Section Three: Some Teachings and Practices

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One part of Satan’s end-time plans is to use the charismatic movement to help prepare the world for the coming of his “christ” (the final antichrist). The fractal spirituality (also called “quantum spirituality”) found within certain charismatic doctrines, such as the “Spirit Man” theology, is playing very well into that plan.

The Spirit Man concept is foundational to the “Shining Ones” teaching, as well as other occult doctrines we will be discussing in this section, including Heavenly Places, Supernatural Realms, Seat of Dominion, Gateways, and Courtrooms of Heaven.

Despite the relative newness of this particular Spirit Man theology, these teachings are simply familiar occult doctrines repackaged in a Christian box. These are literal doctrines of demons, the concepts of which have been taught and practiced in various ways by different New Age occult groups through the writings and teachings of esoterics such as Helena Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, and Edgar Cayce. And as we will show at the end of the first chapter, the foundation of these teachings is directly connected to issues within the early church that Apostle Paul addressed in some of his letters found in Scripture.

Contents of Section Three

I. Spirit Man

OverviewOur BackgroundWhat’s Really Going OnPoint One — Not BiblicalPoint Two — ExperimentalPoint Three — Upheaval and SubtractionsPoint Four — Creating and Promoting DissociationPoint Five — Promotes DelusionPoint Six — Demonic PossessionPoint Seven — Parallel Occult TeachingsReview

II. Shining Ones

The BasicsMore DetailsOur BackgroundWhat’s Really Going OnPoint One — Illogical as to Being a Christian TheologyPoint Two — References to Occult ParallelsPoint Three — In Preparation for Receiving the Final AntichristPoint Four — Channeling and Walk-insPoint Five — RealmsPoint Six — Building Satan’s KingdomPoint Seven — Our Testimonies Concerning the Boundaries, Territories, and the FallenConclusion Review

III. Other “Christian” Occult Teachings

Seat of DominionGatewaysHeavenly PlacesSpirit Travel and Seeing in the SpiritDream InsertionAngelsJesusGreat Cloud of Witnesses/NecromancySpiritual Battle/Spiritual WarfareCourtrooms of Heaven

IV. Conclusion

V. Review — Sections One, Two, and Three


I. Spirit Man


This charismatic theology, also referred to as “Ministering to the Human Spirit,” is commonly used in a “deliverance ministry” counseling situation to presumably bring quicker healing and wholeness to a person, particularly those who have dissociative disorders. As such, the “system”(1) of the dissociative individual is treated as being equivalent to the non-physical spiritual space that is a part of every person whether they are dissociative or not (in other words, the “spiritual space” that houses things such as the spirit and the spiritual heart, or, the thoughts, intents, emotions, et cetera).

This chapter is written more from the counseling perspective of this theology when dealing with those who have dissociative disorders; however, some “deliverance counselors” implement these “Spirit Man” techniques in counseling others who are not dissociative. Additionally, people also use these techniques for personal use outside of “deliverance counseling,” with the intent to have supernatural experiences, such as to engage in “spiritual warfare,” dream insertion, traveling to “heavenly places and supernatural realms” via astral travel/projection, communicating with the dead, and going into the “courtrooms of heaven.” These things will be discussed later in this book.

In the Spirit Man teachings, the following concepts are brought in using Scripture that has been violently twisted, psychology, and an occult understanding of human anatomy and biological systems as being related to the human spirit, which they claim has seven parts, or portions.

1. Seven spirits of God

  • They say that since Revelation 3, 4, and 5 briefly reference the “seven spirits of God,” then people, made in His likeness, also have seven spirit parts.

2. Seven gifts spoken of in Romans 12 (what they refer to as the supposed “Redemptive Gifts”)

  • These seven gifts are said to be the names of the seven different portions of the spirit.
  • They say the names are: Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler, Mercy.

3. Seven days of creation

  • Each day is said to correlate to each of the seven spirit parts.

4. Seven pieces of furniture in the temple/tabernacle

  • Each piece of furniture is said to correlate to each of the seven spirit parts.

5. Seven different names of God

  • Each part of the spirit man is said to relate to the following seven names of Jehovah: Jireh, Rapha, Nissi, Sholom, Rohi, Tsidkenu, and Shammah.

6. Seven trees in the desert

  • Each part of the spirit man is said to relate to the following seven trees: Cedar, Acacia, Myrtle, Olive, Pine, Fir, and Cypress.

7. Seven parts of the Lord’s Prayer

  • The Lord’s Prayer is split into seven sections, and they claim that each part of the spirit man relates to these seven sections.

8. Seven phrases of Christ’s last words

  • Seven of the last recorded phrases that Jesus Christ spoke on the cross are said to relate to each of the seven parts of the human spirit.

9. The seven churches spoken of in Revelation 2 and 3

  • Each church is said to be representative of the seven spirit parts.

10. The spiritual armor spoken of in Ephesians 6:14-17

  • The six different parts of the spiritual armor are said to correlate to six of the seven spirit parts, plus another weapon they add into the mix in order to have a weapon for each of the seven spirit parts (from Ephesians 6:18 — “praying always with every prayer and supplication in the Spirit”).

11. Seven parts of the human brain

  • Each part of the brain is said to correlate to each of the seven spirit parts.

12. Ten body systems

  • Each part of the major body systems is said to correlate to each of the seven spirit parts, plus God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (equaling ten).

13. Seven parts of the endocrine system

  • Seven parts of the endocrine system is said to correlate to each of the seven spirit parts.

14. Seven personality traits

  • The seven parts of the spirit are talked about as basically being “personality traits,” with one being more dominant, and that getting in touch with, communicating with, and allowing these seven parts of the spirit to take control of the person is supposed to bring healing and wholeness.
  • The more dominant “spirit part” is given more focus, with the belief that “ministering to” the stronger part will create a domino-effect, bringing healing and wholeness to the weaker spirit parts.

The “Spirit Man counseling” also involves the following elements:

  • It involves calling forth the spirit of a person to be separate from their soul part/s in preparation for “ministering to their spirit.”
  • If a person can’t get in touch with or hear the spirit parts inside them, it’s common for the “deliverance minister” to explain to them that parts of their spirit have likely been held captive in spiritual prisons in other dimensions or realms, whether or not the individual feels this is true, and they have to go find them.
    • Sometimes, if only one part (or less than seven parts) of the spirit can be found, the “deliverance minister” sends a single part of the spirit to go find the other parts of the spirit, and bring them into the person’s system or “spirit realm.”
    • Sometimes what are said to be angels are dispatched to go bring these spirit parts back into the individual’s system or “spirit realm.”
  • This “counseling” involves giving each “spirit part” a specific name according to the gift each part supposedly operates under (what they say are the seven redemptive gifts in Romans 12), splitting up the spirit into seven parts.
    • Each part of the spirit is called out by their gift-name, and “ministered to.”
  • Their basic goal is to recognize and legitimize what they say are the seven individual parts of the spirit, and to give the more dominant part of the spirit more attention, so it is allowed to or taught to gain power and take control (be in dominion) over the individual’s soul or “soul parts.” The individual is taught to “listen to the voice of their spirit,” and to learn to give the spirit control over their soul. In other words, they are taught to give their unconscious mind control over their conscious mind.
    • They often define the spirit as being the “unconscious mind” of the physical person that interacts with the spiritual world.
    • They often define the soul as being the “conscious mind,” that consists of the mind, will, and emotions of the physical person, that interacts with the physical world.
      • Sometimes they describe the soul as having the “subconscious mind,” and the physical person is described as having the “conscious mind.” Either way, the spirit man theology is telling people that their “spirit” (unconscious mind) is to have control over their conscious and/or subconscious mind.
    • This Spirit Man theology asserts that the spirit has its own mind, will, emotions and distinct personality, separate from the soul; and each part of the spirit has its own mind, will, emotions, and distinct personality.
    • They recommended it not be stated outright in a counseling/deliverance session that the spirit be given complete control, because they say this may cause “upheaval” for the person if this transition takes place suddenly.(2) What is stated, however, is that “the spirit was made to have dominion over the soul,” and the consequence of this tricky directive is that the “spirit” does eventually take control of the person. Which is the clearly-stated intention in the first place.
  • Eventually, often with the help of a “deliverance minister,” the individual is trained how to tell the difference between the voices they hear, including their own voice, and what is presumed to be the voices of their spirit parts, the voice of God, and the voice of Satan.
  • Some are teaching on “Realms,” “Seat of Dominion,” and “Gateways,” that supplement the Spirit Man doctrine, and the Spirit Man teachings are being used as a gateway for supernatural experiences, including astral travel/projection, dream insertion, traveling to supernatural realms, communing with the dead, engaging in an unbiblical spiritual warfare, et cetera. These will be detailed in later chapters.

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Our Background

This book is not written with the intent to call out particular individuals, but we are exposing this human-spirit theology as not being Scripturally sound, and as being a theology that is, in fact, aligning individuals with the spirit of the antichrist. Our prayer is that every counselor who utilizes this theology with their clients, and every person who has opened themselves up to be receptive of this theology, will humble themselves before God, come to repentance for opening themselves and others to this demonic doctrine, and find true healing and wholeness.

We, the authors, also want to make clear that we understand there may be practices implemented by other counselors or coaches of this Spirit Man doctrine that the original creator may or may not agree with. So in describing this theology, we are not attempting to accuse the original founder as being guilty of every offshoot that has come from his theology, nor are we attempting in any way to state that he is in agreement with every spin-off, or in how different counselors or individuals implement or practice his theology. But in this book, we are:

  1. describing where the Spirit Man theology comes from, what it does, what it has developed into, and the negative effects of it, based on our understanding and experience, as described below;
  2. and, giving Biblical evidence that shows this “theology” does not come from God, but that it is a doctrine of demons.

With those things said, we, the authors, have understanding of this Spirit Man doctrine through the following ways:

  1. Personal experience with this theology through a “deliverance counseling” situation.
  2. The personal understanding we have of occult teachings that are similar to and connected to this theology.
  3. The experiences of our friends and family that we have seen or heard first-hand.
  4. The experiences of others that we have read or heard of in various ways (emails, blogs, websites, et cetera).
  5. Through reading the materials offered at the websites of the creator and advocates of this theology, and in reading through blog posts of the creator and advocates of this theology. Some of the websites are:(3)
  6. In listening to interviews with people who teach and counsel using this theology. Two of the many interviews we listened to are offered by Dan Duval of Bride Ministries:
    1. “Ministering to the Human Spirit with Dr. Rob Ruckert”
    2. “The Spirit, the Soul, and DID with Arthur Burk”

As of this writing, these interviews can be found on YouTube by doing a simple search for the titles.

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What’s Really Going On

In order to thoroughly understand this section, a basic understanding of dissociation and dissociative disorders is necessary. A good website to begin research is with Sidran Institute ( and their article, “What is a Dissociative Disorder?”(4)

To avoid muddying the waters in this section, we offer a basic overview here, but we offer more detail in Section Four, “An Overview to Understanding Dissociation and D.I.D.”

Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders(5)


Dissociation: the state of being separate from association or union with another. Synonyms: separation, detachment, severance, split, segregation, division.(6)

In psychology: dissociation is a mental process that causes a lack of connection in a person’s thoughts, memory and sense of identity. It can range from any wide array of experiences from mild detachment (daydreaming) to severe (dissociative disorders).

Dissociative Disorders: a disorder that is characterized by an involuntary escape from reality, and is distinguished by a disconnection between thoughts, identity, consciousness and memory. It involves problems with memory, identity, emotion, perception, behavior and sense of self.

There are three types of dissociative disorders:

  1. Dissociative identity disorder (DID)
  2. Dissociative amnesia
  3. Depersonalization/derealization disorder

In layman’s terms, dissociation is a coping mechanism that an individual instinctively employs in order to survive trauma. It turns into a disorder when it becomes an involuntary lifestyle, and the exclusive or chief coping strategy the person has available to them. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a related disorder, and often those who have dissociative disorders will have PTSD as well. While PTSD can be experienced at any age, severe dissociative disorders often begin in early childhood. Examples of extreme, ongoing trauma that children have the need to dissociate from can include: physical, sexual, mental abuse, and can include satanic or sadistic ritual abuse (SRA). It can also include trauma-based mind-control programming (TBMC).

Individuals with varying degrees of D.I.D. (one type of dissociative disorder) often refer to the dissociative parts of them as “alters, parts, others,” or similar terms. They are also often aware of an “inside world” that is part of their system. The system consists of the safe and unsafe parts of their inside world (created through programming and/or subconsciously created), as well as all the alters that stay there when they aren’t taking full or partial control of the body.

  • Important to Note

    The American Psychiatric Association states, “The vast majority of people who develop dissociative disorders have experienced repetitive, overwhelming trauma in childhood. Among people with dissociative identity disorder in the United States, Canada and Europe, about 90 percent had been the victims of childhood abuse and neglect.”

