience these things for themselves. Since, like with gifts, the tendency is to equate salvation, blessing, special favor, anointing, holiness, and righteousness with these experiences, the assumption is that the person or leader who has regular supernatural encounters has a close relationship with God and is, therefore, one to be followed. (See the section in this book, “Man-centered, not God-centered” to review the dangers of following after people rather than God.)

We will go into greater detail throughout the remainder of this book, but for now, here are some commonly sought-after spiritual experiences:

● Seeing and interacting with angels and/or demons.

  • In particular, the belief that everyone has an “angel” that they can and should speak to for guidance, help, and to gain understanding of spiritual matters.
  • Important to Note: This is no different than a “spirit guide,” “Ascended Master,” or other spiritual guides used by those in occult groups. It is just being called by a different name that Christians can more easily accept.

● Battling demons (this is part of a charismatic “spiritual warfare”).

● Visions, dreams, and dream interpretation.

● “Traveling in the spirit” or “seeing in the spirit” to other dimensions and realms.

  • This includes the “courtrooms of heaven,” which is used as a type of so-called “spiritual warfare.”
  • This also includes bilocation, translation, and dream insertion.
  • Important to Note: Charismatic infiltrators and those they have deceived are using the terms “traveling and seeing in the spirit” to describe, teach, and practice what occultists call astral projection, astral travel, and remote viewing. These activities are demonically led and inspired, and are regularly taught and practiced by those in occult groups, and by those seeking occult gifts and abilities. Furthermore, the methods of instruction on astral travel within charismatic groups are the same methods of instruction used in occult groups. Only the name of the practice has been changed.

Although many of these experiences are expressly unbiblical, not all are. The difference is often the focus and desire of the heart. For example, are you focused on following after the spiritual experience of having a vision, or are you focused on the true God, His Word, and your relationship with Him? Do you seek after fighting demons (what is known as a “warrior mentality” or a “warrior identity”), or do you seek after a relationship with God and doing His will, resting in the words of Jesus that “nothing shall harm you?” Is your identity wrapped up in the fact that demons are subject to you, or in the fact that your name is written in Heaven? Where is the focus of your heart? What is your motivation?

“Nevertheless, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” (emphasis added)

Luke 10:20 (BSB)

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IV. Spiritual Manifestations (signs and wonders)

Many of today’s Christians are following after spiritual manifestations and equating those things with the Spirit of God working and moving.

For example:

  • Gold/silver and gold dust
  • Gems
  • Glory clouds
  • “Angel” feathers
  • “Angelic” manifestations
  • Disorderly services or meetings that are commonly seen as evidence of “the spirit moving,” that include manifestations or activities such as:
    • uncontrollable laughter (commonly known as “holy laughter”)
    • staggering around with incoherent speech like a drunken person (called, “being drunk in the spirit” or, “filled with new wine”)
      • also, “”toking the Holy Ghost or Spirit”
    • animal-like behavior and noises, such as walking on all fours and roaring, or writhing on the floor and hissing
    • shouting, screaming, dancing, running, jumping, uncontrollable rocking back and forth, spastic shaking
    • falling down (faked or real), commonly after the “laying on of hands” and an “impartation or passing on of the anointing”
      • This is commonly called “resting in the Spirit,” being “slain in the Spirit,” or “falling out in the Spirit.”
    • loud and widespread speaking or singing in tongues without interpretation
    • Important to Note: These types of manifestations are clearly and historically characteristic of the demonic, and are not of the true God. It is made clear in Scripture that services (meetings) are to be orderly.

Furthermore, a true move of the Holy Spirit of God brings confession and repentance, transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through an every-day and continuous renewal of our hearts and minds. Not glory clouds, angel feathers, unruly tongues, or muscle spasms.

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Gold Dust

The “gold and gold dust” and related manifestations are lying and false signs and wonders (see 2 Thessalonians 2:9). At the least, they are indicative of a human deception. At the worst, of an unholy anointing, and not the anointing of the true God.