    That said, the above brief description of dissociation is how much of the normative culture within westernized geographies perceives dissociation, and in particular, dissociative disorders as it relates to trauma. However, different cultures or subcultures often have contrasting views on dissociation, especially that which has no obvious attachments to trauma. In certain mystic or occult religions, for example, a type of dissociation (but not a dissociative disorder) can be an avenue through which spiritual experiences are achieved, or the result of a spiritual experience, and is considered to be a normal part of their spiritual journey. One obvious example is transcendental meditation.

    Through the information we present in this book, it is our intent to show that non-dissociative Christians who apply the Spirit Man doctrine to their own spiritual journey are actually following these same occult practices, and therefore are achieving a level of dissociation that they otherwise would not have.

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Common-Sense Principles

Before we get into the common occult principles this Spirit Man doctrine is teaching and promoting, it’s important to point out a few common-sense principles:

  1. It is unwise — and in some cases, perhaps emotionally, mentally, and spiritually dangerous — to assume that techniques, even good and Biblically sound techniques, used to help dissociative survivors of severe trauma, particularly survivors of mind-control agendas, will be helpful to the general, non-dissociative population. Non-dissociative people do not deal with the same level of emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues that dissociative people deal with. Furthermore, even among dissociative individuals, what helps set one person on a healing path will not necessarily be the same thing that will set another person on a healing path.

  2. It is important to note that dissociative individuals will often find a state of dissociation to be normal even when it is not. One danger of the Spirit Man teaching is that it is promoting and encouraging dissociation. Regardless of whether the dissociative individual feels there is nothing wrong with this practice, and in spite of the reality that dissociation was at one time the coping mechanism employed in order to survive very difficult situations, continuing to live in a state of dissociation is not healthy or wise.

    We are in no way attempting to suggest that the parts of dissociative individuals be ignored, particularly within a counseling situation. But we are saying that continuing to encourage dissociation, or causing more splits of the person’s psyche through this Spirit Man doctrine, is not healthy or normal.

  3. Dissociative people, especially those who have survived satanic/sadistic ritual abuse (SRA) and trauma-based mind-control programming (TBMC), encounter many things the average person does not, from the physical to the spiritual. That is to say, the experiences and perceptions of the dissociative person will often be very different than that of the non-dissociative person. For instance, while it may be normal for a dissociative person to have an internal system where they are able to interact with the various parts of them, it is not normal for a non-dissociative person to experience the same thing. Or, while the dissociative person — particularly those who have gone through SRA or TBMC — may have frequent encounters with spiritual entities including demons and/or angels (or, demons that are masquerading as angels), this is not to be considered normal and expected experiences for every person, nor is it something to desire and seek after.

    It’s also not uncommon for a dissociative person to hear inside voices that are either alters (parts of themselves who, through trauma, have splintered away from their consciousness), programming scripts, or demons, or combinations of all three. Yet when calling up and speaking to the “spirit man” within this type of counseling, the possibility does not seem to come into any serious consideration that the “voice of the spirit man” could actually be something else.

  4. Related to the above, it’s also fundamental to understand that while the experiences of the dissociative person are real in the fact that they are being experienced in a very tangible way either physically or spiritually, not every single experience is truth that has come from and is directed by the Spirit of God. Just because an experience or encounter is real, does not mean it is truth that comes from God and has a solid, Biblical foundation. Furthermore, some of the experiences or encounters are a lie and a trick from Satan, or they are a lie and trick as a result of programming, or they are a lie and trick of the dissociative mind.

Keeping these things in consideration, it is alarming that some practitioners of this Spirit Man counseling are using the experiences of their dissociative clients as a foundation for their own doctrine, and are falsely claiming it has Scriptural backing, when in reality, the counselors are combing through the Bible, picking and choosing Scripture to build a false theology that originated from the experiences of their clients. In some cases, this type of activity seems to be motivated more by sensationalism and the desire of the counselor to build his own career on that sensationalism, than to actually help the dissociative client work through the spiritual, emotional, and psychological issues they have as a result of the trauma they have endured.

For example, as of this writing, one “deliverance minister” and self-proclaimed “D.I.D. coach” we were once tied up with is teaching on a particular application of realms and claiming his doctrine came as a “revelation from God,” when in reality, it was partially built on information that came directly from his dissociative clients.

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Point One — Not Biblical

First and foremost, when Scripture is read and studied in context, it is plain to see that this Spirit Man teaching is based on false doctrine and is not Biblical at all.

Proponents of these teachings claim that God created the human spirit with seven parts, or, portions. The goal, they say, is for the spirit to be united and working together with seven different partsthat are the alleged “redemptive gifts” they claim are spoken of in Romans 12. However, there is no Scripture that says God created the spirit as having seven parts, or that the spirit is to be split or portioned into seven parts, or that the spirit is to be separated from the soul. And a simple contextual study of Romans 12 proves that the very foundation of this teaching is not scriptural, because there is no such thing as “Redemptive Gifts.” “Redemptive Gifts” is a theological concept that is completely made up by taking scripture out of context and twisting it to mean something that it does not mean.

Recap of Their Definitions

  • Human spirit: the “unconscious mind” of the physical person that interacts with the spirit world.
  • Human soul: the “conscious mind,” that consists of the mind, will, and emotions of the physical person, that interacts with the physical world.
    • Sometimes they define the physical person as having the conscious mind, and the soul of the person to have the subconscious mind.

Recap of Their Goal

  • Their basic goal is to recognize and legitimize what they say are the seven individual parts of the spirit, and to give the more dominant part of the spirit more attention, so it is allowed to or taught to gain power and take control over the individual’s soul or “soul parts.” They do this by telling the spirit that it was “made to be in dominion over the soul.”
    • Definition of dominion: the power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority; supreme authority.(8)

In case it isn’t clear by a review of definitions and goals, the Spirit Man teachings are promoting a person to not be in physical control of their mind, will, and emotions, but to allow the “human spirit” to have dominion over this. They are teaching and promoting that the unconscious mind is to be in control of the conscious mind and/or the subconscious mind, and this is actually a common theme with occult teachings.


1. A study of scripture never indicates that our human spirit is to be in control of or rule over us. A study of Scripture clearly explains that we are to be in control of our own spirit. This is also called self-control, as in, being in control of ourselves.

Proverbs 25:28 — “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.” (KJV)

Other scriptures: Acts 24:25, 1 Corinthians 14:32, Galatians 5:23, 2 Timothy 1:7, Titus 1:8, 2 Peter 1:6.

Biblical synonyms for self-control: self-mastery, self-restraint, continence (in the context of self-restraint), soundness of mind, sanity, sobriety, self-discipline, prudence, et cetera.(9)

A word study of the Greek definitions for “self-control” reveals that self-control is “exercising dominion, from within.”(10) It is something that proceeds “out from within oneself, but not by oneself.” The study also states that for the believer, self-control can “only be accomplished by the power of the Lord,” and is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.(11) Which leads to the next point.

2. If we have the Spirit of God in us, wenot any so-called spirit parts, but we — are to bring our whole self under His authority. The Spirit of the true God is to be in control of us. So we, by bringing ourselves under submission to the Spirit of God, allow Him to control our body, soul, and spirit; we do not give this authority to our own spirit. To give our human spirit control of ourselves is a direct rebellion to God’s authority.

Romans 8:6-9 — “The mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the Spirit is life and peace, because the mind of the flesh is hostile to God: It does not submit to God’s Law, nor can it do so. Those controlled by the flesh cannot please God. You, however, are controlled not by the flesh, but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ.” (BSB)

It is plain by a simple reading and study of these verses, that the “Spirit” being referred to is the Spirit of God, and not our human spirit.

We are to be controlled by the Spirit of God, not our own human spirit.

3. Some who are teaching this Spirit Man theology don’t even consider whether the person is saved or not. There is simply the assumption that the human spirit is controlled, led, and inspired by God, regardless of the salvation of the person, which is absolutely against Scripture. But the most common theory driving this doctrine is that the human spirit that has been “born again” (saved) is controlled by God, and so they assert that when we are led by (following) the human spirit, we are being led by (following) God. However, this is not Biblical.

Jesus did not direct us to follow our spirit as our spirit follows Him; He told us to follow Him. (Matthew 10:38, John 10:27, John 12:26, et cetera.) To follow our human spirit is a direct rebellion to God’s authority.

Scripture tells us that we are to be directly led by the Spirit of God, and not indirectly by our human spirit. (Romans 8:14, Galatians 5:18, et cetera.) To be led by our human spirit is a direct rebellion to God’s authority.

Furthermore, it is alarming that in these “deliverance sessions,” the counselor is often presuming the role of telling their client, or giving validation to the client’s “feelings” one way or the other, which of these voices is of God, of Satan, the client themselves, or their alleged spirit or spirit parts. In this way, they are training their client how to hear and differentiate between the different voices. From our experience, this is a feature of the client/counselor relationship within this “deliverance ministry” that is indistinguishable from an occult teacher who is mentoring a student of esoteric studies, purposefully directing the student down a particular path of spiritual understanding, and training them on how to be receptive to incoming messages from the spirit world. Such training to “listen to the voice of the spirit” results in the inability to clearly hear the voice of the true God.

It is also disturbing that in many cases, the spiritual experiences the client has had or is having, or the spiritual understanding they have had or are coming to, that cannot be validated and verified by Scripture, is being supposedly validated and verified by a “Jesus” that is inside the system (inner world) of the dissociative individual.(12) Even some people who are not dissociative under normal circumstances, are “traveling in the spirit” (a Christian-sounding phrase for “astral travel/projection”) to different so-called heavenly realms, and are claiming to interact with a supposed Jesus, who is giving them validation and verification for the spiritual experiences they are having, or for the spiritual understanding they are coming to — experiences and understanding that have no Biblical foundation, unless they forcefully contort the Word of God to mean something it does not actually mean. This is posing many problems that will be detailed later in this book, but it’s sufficient to say for now that this “Jesus” who is appearing to many people in the spirit realms (and possibly in some cases, manifesting briefly in the physical realms) is not the true Jesus Christ, but a false Jesus.

In speaking of the end times, Jesus Christ warned against false Jesuses appearing, and said, as recorded in Mark 13:21-22, “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There He is!’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible.” (BSB)

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Point Two — Experimental

This Spirit Man teaching is being packaged and sold by proponents of this teaching as being Biblically-based and something that is highly effective in helping bring deep, inner healing to an individual. However, it is exceptionally disturbing that counselors of this Spirit Man doctrine openly admit in interviews and in the free literature found on their websites and blogs, that many elements of this type of so-called counseling are experimental. The term “half-baked potato” is used by some to describe their speculative ideas, and clients have been referred to as “guinea pigs,” and as having a “guinea-pig anointing.” As survivors of trauma who have struggled with dissociative disorders, we find this to be demeaning, highly offensive, and utterly despicable. It certainly does not present a Scriptural view of healing as they claim. This practice of using people as “guinea pigs” to experiment with half-baked ideas is ungodly, unethical, immoral, and reeks of reckless, gross negligence.

Describing such individuals as supposedly having a “guinea pig anointing” from God to be such a “guinea pig,” adds a whole other level of repugnance, as it is identical to the attitude programmers have towards the people they experiment on: that they are not human beings with desires, wills, emotions, hopes, dreams, thoughts, et cetera, but have only one purpose in life, and that is to be a human lab-rat, expendable and at the mercy of the programmer. Substituting the distasteful word “lab-rat” for the cuter-sounding word “guinea pig” does not make the attitude and practice any less abusive. And using the word “anointing” to describe this “guinea-pig purpose” does not make it more noble of a cause, but only piles on spiritual abuse and manipulation, as what they are essentially saying is that they believe God created certain expendable people whose sole purpose is to be experimented with.

Anyone who claims to have a heart to help survivors of SRA/TBMC would not use this type of language in describing survivors, nor would they lower themselves to associate with such individuals who use this type of demeaning, abusive language.

Certainly, if we, the authors, would have known and been aware of the experimental nature and the dangers of this type of so-called counseling, we never would have put ourselves through such counseling, nor would we have suggested and encouraged people to sign up to go through this type of counseling.

Because of the very nature of this “experimental” type of counseling, it’s no wonder there are particular inherent problems that people are likely to come across, which leads to the next point.

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Point Three — Upheaval and Subtractions

Although some have claimed this practice of splitting the spirit has made them feel better, it can also lead to insanity, nervous breakdowns, depression, or suicidal ideation / suicide attempts. It can also trigger programming in individuals who have previously gone through TBMC programming, something that is very dangerous.

In fact, literature from advocates of this Spirit Man teaching, openly states that this transference of control to the spirit can cause what they call, “upheaval in the inner world.”

Reminder: “upheaval” = insanity, nervous breakdowns, depression, suicidal ideations / suicide attempts, and/or triggered programming.

Among other things, this is very similar to the “upheaval” a person can experience when the sixth or seventh “spiritual centers” are opened, if they aren’t properly prepared beforehand.(13) Bluntly put, this “preparation” consists of getting used to how it feels to be possessed by a demonic entity, having a sharp increase in the sensitivity of the spiritual senses, and not being in complete control of the spirit and body senses — the same as with this so-called spirit man business.