The following are important points that clearly show this “gold” movement to not be of God:

  • It is not scriptural.
  • It is accompanied by other manifestations that are clearly demonic (see the bullet points above, beginning with “Disorderly services or meetings”).
  • The fruit is bad: it does not lead to a sincere desire for building a relationship with the true God based on a Biblical foundation, but leads, instead, to seeking after greater spiritual manifestations. In many cases, it leads people into completely abandoning the proper study of Scripture, and it renders them incapable of hearing the true voice of God.
  • A simple internet search shows there are many questions surrounding these gold/silver/gem manifestations as to whether they are authentic; in fact, there is argument, in many instances, that the “gold dust” and “gems” are plastic gems and gold-colored plastic glitter. Real gold and gems or not, this reeks of a magic show, not a move of the true Spirit of God.
    • For instances where this gold dust is not due to human deception, but to demonic deception, refer to the next section, “A Demonic Anointing.”
  • In regards to these supposed “gold fillings” that are miraculously appearing in people’s teeth, the question needs to be asked: “Is God limited by modern dentistry and can only fill your teeth with gold, but not restore them to what He originally intended you to have?” This would be the same as God causing a gold-plated prosthetic leg to “miraculously appear” on an amputee, rather than restoring the natural leg. Or God causing a pair of golden glasses to “miraculously appear” on someone’s face, rather than restoring the natural eyesight.

Bottom line: whether the gold manifestation is a human deception (a lying work) or is a demonic deception (a false work), it is not scriptural. These are demonically-inspired manifestations that are meant to lead people into delusion, chasing after lying and false signs and wonders instead of the true God, and chasing after people (leaders) who are making a show with these lying and false signs and wonders. They are being given cheap gifts (presents) from demons, and are chasing after these “gifts,” encouraged to continue in their deception, thinking these are “special gifts” from God.

Why are people seeking after signs and wonders over a relationship with the true God? To find the answer, let’s go to the Bible. Here’s what Jesus said to the religious leaders, who were demanding He give them a sign from Heaven (emphasis added):

“A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.”

Matthew 16:4 (KJV)
  • Adulterous: in the context of this verse — those who worship any other than the true God.
    • also: faithless to God, unclean, apostate. (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon)(18)

So why do people often seek after signs and wonders? Because they are wicked and are worshiping a false god. If you are like we, the authors, have been in the past, and find yourselves serving a false god, repent and ask the Heavenly Father to show you the truth.

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A Demonic Anointing

Historically, within many different pagan cultures, gold and silver have been regarded as sacred metals, with gold metal representing the sun, and silver metal representing the moon. There are also many different occult teachings that regard gold metal as having magical attributes or special powers, and various groups have stories about which demon/god/spirit this gold comes from. The stories are diverse and gold is represented and utilized in many ways, but some occult groups believe that gold metal represents the highest level of spiritual achievement or enlightenment. In fact, many of them say that Satan (Lucifer) has a “golden aura.”

→ Important to Note

Different occult groups can have slightly different views on the spiritual significance or meaning behind colors, precious metals, and gemstones. For instance, the color blue is deemed by other occult groups as representing the highest level of enlightenment, with the gemstone, Sapphire, being a symbol of this state of perfection.

One way some groups describe the process of achieving this enlightenment is by using gold metal as a representation that speaks to human evolution: as they seek to grow more fully into this spiritual enlightenment, they are turning the “lead” (the chemical element) of their human existence into “gold” (the chemical element). To achieve this enlightenment is to have a “oneness or unity with” self, the universe, the universal mind, Christ Consciousness, et cetera (different terms are used by different occult groups).(19)

So what does this have to do with charismatic services where there is a supposed “gold dust” or other alleged golden objects that are found?

Review the goal of these infiltrators who are working for Satan and pushing his agenda:

The ultimate goal is to train people, through occult doctrines and techniques, to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness” (among other phrases), thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ (the final Antichrist (20)) to appear.