It has been our observation through personal experience and by hearing and reading other’s personal experiences, that although there are some who initially “feel good” when going through deliverance counseling with someone who utilizes this Spirit Man doctrine, it often doesn’t last long. This upheaval works to keep the client even more dependent upon their “deliverance counselor or coach” for deliverance. As there is a constant need to find relief from the ongoing upheaval within the individual’s mind and emotions, and the need for deliverance from ever-increasing spiritual attack, this usually involves learning from the “counselor or coach” different techniques of so-called advanced spiritual warfare including courtrooms of heaven. This is because the results from the previous deliverance work are not lasting or are not as effective as expected. While this type of warfare will be discussed in detail later, suffice to say, this “battle” is not Scriptural, and does not bring freedom, but ever-increasing bondage.

  • Important to Note

    The difference between one practicing the witchcraft of the Spirit Man doctrine who needs relief from attack, and the Christian who needs relief from attack, is that the first will “look within” to find answers, and there is an ever-increasing need to go into deeper and deeper occult practices in an attempt to find such answers. On the other hand, for the true Christian, the answer is simple: they will look without, towards their Heavenly Father, humble themselves before Him, make their requests known, and ask for His will to be done. The former puts their trust in words, doctrines, and techniques; the latter puts their trust in their Heavenly Father.(14)

Avid supporters of this Spirit Man doctrine and similar teachings may insist their “deliverance” lasts, but this is untrue. Those individuals continue to fall deeper and deeper into deception, delusion, and false doctrine, often without recognizing it, in an ever-expanding quest to participate in spiritual adventures or to have spiritual encounters. These escapades quickly become addicting, and most will readily admit this, although they will not realize that their addiction is a bad thing. The tendency is for people to become less interested in or completely incapable of studying the Word of God within context, but to only read the Bible with the intent to find Scriptures that appear to give them validation for the delusions they have fallen under. Many times, they will lose interest altogether in the Bible and in sound doctrine. These symptoms are an indication of fractal programming, a concept that will be detailed later in this section.

Reminder: good feelings do not necessarily equal Biblically sound and spiritually safe, and what is real is not always truth that comes from God.

Closely related to upheaval and increasing spiritual attack, often people begin suffering subtractions that are a consequence of being involved in occult activity, but they mistakenly believe their sufferings to be part of a “spiritual warfare” that they are engaged in. They believe that the demonic attacks are because Satan is trying to discourage them from doing the work of the Lord. And as described earlier, in an attempt to ease their suffering and stop the attacks, they work even harder to “press into” the spirit realms, becoming more involved in even deeper occult activity under the guise of “advanced spiritual warfare,” which often includes the “courtrooms of heaven.”

To recap from Section One, Kurt Koch, in his book “Demonology Past and Present: Identifying and Overcoming Demonic Strongholds,” noted that through his experience in counseling and treating people medically, he was able to pinpoint five particular areas in people’s lives that are affected from being involved in occult activities:(15)

  1. A person’s faith in God is negatively influenced.
  2. There are huge negative changes in a person’s character.
  3. The person will often suffer from mental or psychical illnesses, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, et cetera.
  4. The mental health of the person suffers greatly through psychoses.
  5. It begins (or continues) a cycle of “hereditable mediumism,” whereby the involvement of witchcraft leads one’s children and grandchildren to be negatively impacted down to three or four generations.

Koch also notes in his book “Occult ABC: Exposing Occult Practices and Ideologies” the following:(16)

“Families in which charming is practiced, whether actively or as a patient, are literally pursued by misfortune. Suicide, murder, serious and incurable diseases, and many other troubles abound in such families.” (page 135)

“In counseling I have occasionally found the following pattern. When one member of a family has been delivered from demon possession or a serious occult oppression, another member of the family sometimes comes under the power of the same spirit. This only happens in those cases where the whole family does not place itself under the protection of Jesus Christ.” (page 137)

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Point Four — Creating and Promoting Dissociation

To briefly review the basic definitions of dissociation outlined earlier in this chapter, there are levels of dissociation, and everyone dissociates to a degree. Daydreaming is one common form of mild dissociation, while severe dissociation is a coping mechanism that an individual instinctively employs in order to survive trauma. This dissociation turns into a disorder when it becomes an involuntary lifestyle, and the exclusive or chief coping strategy the person has available to them. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a related disorder, and often those who have dissociative disorders will have PTSD as well. While PTSD can be experienced at any age, severe dissociative disorders often begin in early childhood. Examples of extreme, ongoing trauma that children have the need to dissociate from can include: physical, sexual, mental abuse, and can include satanic or sadistic ritual abuse (SRA). It can also include trauma-based mind-control programming (TBMC).

Individuals with varying degrees of D.I.D. (one type of dissociative disorder) often refer to the dissociative parts of them as “alters, parts, others,” or similar terms. They are also often aware of an “inside world” that is part of their system. The system consists of the safe and unsafe parts of their inside world (created through programming and/or subconsciously created), as well as all the alters that stay there when they aren’t taking full or partial control of the body.

That said, let’s shift gears for a moment, and bring something else into the conversation: doublespeak and doublethink.

Doublespeak and Doublethink

There is a technique employed when an individual or smaller groups of people want to control the way larger groups of people think or act: they control the thoughts and actions, to an extent, by controlling the language being used. Basically, this is one way how propaganda works, and is a general mind-control and brainwashing technique. This is also how occultists who are working for Satan have been able to infect society at large: they change the language, and thereby the perception of the general population, and over time, occult doctrine becomes part of the accepted culture of society.

Those who are using this strategy often engage in “doublespeak,” a purposeful distortion of language for a particular purpose or cause. To those groups of individuals who fall prey to its trickery, doublespeak can create a state of “doublethink,” a term coined by George Orwell in his dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Definitions: (17)

  • Doublespeak: language used to deceive, usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth.
  • Doublethink: simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas.

Those who are attempting to control the thoughts (perceptions) and actions of people, do so by giving certain words or phrases a new definition or a new application that is contradictory to the truth and to the meaning the listener attributes to the words or phrases. This is done with purposeful intent. A good example of people who employ these techniques are many politicians, who have a vested interest in controlling the perception the general public have of them and their policies. Or the occultists we referenced earlier. Or some business men and women who are using the art of persuasive sales to manipulate and convince people to buy their product.(18)

Some teachers and practitioners of this Spirit Man theology are also using this mind-control and brainwashing technique of “doublespeak,” causing groups of their advocates to be in a state of “doublethink.”

Example 1

Teachers and practitioners of this Spirit Man theology are attempting to sell and defend this theology by saying that “parts” and “portions” are two different things. They say the “soul of the person can have alters that are known as parts,” (describing a dissociative disorder) but the “spirit of the person has portions.”

But in spite of their attempts at controlling the language, this is a contradictory statement.

So, to combat the doublethink, we offer definitions of the terms “part” and “portion,” since there seems to be some confusion:(19)

  • Part: a portion or division of a whole that is separate or distinct; piece, fragment, fraction, or section. Synonyms: member, partition, section, segment, portion.
  • Portion: an often limited part of a whole; a part of any whole, either separated from or integrated with it. Synonyms: piece, member, division, section, segment, fragment, part.

In case these definitions are not clear, “part” and “portion” are synonyms. These terms are describing the same types of experiences a person can have when they are dissociative, whether it is a so-called soul part, or a so-called spirit part.

  • Important to Note:

    Although portion can mean “a part of any whole, either separated from or integrated with it,” there is no true integration with the spirit man theology, as will be discussed later in this chapter.

Example 2

They also try to control the language, and thereby the perception of people, by telling people that God created the spirit to have seven portions, while at the same time, saying that Satan is the one who fragmented the spirit. Through the use of their words (“portion,” in contrast to “fragment”), they are presumably attempting to say that since God created the spirit to have seven “portions” but Satan has taken one or more of those seven portions away from the person (“fragmented” them away), then there is a difference between God splitting the spirit and Satan splitting the spirit.

Despite their attempts at controlling the language, this is a contradiction. So to combat the doublethink, here is a comparison of the words “portion” and “fragment,” since there seems to be some confusion:(20)

  • Portion: an often limited part of a whole; a part of any whole, either separated from or integrated with it. Synonyms: piece, member, division, section, segment, fragment, part.
  • Fragment: a part broken off, detached, or incomplete. Synonyms: part, portion, piece, member, division, section, segment.

Portion implies an allotted or assigned part, and can be separated from the whole or integrated with the whole; while fragment implies a part being produced by having been broken off a whole. While the connotation of the two words can have slightly different meanings, depending upon usage, the description of what is happening to the human spirit through this theology is the same, no matter if the word “portion” is being used or if the word “fragment” is being used: the spirit is still being split into parts. In spite of their attempts at controlling the language, there is no difference between God supposedly “splitting the spirit” and Satan “splitting the spirit” because, aside from the fact that there is absolutely no Scriptural basis for God creating the human spirit to be split into seven parts, the end result is still the same: the spirit, or what is assumed to be the spirit, is fragmented or split. Regardless of whether the seven parts are working together in unity (a form of integration) or not, the Spirit Man theology is teaching something that has no Scriptural foundation, and certainly has no Biblical basis as being a desirable state.

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Dissociation in the Spirit Man Theology

Teachers and advocates of this theology assert that by speaking to the different parts of the spirit (they call it “ministering to the spirit”), they are giving legitimacy and validation to the human spirit, which will cause the spirit to get stronger and bring wholeness and healing to the person in a faster way.

  • Important to Note:

    “In a faster way” is a very important component of this Spirit Man counseling for some who use this method. Some counselors who are applying this doctrine in sessions with their clients, are looking for shortcuts to healing: faster, quicker ways to get clients in and out of counseling. This type of Spirit Man “deliverance counseling” is claiming to do just that. However, the reality is, there is no such thing as a shortcut to healing, particularly from the acute trauma and attachment injuries this Spirit Man counseling is claiming to help people overcome. Healing takes as long as it needs to take for each individual, and as many people with severe trauma disorders will attest to, healing is a lifestyle and not a destination.

    What isn’t often mentioned, but is certainly a huge motivator, is that a “faster way” can also help pad the pockets of the counselors, as they are able to achieve a faster turnover, counseling more clients within shorter periods of time. Not only is more money a motivator, but ego is involved as well, as we’ve seen counselors who want to be well-known for “getting people healed faster.” While we obviously can’t say that all such counselors have selfish, greedy motivations, this type of attitude certainly creates an environment for the counselor to begin ignoring the needs of their clients in various ways, and eventually proclaim their clients to be “all healed up” after a period of time of going through the Spirit Man counseling, regardless of whether the clients are actually “better” or not. This can cause further harm to the trauma and attachment injuries the clients may already have.

The problem with their claims, however, is that since there is no Biblical foundation that says God created the spirit as having seven parts, nor that it is desirable for the the spirit to be split into seven parts, they are not “ministering to” those seven parts of the spirit at all. They are actually creating a split within what is assumed to be the spirit of a person. This is dissociation by its very definition.

It is possible for the psyche a person to be split through trauma, although whether it is actually a soul-split or a spirit-split could be debated, and not something we are going to debate either way in this book; however, it should not be desirable to stay in or to reinforce that state of brokenness, whether it’s a soul-split or a spirit-split. But the bottom line is, creating, reinforcing, or desiring such a split is not based on Scripture and is not ordained by the true God.

Simply put, this “Spirit Man theology” is creating a spiritual trauma, producing fragmentation in people who have not been previously broken, and reinforcing the fragmentation in people who are already broken. It is, in fact, programming that is creating and promoting dissociation, and does not heal it, regardless of what advocates claim.

If an individual isn’t dissociative at the onset of Spirit Man counseling, they certainly are at the end of the Spirit Man counseling, to one degree or another.

Wholeness through brokenness? Integration of the supposed “soul parts” through division of the spirit? This is such a clear example of doublespeak and doublethink, that were Orwell still alive, he would likely regret not adding these phrases and ideas to his book.

There is no reason to split a person’s spirit into seven parts or portions in order to speak goodness and healing words that will help bring restoration to a person, whether they have been broken and wounded through trauma or not.

An Illustration

To illustrate this point, let’s look at the relationship between parent and child. Any loving parent will recognize and attest to the necessity of giving encouragement and praise, building their children up and molding their character in positive ways, and through love, teaching them self-discipline. But in order to encourage or teach discipline, it is completely unnecessary to split their spirit, or to cause the child to split themselves into seven parts (which is identical to mind-control programming), by speaking to the so-called seven different portions of their spirit.

Is it better to tell little Susie, “Thank you for helping with the dishes today. You did a great job!” Or is it better to tell her, “I call your spirit to attention, Susie, and invite your servant portion to come forward and be recognized for doing such a wonderful job helping with the dishes today. Thank you!”

Is it better to tell little Johnny, “I understand you’re mad, but you aren’t allowed to take away the bear you bought for your brother because you’re angry that he broke the truck you gave to him.” Or is it better to tell him, “Johnny, I call your spirit to attention and invite your giver portion to come forward and be recognized for the desire you have that your little brother would learn to have stewardship over his possessions.”

Is it better to tell little Susie, “You’re a very loving and caring person!” Or is it better to tell her, “Susie, I call your spirit to attention, and I invite your mercy portion to come forward and be recognized. God has designed you in a very special way to use your unique abilities and gifts to make the world a better place.”

Is it better to kiss little Johnny goodnight, tuck him into bed with a prayer such as, “Heavenly Father, thank You for our precious son, Johnny, and the good things You have done in his life today. We ask that he sleep well tonight and that You help him to grow into the man You would have him to be.” Or is it better to tuck Johnny into bed with a “spirit” blessing, by asking each of his seven so-called spirit parts to come forward and be recognized and “ministered” to?

Speaking in such a manner to the “spirit man” of your child would be strange, and maybe more than a bit creepy, worthy of being in an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” It would be ridiculous!

So why is it any less bizarre and wacky to do things like this in a counseling situation?

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Characteristics of Spirit Man Counseling

The following are some points that make clear the fact that this Spirit Man counseling is creating and promoting dissociation, and not healing a broken spirit. It is, in fact, Spirit Man programming.

  1. During any given counseling session, the counselor or coach will often ask a client to “go inside” or “see inside” themselves, or “listen to the inside” of themselves. This is with the intent to see or hear what is happening with their parts and/or their supposed spirit parts. This is especially true of clients who are already suffering from dissociative disorders, but it can also be true of clients who do not have dissociative disorders at that time. This directive may be couched in different terms, such as “What’s happening with your spirit?” but since the spirit is created to be inside the body of a person, in order to “get in touch with one’s spirit,” it’s necessary to “go inside” oneself to do so. Whether or not the client is actually “getting in touch with their spirit” or not, the capacity to do this comes from the ability to dissociate, to one extent or another, and creates a hypnotic, meditative state within the client, producing an altered state of consciousness that can be achieved by anyone through meditation, whether they have a dissociative disorder or not.

    (In later sessions, as this type of meditation becomes easier for the client to do, this begins to be identical to transcendental meditation, a practice that is facilitated by dissociation, opening a person up to the influence and possession of demonic spirits.)

    Because of this altered state of consciousness that is achieved through a meditative state within the “deliverance counseling,” the client is dissociative to one degree or another, and is open to suggestion. It is at this point that it becomes very dangerous, as it is all-too easy to program an individual, as outlined in the next point, either intentionally or unintentionally.

  2. All the elements within the Spirit Man teaching that involve splitting the spirit are alarmingly reminiscent of how programming basically works: the programmer, by inducing a state of altered consciousness or hypnosis (often through a trauma), splits off parts of the person’s psyche from the rest of their consciousness, giving the parts specific names and jobs. Each major part has their own personality, mind, will, and emotions, to one degree or another.

    This is identical to what the Spirit Man doctrine is doing to a person, with the counselor or coach acting as the programmer: they are inducing or encouraging an altered state of consciousness, and splitting off parts of their so-called spirit through suggestion. And just like with programming, those parts are then given names, personalities and jobs.

    This is not normal, this is not healing; this is programming.

  3. If this were not enough, there is another alarming practice some counselors are implementing within this Spirit Man theology. They are encouraging people to visualize their spirit-parts as being on a carousel, rotating as needed, in order to create a particular alignment that will help each part of the spirit be up front as necessary.

    And in case you didn’t know: carousel programming is a common programming script in mind-control programming!

    Although this type of programming within the Spirit Man theology is not being built through physical or psychic torture as it would through TBMC programming, it is still programming people with an internal carousel to facilitate the switches from one “spirit-part” to another.

    This is mind-control programming!

    Spirit Man counselors and advocates adamantly insist (almost overly-so) that this is not “switching” the way dissociative individuals can sometimes switch from one alter to another; but regardless of the state of their doublethink and regardless of all their doublespeak, what they are accurately describing is a switch between one so-called “spirit-part” and another so-called “spirit-part.”

    This is not normal, this is not healing; this is a description of dissociation, and very literally a description of programming.

  4. The “spirit” itself is said to have its own mind, will, and emotions, separate from the person; and the presumed “parts” of this spirit are said to have individual minds, wills, and emotions separate from the other spirit parts and from the person themselves.

    Not only is this highly complicated (and reminiscent of a fractal, which will be discussed later in this chapter), it also describes what a severely dissociative individual goes through, with each part of the person believing themselves to be separate from the whole, with individual thoughts, wills, and emotions.

    This is a description of dissociation.

  5. The Spirit Man teachings are also giving the so-called spirit parts individual personalities that are said to coincide with seven redemptive gifts.

    This is not normal and is not a description of healing and wholeness or a desire to be whole; this is a description of programming, of dissociation, and of a desire to continue in this state of brokenness.

  6. The counselors and the individuals themselves continue to speak to each aspect of the alleged spirit by the different gift-names, reinforcing the separation of the seven different parts of the spirit.

    This is not normal or healthy; this is programming that is promoting and reinforcing dissociation.

  7. In cases where the supposed seven parts of the spirit have integrated or united, and are supposedly working as one, the individual or the counselor will often call out a part of the spirit by the matching gift name, for one reason or another, reinforcing a split once again. With some people, the carousel programming helps facilitate this switch.

    This is programming and is encouraging a continued dissociation. It is not normal or healthy.

  8. Severely dissociative individuals will most often be aware of an “inside world,” also known as a “system,” where the different parts of them reside when they are not taking control of the body. This is “normal” for individuals who are dissociative; this is not normal for non-dissociative individuals. However, when those who are non-dissociative are forced into a type of dissociation by this Spirit Man teaching, they can become aware of an “inner world” or a different realm where their alleged spirit parts reside.

    This is a sign of dissociation resulting from this Spirit Man programming, and it is not normal or healthy.

  9. Just as a dissociative person can be unaware of the things their parts are doing or saying outside of their consciousness or control, so the non-dissociative person can suddenly find themselves to be unaware of the things their “spirit parts” are doing separate from their body and consciousness, until after the fact.

    This is a sign of dissociation as a result of the Spirit Man programming, and it is not normal or healthy.

  10. Meditation and visualization often play a significant role in these “counseling” sessions, and since this Spirit Man teaching is opening up a person to demonic control and is forcing dissociation, often astral travel or projection is an unexpected consequence. These types of activities require a literal form of dissociation: a splitting away of the soul/spirit parts from the physical senses of the body or the body itself.

    This is not wise, safe, or Biblically sound, but since this Spirit Man theology, and similar teachings, is also being used as the foundation for many other charismatic occult teachings that are promoting astral traveling/projecting, this is not seen as a negative, but as a positive. It’s celebrated as a “gift,” and repackaged under the name “spirit travel,” “traveling in the spirit,” or “seeing in the spirit.”

    • Important to Note: Students and teachers of esoteric, occult studies wouldn’t see this astral traveling/projecting as an unexpected consequence. They would see this as an expected consequence, as the same techniques of meditation and visualization in these charismatic “deliverance counseling” sessions are the same techniques taught within occult settings.

So regardless of whether the founder of this so-called “Spirit Man theology” continues to describe this as a “theology,” and regardless of whether advocates and proponents of this so-called “Spirit Man theology” believe that this is a Biblically sound doctrine to implement in a “deliverance counseling” situation, they are wrong.

It is programming, plain and simple.

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If all these things weren’t proof enough, there is a particular troubling dynamic of this Spirit Man counseling that is identical to the same dynamic within trauma-based mind-control programming (TBMC). It is similar to the psychological phenomenon known as transference that can happen in any counseling situation. However, in the Spirit Man counseling, it is more similar to a trauma-bond that can occur in abusive situations, in that there is a strong emotional bond that has been created through trauma — in this case, the splitting of the so-called spirit, which at the least is a spiritual trauma.

The dynamic of a trauma-bond speaks to the peculiar relationship between the programmer/handler and the victim, whereby the victim becomes emotionally attached and dependent upon the programmer or handler; and whereby those emotional attachments and dependencies are encouraged by the programmer/handler and used as a way to control them, discouraging — and usually outright preventing — clear, independent thought and action by the victim.

The feelings involved with this “trauma bonding” that the individual has towards the programmer or handler can include:

  • An increased dependency (co-dependency) on the programmer or handler to make decisions for the individual; and at the same time, an inability or decreased capacity of the individual to make decisions for themselves, or the inability to trust their own judgement outside of the opinion of the programmer or handler.

    This co-dependency is often misinterpreted by the individual as love, strong affection, or respect.

  • A desperation to please the programmer or handler.

  • Internalizing the emotions of the programmer or handler.

    For example, sensing or knowing that the programmer or handler is not pleased, will cause the individual to wonder what they, the individual, did wrong.

    Similarly, the individual will try to figure out a way to make the handler or programmer feel better, or fix any problems they may be having.

  • Feelings of protection towards the programmer/handler and a strong desire to defend them against any threat, imagined or real.

  • A fierce loyalty towards the programmer or handler.

  • These feelings can often be tied up in sexual emotions and/or with unmet emotional needs, whereby the individual mentally or emotionally places the programmer/handler in the role of mother or father, spouse, or even giving them a god-like status. This is a type of psychological transference.

We have noticed the tendency with some clients within this “deliverance counseling” to have some or all the above markers of a trauma-bond with their respective counselor/coach. This is a very uncomfortable situation for the individual, stirring up and heightening insecurity and fear. It is not conducive to the healing process at all.

Despite this, however, we have seen some counselors/coaches actually encourage these unhealthy emotions in various ways, depending upon the individual personalities of the clients, including intentionally stirring up jealousy and competition between the clients, who are vying for the attention, acceptance, and affirmation of the counselor/coach.

While this behavior in a professed “coach or counselor” is egregious and reprehensible, it is not surprising since, by the very nature of the Spirit Man theology, the Spirit Man counselor is acting in the same way a programmer or handler would.

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Point Five — Promotes Delusion

Throughout the majority of this book, we speak of “delusion” as the Bible defines it in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 (delusion: error, sin, lie, deceit). But it must be mentioned here that in some instances with this Spirit Man doctrine, there are individuals who are suffering from mental illnesses and are delusional, seeing and traveling to places that are only within their own imagination. In other words, they are living in unreality, not necessarily through fault of their own. They are not actually going anywhere, or seeing anything, other than what is happening in their own mind. Unfortunately, in this Spirit Man counseling, there doesn’t always seem to be a differentiation between this type of mental delusion and reality. Instead, delusion (unreality) is commonly celebrated as truth, whether it is true or not.

There are also those people who suffer from other types of mental illness and/or disorders who may truthfully be traveling or seeing things “in the spirit realms,” but because of their illness or disorder, they are unable to stay grounded in reality, and have a tendency to wander into fantasy (a type of “delusion”) through no fault of their own, unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, especially when triggered or prompted by this type of “Spirit Man deliverance counselor.” The Spirit Man counseling only reinforces their inability to stay focused in the physical realm as God has intended, and inhibits their ability to differentiate between what is real and what is not real, and what is physical and what is spiritual. Instead, the Spirit Man counseling encourages and fosters this type of delusion, whereby their mind is stuck in this realm or that realm, real or imagined, unable to properly focus on the necessary physical tasks of everyday normal living.

Even with those who have had experience in seeing and traveling to places within spirit realms through demonic means, and have no obvious or known mental illness, and seem to not be prone to delusion (fantasy or unreality), the Spirit Man teachings are encouraging these types of astral travel to continue, rather than encouraged to cease. This is particularly true of the “Shining One” doctrine, but also true of other charismatic teachings, such as “Courtrooms” and “Heavenly Realms.” These occult teachings will be explained further down in this book.

Likewise, in certain situations with some individuals, the pressure to see or travel to places “in the spirit” leads to a type of delusion, whereby fabulous tales of traveling to this realm and that realm grow exponentially, leading the listener to wonder if such stories are simply fabricated by a mind that has become delusional.

This is not wholeness. This is not healing.

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Point Six — Demonic Possession

The “splitting of the spirit” is a spiritual trauma that opens the gateways (doors) to demonic possession. This is because the individual is purposefully opening themselves up for a spirit to take control. They are giving their will (permission) to another — outside of their own conscious, sound mind — and allowing another entity to take full control of them. Since this is not Scripturally sound, and is, in fact, in direct opposition to what Scripture actually teaches, this is opening a gateway for demons to enter, and to assume control of the individual through the so-called spirit man.

This demonic control enters in one of three ways:

  1. Through confused and deceived soul part/s that believe themselves to be the “spirit,” that the demons take control of.
    • This is more common with dissociative individuals, but as stated before, this entire Spirit Man teaching is forcing or creating more dissociation.
  2. Through occult alters, who are already demonically controlled, taking the role of “spirit.”
    • This is common with dissociative individuals who have gone through satanic/sadistic ritual abuse (SRA) and/or trauma-based mind-control programming (TBMC).
  3. Or the demons themselves simply saunter in through the open gateways that the individual flung wide open, make themselves right at home, and take control, deceiving the person into thinking that the demons are the so-called seven parts of the human spirit.