This false unity is achieved through the evolution from a human consciousness into a state of enlightenment within the “Christ Consciousness.” So, as people (occult infiltrators and deceived Christians who are following the example of the occult infiltrators) are gathering together, with the intent and expectation to have spiritual manifestations, and using the basics of occult rituals and spell-casting (explained below), demons are showing up, and gold dust or objects are manifesting from this demonic anointing, showing evidence of entering into a certain, basic level of “Christ Consciousness.”

Elements of Creating a Spiritual Atmosphere

Without going into a lot of unnecessary detail, it’s important to note that basic occult rituals will create a spiritual atmosphere for any desired manifestation by tapping into the power of the demonic (they will often call this by different names, but fundamentally, it is demonic power). This is where the power is found that they are trying to tap into and use to work spell-casting.

There are different ways of describing these methods, but simply put, they include the following elements: visualization (this occurs within the mind); emotion (this emotion comes from the heart and is expressed through movement); and sound (often music or musical intonations, or through chanting “power words,” also known as charming).

The average, disorderly charismatic service or meeting uses every one of these elements, bringing a whole different level of understanding as to why Scripture admonishes us to have orderly services or meetings.

Elements of Spell-casting

In “Between Christ and Satan,” Kurt Koch describes the necessary elements for spell-casting: invoking (calling on a spirit); charming (chanting particular words or sounds); symbolic action; and using a fetish, or, objects (page 85).(21)

In this same book, Koch gives two notable examples of spell-casting:

Ex. 105. A farmer’s son suffered repeatedly from a severe pain in his knee. He took the advice of a magic charmer and carried out the following procedure. On a night when the moon was on the wane he went out into a field. He then invoked the Trinity, repeated a magic charm, anointed his knee with oil and finally threw kisses at the moon. Afterwards the pains left him!

This example clearly illustrates what we have just said. The invoking of the Trinity reveals that white magic was used. The magic charm replaced a prayer. Anointing with oil was the symbolic action and the moon acted as the fetish. As the moon waned so the pain left him.

Ex. 109. A minister’s wife was given a salve by a woman in the church. The salve had been produced by a magic charmer and he had cast spells over it. The salve brought rapid relief. It acted as a fetish rather than a medicine. After this treatment however, the wife of the minister broke her arm. Her daughter also, whose Christian life had until then been continually growing, now found faith and prayer impossible.

So when we consider that charismatic services and meetings are involving every one of these occult aspects of creating a spiritual atmosphere for demonic power to be manifested, and the occult aspects of spell-casting, including widespread chanting or singing of demonic tongues (not the gift of tongues as described in the Bible, but the language of demons, a concept that is widely understood and accepted by many occult groups), with the intent and expectation to have a spiritual manifestation, it’s no wonder there are demonic manifestations of gold dust. This is an evidence of a demonic anointing as people are tapping into this “Christ Consciousness.”

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1. Many of today’s Christians are following after spiritual manifestations and equating these things with the Spirit of God working and moving, but these things are not of God. A true move of the Holy Spirit of God brings confession and repentance, transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through an every-day and continuous renewal of our hearts and minds.

2. There two types of spiritual manifestations within charismatic occult groups:

  • Human deception — manifestations that are lying signs and wonders
  • Demonic deception — manifestations that may be real (in other words, able to be sensed by the physical senses), but they are false signs and wonders because they do not come from God.

3. Disorderly services or meetings are incorrectly labeled as a “move of God,” because of the demonic manifestations that take place.

4. As people who are claiming to be Christians gather together with the intent and expectation to have a spiritual manifestation, and by using ritualistic occult aspects of spell-casting, sometimes gold dust or similar objects manifest as a sign of demonic anointing that is characteristic of entering into a false unity called “Christ Consciousness.”

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Chapters IV and V

V. Heavenly Places and Supernatural Realms

Heavenly places are often related to various spiritual experiences.

Supernatural realms are often related to “deliverance ministry and inner healing,” as well as spiritual warfare.

These things will be detailed in the next section.

VI. Spiritual Warfare

Many charismatics often have an obsession with “spiritual warfare,” also called “battling in the spirit.” This can also be related to “deliverance ministry and inner healing.”

This will be detailed in the next section.

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