This demonic control can be facilitated in a much faster way by implementing techniques found in other teachings, such as Gateways and Seat of Dominion. These will be detailed later.

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Point Seven — Parallel Occult Teachings

Further research into this Spirit Man teaching shows that not only is it fundamentally a type of mind-control programming, but it is also identical to certain occult teachings. This should be no surprise, since mind-control programming is based on occult doctrine.

These types of esoteric teachings are usually studied over many years, and understanding comes over time, so there are too many connections to explain in one short book. Furthermore, it is our desire to point people to the Bible, and to expose occult doctrine, not teach occult doctrine. However, with the intent to expose the occult teaching that have infiltrated into Christianity, in particular certain doctrines (such as the “Spirit Man”) that are being promoted through the charismatic movement, here are a few examples that are easily explained, more-or-less. Even if you do not understand everything here, it is enough to be aware that these teachings have their roots in the occult, so if you come across these teachings in “Christian” circles, you will hopefully have some understanding of where they are coming from.

Spiritual Centers or Chakras(21)

Different occult groups will have slightly different teachings on spiritual centers or chakras, and the wording is sometimes different. However, they are all speaking to the same basic principles and commonly pull in the following as being part of the overall teaching:

  1. The centers/chakras parallel the 7 major parts of the endocrine system.
  2. The centers/chakras are tied into personality traits.
  3. Each center/chakra has a special color that represents that center: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (colors of the rainbow, in order from the lowest center to the highest).
  4. The centers/chakras are tied into healing, growth, maturity, and a spiritual evolution as one learns to attain mastery over each center.
  5. The centers/chakras are spoken of as being gateways that one must learn to cleanse, unblock, or open.
  6. Each individual center or chakra is related to the others, and they are all inextricably tied together.
  7. Related to point 6, aligning the chakras or spiritual centers is speaking to a “fractal spirituality” or a “universal oneness with the divine.” As each person aligns their “centers,” they are linking to a type of “Christ Consciousness,” achieving a unity with others who are doing the same thing, and a “universal oneness.”

Similarly, the Spirit Man teachings are using the following concepts as part of the overall teaching:

  1. The spirit parts parallel the 7 major parts of the endocrine system.
  2. The spirit parts have personality traits that come from the “redemptive gifts.”
  3. Each part of the spirit is represented by a color that is identical to the colors of the chakras/centers: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (colors of the rainbow, in order from the first spirit part to the last).
  4. Through speaking to the spirit man (in particular, the more dominant spirit part), one can find healing, growth and maturity. The ultimate goal is for the spirit to “manifest” (this term is being used in place of “spiritual evolution”), although this teaching is more obvious in the “Manifest Sons of God” or the “Shining Ones” doctrine that has its foundation in the fractal/quantum spirituality that is found in the Spirit Man theology.
  5. Gateways of the body, soul, and spirit are spoken of as entry points that need to be kept clean and open.
  6. Each part of the spirit is related to the next, and they are all inextricably tied together, much like a fractal. Fractals are also being spoken of in the sense of patterns, particularly patterns of seven: 7 parts of the spirit (being used in the same way that “centers” are being used), 7 redemptive gifts, 7 parts of the endocrine system, 7 pieces of furniture, 7 days of creation, et cetera.
  7. The idea of fractals as a part of “fractal spirituality” is foundational to the Spirit Man doctrine, a point that is detailed below. Although they are not always expressly using the term “fractal spirituality,” they are describing fractal spirituality (or, “quantum spirituality”) as the way a personal “unity or oneness with God” can be achieved, as well as the way “unity within the body of Christ” can be achieved. The terms “the mind of Christ” and “coming into agreement with” are also terms being used to describe this unity.

The Spirit Man doctrine and all the surrounding elements are identical to occult teachings on chakras or spiritual centers, and with a false unity known as “Christ Consciousness.” This unity is false because it does not come from the true God, and is a unity with the spirit of the antichrist and with Satan’s plan to manifest the final Antichrist into the physical realm. The language has been tweaked a bit to appeal to a “Christian” crowd, but the principles being taught are exactly the same.

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This work is by Rodney Collin ca. 1947 or 1953, and is in the public domain.(23)

Though the idea behind fractals is simple, they are infinitely complex in the fact that the same pattern is repeated in increasing and decreasing ratios, causing every component to be related to and connected to the other, so that when the smaller part of the figure is enlarged, it is identical to the whole, and the same is true conversely. In other words, the smaller is a reflection of the larger, and the larger is a reflection of the smaller. Everything is self-similar.

Some common examples of fractals in art and in nature include: Sierpinski triangle, the Mandelbrot Set, Romanesco broccoli, the fern, etc.

Aside from mathematical, technological, and art applications of fractals, and aside from naturally-occurring examples of fractals, there are also occult applications of fractals. They are also connected to “sacred geometry.” However, the concept and use of fractals isn’t necessarily “bad,” in and of itself. For instance, holistic medicine uses the notion of fractals, in a sense, when treating an individual for whole health throughout the body, which in turn affects the mind and emotions. While we do not negate the common-sense and practicality of this application, and we are believers in certain paths of holistic healing that do not contradict with Scripture, there are grave concerns with the occult “fractal or quantum spirituality” that has crept into and has now overtaken many Christian circles.

For Further Research on Fractal/Quantum Spirituality, see the following:

But in an attempt to keep things focused for the purposes of this book and to avoid splintering off into every related topic, we will look at just a couple of aspects on fractals, specifically in why they are used in mind-control programming and why they are being used in the Spirit Man teachings.

  • Please Note: this is a very basic explanation, and it does not delve into every aspect of fractal spirituality, nor does it touch on every aspect of how and why fractals are used in mind-control programming. That would take a much larger book, and one that we are not qualified to write.

    Furthermore, for the ease of writing and reading, we, the authors, are using the term “fractal programming.” We are not aware of this term being used by anyone else, and there may be a better term for it other than fractal “programming.” But since we are describing what it does, we have to name it something; therefore, this is the name we have given to it for now. We are aware that fractals may not technically be an actual “programming script” in and of itself, although, because of our experiences, we do believe that in some cases, they can be. However, the idea behind fractals are certainly used within mind-control programming. So since the object of programming is to control people’s minds; and since, as we will show, fractals are making that control possible through the fractal spirituality of certain programming scripts, such as Spirit Man theology; therefore, for these reasons, we call the fractal spirituality found within such teachings to be “fractal programming.”

The idea behind fractals is used in mind-control programming in various ways and for different reasons. One reason is because by using the concept of fractals (ever-repeating patterns), the programmers are able to easily create layers of programming that can be self-perpetuating.

These layers also serve to keep programming hidden, and if the programming begins to be uncovered, the fractal programming can then cause confusion and create distraction, acting as a logic-loop, of sorts, keeping the person from accessing real and true memories.

The fractal programming can also trigger a logic-loop within the individual, causing them, for instance:

  • To get tied up in repeating a particular thought-pattern either verbally or mentally, that isn’t necessarily logical. For example, thinking or saying, “I want to go home,” when the individual is standing at their place of residence. This can be an indication of a “call-back” trigger, whereby the individual is being triggered to go back to the occult group they left, whether it’s in the physical or in the astral (spiritual).

  • To be stuck in a particular way of thinking, regardless of proof otherwise. For example, believing “I will never be able to finish or accomplish anything on my own,” regardless of past or current accomplishments.

  • To be stuck in a pattern of actions. For example, being inexplicably drawn to the same types of people who are acting as handlers, or drawn to particular situations that cause retraumatization. This can be done without the individual even realizing it, or without being able to control it, because such is the nature of mind-control programming.

The concept of fractals is also used as a component of outside or remote programming, because mind-control programming is basically an attempt to  program the mind the way a computer would be programmed. For example, an individual can be purposefully triggered by another person in the physical into doing something they have previously been programmed to do (such as, continuing to seek out situations that keep them traumatized), and the logic-loop of the fractals will prevent them from being able to control their response or to even understand what is happening. Or, through demonic connections that have been implanted through the initial programming and kept in place by the logic-loop of fractals, the individual can be remotely accessed and given a new order (for example, an assignment to do something in the physical or astral realms).

Again, these things can be done without the person being consciously aware it is happening, or without being about to control their response, because such is the nature of mind-control programming.

However, for the purposes of this book, we are going to bring in another aspect of this programming: it can also be achieved in the spirit world, through demonic programming, when a person opens themselves up to demonic control. The Spirit Man doctrine is doing just this through “Fractal Spirituality.”

Although not always expressly named as such in esoteric literature and teachings, fractal spirituality is described within certain occult concepts. Aside from the examples found in the web pages we have cited above, one familiar example is, “As above so below, and as within so without” in that everything in the Below is a reflection and a repetition of everything in the Above, and vice versa; and what is Within is reflected and repeated in what is Without, and vice versa. Essentially this is saying that “God” (or, the divine source) is everything and everything is “God” (the divine source), because everything is interconnected and self-similar.

This is describing the concept of fractals: everyone in the “below” is connected and self-similar to the whole consciousness in the “above” and is a reflection and a piece of that whole, and the consciousness from “above” is a reflection and a part of the individual pieces in the “below.” One can’t exist without the other, and fractal spirituality expresses the idea that by each person focusing on aligning themselves and coming into agreement with the whole, the whole becomes stronger, more effective, and more visible.

This is a type of spiritual evolution, to come into a type of “unity” that is described as “global consciousness” or “world consciousness,” and is achieved through this fractal spirituality. (Alice A. Bailey of Lucis Trust spoke of a “world consciousness” in some of her writings. See the section in this book, “Classifications of Christian Witches.”)

  • Important to Note:

    Many Christians describe and practice this same “as above so below” concept by misusing the biblical concept of “on earth as it is in Heaven.” In the past this has most often been done by twisting scripture they claim speaks to the “will of God,” or by claiming to have a “fresh new revelation from God,” and they declare it on earth with the intent to manifest the spiritual into the physical. Bluntly put, they are practicing witchcraft to try to force God to do what they want Him to do.

    Frequently, Christians are practicing this innocently, without realizing it, because of religious scripts they have been programmed with through faulty doctrines they have learned, often from an early age. Often times, it is a matter of the heart and where their focus is: on the will of God or on their own human will.

    Now, however, this is being widely practiced in a more overtly occult way, through doctrines such as “Spirit Man,” “Manifest Sons of God,” “little gods,” and “Shining Ones.” It speaks to a spiritual evolution they usually call “manifestation,” not only of the god-like stature they claim to have, but also a so-called manifestation of the kingdom on earth. This concept is further explained throughout this this book.

Fractal spirituality also describes the concept behind “Christ Consciousness.” This is a term being used by some occultists that describes a state of being in conscious agreement with and aligning oneself with Lucifer’s plan to bring about the “reappearance of the Christ” (the final antichrist). Christ Consciousness is using the same principles behind “global consciousness,” whereby large groups of people focus their minds on the same goals in order to influence the world at large, through the power of agreement. Occultists (spiritualists and mystics) often refer to the “thinning of the veil” as being the result of the process of coming into agreement with and finding unity in “the Christ Consciousness.” The thinning of the veil involves enlightened individuals who — through a process of purification, learning, and initiation — have achieved or are achieving the essence of spiritual evolution through their enlightenment, causing them to connect to and come into alignment with (via fractal spirituality) this “Christ Consciousness” through the power of agreement, ultimately bringing about the reappearance of “the Christ” and a supposed peace on earth.

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How This Relates to the Spirit Man Doctrine

One part of the Spirit Man teaching that is supposed to quickly facilitate this “healing and alignment of the person through the spirit man,” are teachings on fractals. There are a lot of different types of fractals that are talked about (Fractals of Two, Fractals of Three, Fractals of Five, Fractals of Seven, et cetera), and at first glance, much of it doesn’t make any sense as actually speaking of a fractal in any way, spiritual or otherwise. It seems in some cases the term fractal is being used, when the right word to use would simply be pattern. But therein lies the danger: the seemingly elementary way of looking at and discussing fractals within the Spirit Man doctrine is giving the impression that this teaching on fractals is harmless, when in fact, it is not.

One way the concept of fractals is introduced is in the sense that each “system” of the body/soul/spirit is separate but whole; individual, but interdependent and interrelated. They are inextricably connected. In other words, spirit-part A depends upon spirit-part B and part B depends upon part A, because part A is part of B and B is part of A. Therefore, by focusing on the part of the so-called spirit that is dominant (stronger) and ministering to (giving attention to) that part, with time it’s believed to start a domino-type effect, automatically bringing every other part into a more whole and healed state-of-being. It is a divide/multiply effect, similar to how a fractal is created.

Much of the teachings on fractals seem to center around a more “holistic” approach to healing, and on the surface, this may seem harmless. But when we understand that the “fractal spirit man” is being used as an avenue to bring about a so-called spiritual healing and is leading straight into a “fractal spirituality,” we can begin to see where this teaching is not harmless, especially if we understand what is actually happening to a person through this Spirit Man doctrine.

Reminder: it is creating trauma by splitting the spirit, programming those parts, and opening the person up to demonic possession.

So it should be quite troubling when we bring fractals into the equation. And since the so-called spirit man is either a demon or a demonically-controlled part of the person, a question is begging to be asked:

Question: What is happening to this demon or demonically-controlled part that is being given so much attention?

Answer: Like a fractal that is multiplying and growing, it is getting stronger, starting a domino-effect within the person, creating more space for more demonic spirits to come in and inhabit, exercising dominion over every area of the individual’s life. And by using the concept of fractal spirituality, individuals are opening themselves up to this fractal programming through the Spirit Man theology.

Question: Who is doing the fractal programming with this Spirit Man doctrine?

Answer: Although this programming is being facilitated by another individual within a “Spirit Man” counseling situation (often a so-called “deliverance counselor or coach”), just like with trauma-based mind-control programming, demons and/or fallen angels are coming along with that programming, and those demonic entities are the ones actually carrying out the fractal programming, controlling the person through the fractal spirituality that is foundational to this “Spirit Man theology.”

Question:What are the effects of this fractal programming?

Answer: Programming through the fractal spirituality is fulfilling two purposes in particular.

Purpose 1

Fractal programming is creating a “logic loop,” fostering an atmosphere of self-perpetuated delusion. As a result, it is very difficult for the person to logically think themselves out of the deception of the “Spirit Man” theology and similar doctrines, and the fractal spirituality that comes along with it.

In particular, there is an inability to read and understand Scripture within context, and an inability to clearly hear the voice of the true God. Since the individual has given control of their mind, will, and emotions over to what is presumed to be the “human spirit” and are focusing on listening to the voice of a spirit that is different than the Spirit of God, they have opened themselves up to being perpetually programmed with this Luciferian doctrine, rather than opening themselves up to the Spirit of the true God and being transformed through the renewal of the mind. (Romans 12:2)

Because they have not loved the truth, they have been given over to delusion, and this seems to be a true, modern-day fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12:

“Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all delusion of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (KJV)

Purpose 2

This fractal programming, through fractal spirituality, is connecting the individual to and aligning them with the “Christ Consciousness,” and this “unity” is intended to be the avenue through which the final Antichrist will physically enter into this earthly dimension.

Proponents of the Spirit Man and related teachings, including Shining Ones, Manifest Sons, Courtrooms of Heaven, Gateways, et cetera, as well as other doctrines that are based on fractal spirituality, will often use different terms to describe the concept of fractal spirituality, but this is, in fact, foundational to their false doctrine, and how they are achieving a “unity with Christ” or a “unity in the Body of Christ.”

One charismatic teaching that is descriptive of how fractal spirituality is being used is “In Christ.”(22) The idea behind this teaching is that they say that Jesus Christ is both a person and a realm; and people, too, not only have a physical body, but are a spiritual realm as well. When we are “in Christ,” our realm is inside and interacts with the realm of Christ; and when Christ is “in us,” his realm is inside and interacts with our realm. This is a description of a fractal, where the “divine source” they are calling “Christ” is part of and reflecting inside each person, and each person is part of and reflecting inside the “divine source.”

On the surface, this teaching may sound biblical to many Christians. However, it is, in fact, teaching fractal spirituality, and fractal spirituality is being used as a springing board for all sorts of doctrines of demons.

So while deceived Christians and conscious occult infiltrators will call this unity “the mind of Christ,” or claim it is a “unity within the body of Christ,” or a unity that is found “in Christ,” when they are using this fractal spirituality to achieve such a “unity,” and when the foundation of their unity is built upon doctrines of demons (such as the Spirit Man doctrine), this is a unity that is literally connecting and joining them to the spirit of the antichrist, and not the true Jesus Christ.

Illustration by Tim Baker, © 2019, all rights reserved
Illustration by Tim Baker, © 2019, all rights reserved

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Emanationism: Scripture Warns Against Fractals

There are four Scriptures in the New Testament that specifically warn against this doctrine of fractal spirituality. They are: 1 Timothy 1:4, 1 Timothy 4:7, 2 Timothy 4:4, and Titus 1:14.

1 Timothy 1: 3-4 — “As I urged you on my departure to Macedonia, you should stay on at Ephesus to instruct certain men not to teach false doctrines or devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies, which promote speculation rather than the stewardship of God’s work, which is by faith.” (BSB)

1 Timothy 4:7 — “But reject irreverent and silly myths. Instead, train yourself for godliness.” (BSB)

2 Timothy 4:3-4 — “For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” (BSB)

Titus 1:13-14 — “This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sternly, so that they will be sound in the faith, and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of men who have rejected the truth.” (BSB)


  • Myth: an idle tale, fable, fanciful story.

    In the context of these verses: the fictions of the Jewish theosophists and Gnostics, especially concerning the emanations and orders of the aeons (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon).(23)

The myths that Paul was speaking of had to do with “emanations and the orders of the aeons.”

So what does Emanationism have to do with fractals?


The New World Encyclopedia states:

“Emanationism is the doctrine that describes all existence as emanating (Latin emanare, “to flow from”) from God, the First Reality, First Absolute, or Principle. Essentially, emanationism holds that all things proceed from one divine substance in a progression or series, where each reality arises from the previous one.” (25) (emphasis added)

In case it isn’t clear, Emanationism is a basic description of fractal spirituality, where everything in the series flows from or is derived from the original source. As we outline in this book, many new age, occult teachings hold to these same beliefs, and although charismatics don’t always use the term “emanationism” or the term “fractal spirituality,”(26) many of their doctrines and teachings are built upon these very concepts.

The New World Encyclopedia description on Emanationism continues:

“The lowest level is matter, the material world. Every derived being is regarded as being less perfect than the level it proceeded from, its brightness and perfection varying from its distance from the divine Source. In emanating these lower levels, the Source itself loses none of its perfection and is not diminished.”

So then, an “evolution of consciousness” is to find the way back to the “divine Source.” This is done by tapping into the unity of the “divine Source” through the demonic programming found within fractal spirituality. Fractal spirituality is speaking to this “reflection of the divine” within humanity, and by having a large group of people tapping into this “divine Source” and becoming a more perfect reflection, the “divine” will eventually manifest on earth.

This is speaking to the unified effort of that portion of humanity who are working, consciously or unconsciously, to come into agreement and bring about the manifestation of the final Antichrist and his kingdom.

Christians practicing the occult (either consciously or unconsciously) are using this same occult concept of “evolution of consciousness,” but are using Christian language to describe their efforts. The following are some of the terms and phrases they use:(27)

  • Advancement/Promotion
    • Also, graduation.
    • This advancement/promotion/graduation is related to “revelation.” In other words, as the individual learns more (has greater revelations) about the “mechanics of the supernatural” and how to engage in and operate out of the supernatural, they advance spiritually, or receive a promotion, or graduate into a higher level of learning.
    • Is also commonly used in the context of a spiritual promotion and a weapons upgrade, for the purpose of more advanced spiritual warfare.
  • Awakening
    • of gifts
    • of or in the spirit
    • of the senses
    • spiritual awakening
  • Building up the spirit man
  • Develop/developing
    • the human spirit
    • gifts or abilities
    • Used in the same context as occult teachings on “ascension, manifesting, developing, evolving/evolution,” especially regarding the “manifestation of the human spirit”
  • Manifestation
    • of the kingdom
    • of the sons of God
    • of the spirit
  • Understanding of the “deeper things of God”
    • Is referring to mysteries of Scripture in the occult sense, and supposed new revelation from God, that are actually old occult doctrines repackaged in a “Christian” box.

The attitude of many Christians who fall prey to occult doctrine boils down to the same attitude of the “Old versus New,” whereby the foundational teachings of Christianity are destroyed and replaced with occult doctrines.

  • Old: confession, repentance, and renunciation
    New: declaration, visualization, and manifestation
  • Old: crucifying the flesh
    New: building up the alleged “human spirit”
  • Old: conforming and submitting to the will of God by taking up the cross and following Jesus Christ (“Not my will, but Thy will be done.” Luke 22:42)
    New: rejection of the cross and of following Jesus Christ, by following their own will
  • Old: alignment with the standards of the Word of God and conforming to the nature of Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit
    New: through the deception of the “Spirit Man” theology, they are aligning with and giving control of themselves to a different spirit that is conforming them to the nature of that spirit
  • Old: living a life of humble service to the true God
    New: engaging in spiritual battles, building personal realms, talking to and commanding angels, et cetera

The “old” way is God-centered, the “new” way is man-centered.

How to Find Freedom

Finding freedom from the programming found within fractal spirituality that is hooking you up to the spirit of the antichrist sounds like it might be complicated, but it’s really not. If there is an interdependency between the parts, logic says: “Cut the connection!” If A can’t survive without B who can’t survive without A, then cut the connection, and both die.

In other words, cut yourself off from these “spirit parts,” close the doors, kick them out, don’t allow them access any longer. How? Through prayer to Creator God, the true God.

Since finding freedom applies not only to this chapter, “Spirit Man,” but also to the next chapter, “Shining Ones,” we have addressed this topic separately in Section Four, “Finding Freedom.”

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The “Spirit Man” theology is nothing more than “Spirit Man programming,” and it is based upon the idea behind fractals (what the authors are calling “fractal programming”), connecting the individual to the spirit of the antichrist. This fractal programming is facilitated through the Spirit Man doctrine (as well as other doctrines that teach fractal spirituality), and is being carried out by demons, who have been given control over a person’s mind, will, and emotions through such doctrines of demons. Fractal programming is used in two main ways:

  1. Fractal programming is used as one way to more securely connect people to the spirit of the antichrist and a false unity in preparation for the appearance of the final Antichrist.
  2. Fractal programming is also keeping the victims tied in a perpetual “logic-loop,” fostering an atmosphere of self-perpetuated delusion. Confusion and distraction are keeping them unable to logically think themselves out of the deception of this false unity, in particular by being unable to read Scripture with understanding and the inability to clearly hear the voice of the true God.

There is nothing wrong with purposefully and intentionally encouraging and blessing one another and speaking love and goodness and truth into someone’s life. However, in order to minister healing to the the whole person, it is not necessary, wise, or Biblically sound to split the spirit from the soul/body, divide the spirit into seven parts, and to encourage the so-called “human spirit” to take control of the individual. To do this is against Scripture, and is:

  1. creating a spiritual trauma;
  2. creating and promoting a type of dissociation for those who are not normally dissociative;
  3. promoting greater dissociation for those who are already dissociative;
  4. opening people up to demonic possession;
  5. connecting individuals to a New Age “Christ Consciousness” through the fractal spirituality found within this Spirit Man programming, which, in turn, is paving the way for the final antichrist to physically appear;
  6. creating an atmosphere of perpetual delusion that is infinitely multiplying itself through the fractal programming that is the foundation for the Spirit Man programming.

We are to be led by the Spirit of God, not controlled and led by our human spirit.

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II. Shining Ones

The actual Spirit Man theology as it was started early at the turn of the 21st century has not been around for very long. However, the basic occult ideas behind that theology have been around for a long time, and are foundational to the “Shining Ones” teaching, as well as other occult doctrines, because it is the spirit of the person that is believed to be a Shining One. The goal of the person themselves is to allow the Shining One spirit to take control, as with the Spirit Man teaching, until eventually, the physical manifestation of the Shining One spirit takes place.

The Basics

In charismatic circles, the “Shining Ones” isn’t commonly known of or spoken of by this name, and as of this writing, the doctrine is mostly taught and discussed within private settings. People who espouse this doctrine are usually very careful to not speak of it in public by this name, and may only make reference to a “manifestation of their spirit man.” Or they will characterize their “spirit man” as being very powerful, commanding, huge, fierce, or even war-like.

The Shining Ones doctrine is similar to the “little gods” teachings, such as Manifest Sons of God, Joel’s Army, and Joshua Generation. These doctrines are repackaged and renamed every so often to appeal to a newer generation, but the foundational beliefs are the same. There are a few significant differences, however, between Shining Ones and the other “little gods” teachings.


Like Manifest Sons and related beliefs, Shining Ones is fueled by Dominion Theology (born from the “Word of Faith” movement) that many Christians may be familiar with. Sometimes Dominion Theology is referenced using different terms, such as “Kingdom Government,” or the related, “Sheep Nations,” but the basic doctrinal beliefs are still the same.

For Further Research

  1. “The Manifest Sons of God teaching.” Article by Let us Reason Ministries — (highly recommended)
  2. “What is Manifest Sons of God Theology?” by Paul Fahy —
  3. “A Simple Critique of Dominionism” by Paul Fahy —
  4. “Is the Word of Faith movement Biblical?” Article by —
  5. “Are Christians Supposed to Take Dominion?” by Robert M. Bowman. Jr. —

While there are slight variations, Dominion Theology in its various forms, coupled with the little gods teachings, basically explains that the kingdom of God will manifest on earth even before the physical second coming of Jesus Christ, because of and through the works that the church does on earth. These combined doctrines propose that the church is commissioned to take over entire world structures — physical geographies, economic systems, political systems, education, media, et cetera — in order to redeem this physical realm and to make possible the second coming. In other words, Jesus Christ can’t or won’t come back until his “church” does what they are supposed to do. Although they are usually careful to not describe it in this way, and will be quick to take offense at anyone suggesting their theology is not sound, what they are essentially doing is shoving aside the work of the Holy Spirit and replacing it with human efforts (the so-called “work of the church”).

These theologies have laid the foundation for the Shining Ones doctrine, giving rise to yet another wave of charismatics who believe themselves to be on a mission from God to redeem the earth. Aside from taking over the different aspects of society and culture (political systems, education systems, media systems, et cetera), the so-called “Shining Ones” believe they accomplish this in large part through “spiritual warfare” waged through their “realms,” not only against demons, but against people who stand against their false doctrine and satanic agenda.


The main difference between Manifest Sons and Shining Ones, is that the Manifest Sons doctrine teaches that every Christian who goes through a type of spiritual evolution is one of these “little gods.” Charismatics may call this evolutionary process “levels of maturity,” or going from “glory to glory,” or advancing from the “milk to the meat,” or some other Christian-sounding term, but the teaching is exactly the same as occult teachings on the evolutionary process of the human consciousness.(28)

On the other hand, Shining Ones doctrine teaches that regular Christians — those who aren’t these supposed Shining Ones — have a normal human spirit, but the spirit of the Shining Ones is a special classification, akin to an angelic being. Some of them believe they are half-angel and half-human, or that they are an angel who is living in a human body, and that their Shining One spirit has wings. This is actually the equivalent of a walk-in, which will be explained later. Presumably, when their spirit manifests, they will have the appearance of an angel, wings and all.

Interestingly enough, no individual has yet been known to claim their Shining One spirit has eyeballs all over their spirit body, or multiple heads, as some angelic beings are described in the Bible.

At any rate, this specialness, of course, gives these special Shining Ones special abilities, special powers, and a special mission.

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More Details

As of this writing, the Shining Ones doctrine has been privately described within certain charismatic groups as follows:

  1. The Shining Ones are said to be a group of secret, elite, end-time warriors of God (99,999 individuals in total, although it isn’t clear if this number is static or is prone to fluctuations). They are meant to fight and destroy the “Illuminati” and the NWO, cleansing the world of evil, and creating an environment on earth that makes God’s Kingdom able to come down and dwell. They believe that the work of Jesus Christ gives them a special authority, and that God is waiting on them to realize this potential and to begin engaging this so-called authority, building what they consider to be the “kingdom of God” on earth. They commonly use the phrase “advancing the kingdom” or “building the kingdom” to describe their efforts to fulfill this mission, a feat that is accomplished mainly through building, advancing, expanding, and engaging their “personal realms.” If anyone points out that Scripture doesn’t support their “kingdom building,” they say that it’s “God’s good pleasure” to have them do the work instead of Himself.

  2. The Shining Ones are said to have been created special by God, before He created anything else. They say they were created “before the foundation of the earth,” and were built into God’s eternal plan since the beginning of time; that they have been, spiritually speaking, built into the foundational pillars that hold up the earth. According to their beliefs, God created the Shining Ones before anything else because they have been a “secret weapon hidden within the Father since before the beginning of time,” being protected so they can do their job during the end times, until they are revealed (manifested) at the completion of their mission, some time before Jesus Christ returns to earth.

  3. Charismatic teachers and advocates of the Shining Ones doctrine believe that this term originated from the “Illuminati,” who is said to use this description because “the spirit of these special individuals shines very brightly.” It is said that the “Illuminati” have known about this special, elite group since 1723 A.D., and have been keeping a close eye on them ever since.

  4. It is believed that before the second coming of Jesus, the Shining One spirit will eventually overtake the physical body of each of these special individuals, becoming manifest in the physical. They will become invincible, never seeing a physical death. This will be the culmination of their manifestation, and will be the result of the work they have done in “building or advancing the kingdom,” done most often through “spiritual warfare” that they wage mainly through their realms

    • An Ironic Note: some sects of charismatics like to visit and drape across the graves of certain big-name charismatic individuals, some of whom espoused the Manifest Sons doctrine, believing they would never see a physical death, either. This is an occult practice called “grave-soaking” or “grave-sucking.”

  5. Because of this mission to create an atmosphere that enables the kingdom of God to dwell on earth, the people who consider themselves to be Shining Ones will fight against people who they believe to be part of the “Illuminati,” and against people who they believe are hindering their mission, including Christians. They consider this to be a large part of their “spiritual warfare,” as well as fighting in the spirit realms alongside supposed angels. In fact, these Shining Ones feel they have so much spiritual power and authority, that angels wait around in anticipation of being commanded by these Shining Ones, anxious to do their bidding. Advocates connect this type of spiritual warfare as being something that is “building or advancing the kingdom of God on earth,” a teaching that brings in Dominion theology, as well. The thought is that the work the Shining Ones have done in building and manifesting the kingdom of God on earth will culminate in their final manifestation, and will usher in the second coming of Jesus.

Our Background

There are a few different ways that we, the authors, are familiar with the Shining Ones and related deceptions (in particular, realms) and why we are qualified to speak on this topic:

  1. We heard of the Shining Ones concept from the same “deliverance counselor/coach” that we both trusted at that time, because this man believed that we were one of these “Shining Ones.” Loren was given more information than Carolyn, and Carolyn wasn’t aware at the time that she was believed to be one of these “Shining Ones,” but we both heard of the teachings from the same individual.

  2. Because of her background in the charismatic movement, Loren had the understanding of the “Manifest Sons,” or, “little gods” teachings, that are very similar to the Shining Ones teachings.

  3. Because of the occult understanding and experience both of us have concerning “spiritual evolution,” we understand how this relates to the charismatic beliefs concerning Shining Ones and other “little gods” teachings.

    • This “spiritual evolution” is also referred to by both occultists and charismatics as manifestation, advancement, graduation, or development.

  4. The background both of us have had in the occult has also given us understanding on exactly what is happening through the principles on realms, teachings that go hand-in-hand with the Shining Ones doctrine.

  5. When we were still involved in the occult, both of us worked on one particular Satanic project that involved what Carolyn referred to then as “Light Beings,” because they were “bright and shining ones.” Loren’s interaction with these beings while working on this same project was different than Carolyn’s interaction, however, and Loren simply called them “angels.” Having had past involvement in this same specific project has given both of us distinct insight to understand exactly what Satan is trying to accomplish through the false, ungodly doctrines of Shining Ones and Realms.

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What’s Really Going On

“Shining Ones” is an occult concept that has been around for centuries, although charismatic advocates of this and similar teachings claim it’s “fresh, new revelation from God.”

The points detailed in the “Spirit Man” topic apply to the Shining Ones as well, including:

Astral Travel/Projection

Although they try to control the language(29) by calling it “traveling in the spirit” or “seeing in the spirit,” the Shining Ones teaching promotes astral travel/projection. This is an occult practice that requires demonic influence and assistance, and requires a literal form of dissociation. This is most evident in the fact that the “spirit” of the person who is supposed to be a “Shining One” will often engage in battles in the spirit realms outside of the body of the person; will interact with other people in the spirit realms, or interact with others in the physical realms through different forms of astral travel, including bilocation; and will be involved in dream insertion. There may be some who are simply delusional and not actually going anywhere at all (see the section in this book titled, “Promotes Delusion”), but for others, these activities and interactions are truly happening. Sometimes the person is instantly aware of these encounters and sometimes they are not aware of them until later. And sometimes they are not consciously aware at all, but will hear reports from other people telling them of such encounters, such as inserting themselves into dreams, or instances of bilocation.

At the least, this is symptomatic of dissociation, and is not healthy or wise. The deeper issue, however, is the fact that these are occult activities that they are practicing, and with that practice, they are becoming more skilled at these abilities.

Trauma and Upheaval

Because the Shining Ones teaching is based on the Spirit Man theology and similar teachings based on fractal spirituality, it is creating a spiritual trauma in all the same ways that have been outlined in the “Spirit Man” chapter. Although this Shining Ones teaching temporarily feeds the ego and pride (therefore, it “feels good” at the moment), it can also lead to insanity, nervous breakdowns, depression, suicidal ideation / suicide attempts, and/or triggered programming.

Reminder: “Good feelings” do not necessarily equal Biblically sound and spiritually safe. Often, “feel good” feelings will come as a result of being hooked up to a “spiritual I.V.” and being administered a “spiritual high” by the demonic entities that are controlling the individual and connecting them to the spirit of the antichrist. This concept has been covered in the section, “Common Effects (Fruit) of Practicing Witchcraft” and will be detailed further in the section “Withdrawals,“ as well as “Seat of Dominion.”


The Shining Ones teaching is creating and promoting dissociation in all the same ways that have been outlined in the “Spirit Man” section, but to emphasize this point, the person is often unaware of the things that their supposed “Shining One spirit” is doing separate from their body and consciousness. They are also training themselves to allow their so-called “spirit” to take control, to listen to the voice of that spirit, and to not be in control of their own mind, will, and emotions. This is a type of purposeful dissociation.

Reminder: The “spirit” is either a demonically controlled part of the person, or a demon itself. This has been talked about in the “Spirit Man” section titled “Demonic Possession.”

Demonic Possession

Just like with the Spirit Man teachings, the Shining Ones doctrine is opening people up to demonic possession. The person is giving their will (permission) to another — outside of their own conscious, sound mind — and allowing another entity to take full control of them. We will discuss this in a moment, in the section titled, “Channeling and Walk-ins.”

There are some important additional points to be made, however, regarding the Shining Ones.

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Point One — Illogical as to Being a Christian Theology

First, we, the authors, would like to say that pointing out the fallacy behind Shining Ones is in no way attempting to ridicule mind-control survivors who believe they are Shining Ones. Not only are we survivors of such trauma ourselves, but the co-author, Loren, was deceived for a short period of time regarding the Shining Ones theology, as well. So there is no finger-pointing or shaming coming from us. We are, however, pointing out the deception such people have come under in regards to this Shining Ones doctrine, and by doing such, we are hopeful that these people will begin to look seriously at this doctrine that they mistakenly believe to be truth from God.

Secondly, although we do not believe every part of this teaching is necessarily factual (for example, the number “99,999,” and the year “1723 A.D.”), the Shining Ones teaching is based on occult fact, and is not of the true God. It is actually part of Satan’s agenda to bring about his final Antichrist, and is part of a project that we, the authors, were a part of when we were both working alongside Satan’s hierarchy.

Those things aside for the moment, there are a few key points that simply don’t make sense in regard to this theology being passed off as a Christian theology.

1. According to the charismatic individuals who are privately teaching, promoting, and believing this doctrine, the “Illuminati” have known about these Shining Ones and are keeping tabs on them because they are a threat to them and their NWO (New World Order) plans. If this is true, then why don’t the Illuminati just get rid of these people, eliminating the threat before they fully manifest into their supposed glorified bodies?

Proponents of this teaching claim it is because “God” is protecting them. Which is an interesting claim, because at least a portion of the known self-proclaimed Shining Ones are people who have undergone trauma-based mind-control programming and satanic ritual abuse at the hands of people working for the very NWO groups they claim to be protected from, and the same NWO groups who are “keeping an eye on them.”

However, after studying the historic, occult understanding of Shining Ones, it is clear that NWO groups are doing nothing to hinder the Shining Ones, because the Shining Ones are not human at all. They are a satanic faction that is puppeting the deceived charismatic through this satanic doctrine in the same way that they are puppeting the elite group of “illumined ones.” These deceived charismatics are being used to further the same antichrist agenda that the various Illuminati/NWO groups are serving.

2. If charismatics who are believing and promoting this doctrine (perhaps not publicly yet, but certainly within their own inner circles) know this is an Illuminati term and an Illuminati doctrine by their own admission, then why have certain ones of them adopted it as being a Biblical doctrine and truth? In fact, there is no Biblical backing for this belief, but there is plenty of occult backing.

The answer to this, of course, is because there are certain conscious and unconscious occult infiltrators who are purposefully giving this “insider information” within particular charismatic groups. This deceit is perpetuated because it appeals to the ego of the individual, telling them, among other things, that they are part of this “special group of end-time warriors.”

Essentially, this “Shining Ones” doctrine is giving definition to an important question that much of humanity desires and seeks an answer to from a very early age: what is my identity and what is my purpose? In other words, “Who am I and why am I here?” People who have had a very traumatic life — and as a result are dissociative to one degree or another — are particularly susceptible to being deceived by this false doctrine, because of the deep-rooted belief that they are worthless; that they have no identity or purpose in life. Therefore, when someone comes along and tells them that they are special and worth more than other “normal humans,” this instantly strokes their ego, giving them a purpose for their life and a reason for the suffering they have endured.

The truth, however, is that our identity is found when we begin building and nurturing a relationship with our Heavenly Father, and He gives us our purpose. Our identity is not found in purposes that are false and have no Biblical foundation, such as the Shining Ones.

3. This doctrine makes the Shining Ones seem more like comic-book heroes, than the special human spirits they claim to be. If we are to believe what they say is true, then the entire planet should be eradicated of evil within a very short time frame. In fact, why are we waiting for Jesus to return and set things right, since they say God has them — His supposed group of “secret, elite, end-time warriors” — to do all the work for Him? Why do we need the work of the Holy Spirit if we have the work of the Shining Ones?

As with similar teachings, such as Manifest Sons of God, the Shining Ones theology is attempting to replace the work of Jesus Christ to redeem us back to God, and the work of the Holy Spirit to transform the hearts and minds of the children of God, with the works that they do to supposedly prepare the world (redeem the world)for receiving the kingdom. They are attempting to replace the work of Jesus Christ Who has destroyed the works of the enemy, with the works they do to supposedly destroy the works of the enemy. In fact, they flat-out believe they will manifest the kingdom of God on earth before Jesus Christ returns, which is absolutely unbiblical.

4. And what about the “half-angel/half-human” claims? From a Biblical point of view, the only half-human/half-angels mentioned in the Bible were the giants (known historically and Biblically as “Nephilim”), and they were an abomination to God.

Furthermore, there seems to be Biblical evidence to point to the fact that demons (not the fallen angels, but the demons) are the spirits of these half-angel/half-human hybrids. Some disagree with this, and we aren’t going to argue the point one way or the other. The point we are trying to make, however, is that if it’s true that the spirit of a half-angel/half-human is a demon, then why would anyone who calls themselves Christian actually want to be a demon?

And, assuming the Shining Ones are half-angel/half-human, who knows but that maybe there are people walking around who are one of these occult “Shining Ones”? (We aren’t saying there are. We are saying: “What if there are?”)

But we, the authors, do not believe the Shining Ones are the demonic spirits of half-angel/half-human hybrid beings who are walking around on earth, as will be explained shortly.

Any way you look at it, these things don’t make sense… until you realize why this doctrine has been passed down for generations now under various names (“Manifest Sons of God” being one within charismatic circles) and what this doctrine has now morphed into.

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Point Two — References to Occult Parallels

The term “Shining Ones” is a reference to not only the specialness this group of people claim to have from God, but it is also a reference to a type of “illumination and enlightenment” as they seek to obtain a “spiritual evolution” that will enable their spirits to manifest in the physical and overtake their physical bodies. This is a theme that is common in occult studies.

Even more alarming, some research indicates that the “Shining Ones” are, in fact, a reference to the fallen angels themselves, sometimes called “Watchers.” We will explore our experiences and opinion concerning this line of thought in a moment, but rather than detail different occult teachings on “Shining Ones,” we offer a few links for you to go research for yourself. We have listed three search engine results, as well as several pages we pulled from these search engine results. Follow links and read at your own risk. We do not guarantee any of these link to be secure, and some of the information may be triggering to survivors.

Please Note: None of the material below comes, in our opinion, from Biblically-sound individuals or viewpoints, and this list is not offered as material that we recommend you read and study. We are simply giving these resources to prove that this “Shining Ones” idea is blatantly occult. As per our disclaimer, by leaving the list of these material here in this book, we, the authors, are in no way giving our endorsement of the directors, creators, authors, and/or contributors of the respective books or websites and all of their expressed viewpoints. We encourage you to line up everything that you read with the Word of God, reading Scripture in context and with understanding, and to make a relationship with your Heavenly Father your highest priority.

Search Engine Results

Books and Articles

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Point Three — In Preparation for Receiving the Final Antichrist

This false doctrine has been passed down for many generations because it is one way the path for the Antichrist is being prepared through the charismatic movement.

Here is another review of the ultimate goal of the infiltrators that are working Satan’s plan, even within Christian churches:

The ultimate goal is to train people, through occult doctrines and techniques, to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness” (among other phrases), thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ (the final Antichrist) to appear.

Teachings that are remarkably similar to the Shining Ones (different in name only, because foundationally, the teaching is exactly the same) are common among various occult groups, including Lucis Trust, the occult organization the co-author, Carolyn Hamlett, was connected with. These teachings center around preparing the world for the coming of “the Christ” (the final Antichrist), by certain chosen individuals evolving into a “Christ Consciousness” through the work they do on earth (both in the natural and in the supernatural), reaching their full manifestation, thereby creating an atmosphere that is conducive for him to appear.

This is nearly identical to what the teachings are with the Shining Ones doctrine, except charismatics use Christian language: they believe they are certain chosen individuals who are God’s warriors for a special “end-time work,” and through the work they do on earth, both in the natural and in the supernatural, to manifest or build “the kingdom,” they will not only reach the full manifestation of their special “Shining One” spirits, but also create an atmosphere that is conducive for the second coming of Christ.

This is exactly what occultists have been teaching for generations! This is not “new end-time revelation” as charismatics claim, but ancient occult teaching that originates from Satan. It is a satanic deception that has infiltrated the Christian church specifically through the charismatic movement, promoted by certain infiltrators who are demonically influenced and controlled.

The main reason for promoting this and similar “little gods” doctrines in charismatic circles is to train certain individuals to be used as vehicles for very powerful demonic forces, facilitating the expansion of Satan’s kingdom and paving the way for the final Antichrist.

This training involves the following:

1. The demonic and occult infiltrators in the physical and in the astral, working side-by-side, get the charismatics hooked on the spiritual high they receive by being plugged into the “Christ Consciousness,” and teaching them, through the positive and negative reinforcement of giving or withholding the spiritual drug, on how to follow the bidding of the demonic.

One way people are plugged into this Christ Consciousness is through the fractal programming of fractal spirituality that is present in the Spirit Man theology and similar teachings. The fractal programming is being carried out by demons when people open themselves up to possession by a Shining One.


  • A “Christ Consciousness” is a unity and agreement with Satan’s agenda and with the spirit of the antichrist.

  • To review about the “spiritual drug,” see the sections in this book titled, “Common Effects (Fruit) of Practicing Witchcraft” and “Withdrawals.” This concept is also detailed later in the section titled “Seat of Dominion.”

⇒ Importance: this training is important because the charismatic will not understand their occult activity is a negative thing and against God, because the demonically-engineered spiritual highs cause them to “feel good.”

2. Similarly, the training also involves appealing to the desire for supernatural experiences and manifestations (lying signs and wonders) that has been carefully cultivated within the charismatic movement for many years now.

Those who believe themselves to be a Shining One often have spiritual experiences and manifestations that they see as positive, because they artificially boost their ego and are pleasing to the senses. The lying signs and wonders contribute to their “spiritual high,” thus encouraging them to continue in their deception.

However, many of the manifestations and experiences are negative, and are a direct result of them involving themselves in witchcraft.(30) But they are encouraged to pass off the negative as being a “normal” part of their so-called spiritual warfare, and they usually intensify their efforts to have the spiritual experiences and manifestations.

⇒ Importance: this part of training is important because the individual will rarely recognize that what they consider to be the positive things they are seeing and feeling are actually occult, because it is something that is undeniably real. However, since the signs and wonders are not truth that is coming from the true God, and are, in fact, being provided by the demonic — as well as human infiltrators in the astral — they are false. Furthermore, rather than repent and turn to the Heavenly Father for the solution, the negative signs and wonders push them into further witchcraft as they attempt to get rid of the negative consequences of their actions by their human efforts.

3. In like fashion, occult infiltrators and the demonic train individuals by appealing to the gift-centered mentality that has been carefully cultivated within the charismatic movement for many years now.

Those who erroneously believe themselves to be Shining Ones often display many demonic gifts. These manifestations of gifts give them a spiritual high, and appeal to a sense of power, and control, and to their ego. This encourages them to continue in their deception.

⇒ Importance: as with appealing to experiences and manifestations, the display of gifts and the increase of supernatural abilities is undeniably real; therefore, the individual will not understand that their gifts are given by Satan and not authored by God. They will continue to seek after gifts and continue to work at strengthening those gifts. This causes them to lose focus on their Heavenly Father, and they will drift further and further away from Him, without even realizing it.

4. The infiltrators and demons incite and cultivate an atmosphere of delusion through the deception of the Shining Ones, leading the individual away from sound Biblical doctrine and away from a relationship with the true God.

This deception is being infinitely multiplied and perpetuated through the fractal programming found within the fractal spirituality these teachings are based upon. Over time, if that deception is left unchecked and unrepented, it causes deceived people to fall into delusion.

It’s important to note that anyone is capable of being deceived (believing a lie). However, when we refuse to love the truth, we continue to live in deception, and eventually we fall into delusion. This point is made clear in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12.

⇒ Importance: this is an important part of training because when people fall into delusion, they can not see where they are wrong. Instead, they will live in a state of perpetual deception, misinterpreting and misapplying God’s written Word and twisting it to justify their occult actions and words. There is a refusal to repent and turn back to God, because they don’t see where they have anything to repent of, therefore they continue down a path of sin and delusion — a path that will eventually lead to their destruction.

5. The individual is given a new identity and purpose that is not related to a direct relationship with God, but an identity and purpose that is focused on falsely believing themselves to be Shining Ones.

Because they believe themselves to be Shining Ones, their focus is not on seeking a relationship with the Heavenly Father. Instead, their focus is on seeking and developing their special powers, on spiritual warfare, and on spiritual manifestations and experiences, through which they hope to come to a complete and full physical manifestation of their supposed Shining-One spirit.

⇒ Importance: purpose and identity are two very powerful, motivating factors for humans, especially when it is coupled with the tangible reality of false Satanic gifts, and mixed with the spiritual high obtained from manifestations and experiences. Therefore, the charismatics who are being trained to be used as vehicles for powerful demonic forces are more likely to hold onto the false identity and purpose that is giving them tangible results in the present. They are so blinded by the emotion and by the tangible results, that they don’t usually realize those things are temporary. It’s much easier — and temporarily satisfying — to hold onto a Satanic purpose and identity, than it is to hold on to the promises of God that are eternal, and an identity that requires them to take up their cross and follow the example of Jesus Christ, desiring God’s will over and above all else. This is particularly true when the individual has fallen into delusion and isn’t aware that they are holding onto a Satanic identity and purpose.

6. The individual is trained to have a warrior mentality that appeals to their ego (self-centered, not God-centered), creating a sense of power, control and authority.

The Shining Ones teaching is a doctrine that is largely based on this warrior spirit, because they have been led to believe (lied to by demons and fallen angels) that one of their main purposes is to battle the Illuminati and the NWO. This will be explained further down in this chapter, but the reason they have been led to believe this is because the fallen angels are warriors.

⇒ Importance: by carefully cultivating the same warrior mentality and attitude of the fallen within these particular humans, and getting them used to how this warring spirit feels, the fallen are preparing particular humans to unquestionably accept and receive this warring spirit from the fallen as being something that is authored by God. Any and all negative personality traits that begin to manifest through the individual — such as coldness, selfishness, a lack of mercy, unforgiveness, arrogance, short-temperedness, et cetera — is mistaken as simply being a “warrior attitude” that is authored by God.

7. The individual is guided into hearing and being led by the demonic.

Within the Shining Ones doctrine, this is being accomplished by tricking them into believing they are being led by their own “Shining One” spirit.

⇒ Importance: through trickery and deception, the fallen are able to control the human into doing and saying what they want them to do or say, because the individual falsely believes they are hearing from God. Or, believes they are hearing and being led by their own spirit, who is supposedly being “led by God.”

8. The individual is guided into accepting demonic possession, channeling, or walk-ins as something that feels normal and is of God.

Within the Shining Ones doctrine, this is being accomplished because they falsely believe the “Shining One” is their own human spirit.

⇒ Importance: this causes the individual to never consider any negativity resulting from the possession, channeling, or walk-in situation — any subtraction or transference they experience — as being a result of their involvement in the occult. Rather, they see subtraction or transference as a normal part of “spiritual warfare,” which drives them to seek deeper occult activities to find relief.

9. The individual is guided into becoming accustomed to another entity controlling them.

Because they have been led to believe the “Shining One” is their human spirit, and because they believe they are to allow this “spirit” to have full control of them, they are purposefully allowing this entity to take control of their mind, will, and emotions, with the intent that the entity will eventually take over their physical body as they come into their supposed “full manifestation.”

⇒ Importance: it is at this final stage that the individual then becomes a perfect vehicle for the fallen to use, and the demonic, including the fallen, are able to completely and totally control them, having gained their complete acceptance and permission to do so. The individual is then used in a greater way to spread demonic teachings and to bring deception to the general masses of charismatics, encouraging others to open their hearts and minds to be invaded by the demonic, bringing them into alignment and agreement with the spirit of the antichrist, as well.

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Point Four — Channeling and Walk-ins

As with the Spirit Man theology, the deception is that the Shining One is the spirit of the person. The truth, however, is that the so-called “spirit” of the person (either a demonically controlled part of the person or a demon itself) is operating as a gatekeeper, opening the gateways to the spiritual space within the individual, so the “Shining One” can have access and take control.

Ultimately, the manifestation of the so-called Shining One spirit the charismatics speak of, is describing a particular type of spiritual evolution that occultists speak of, whereby their physical body is transformed by the spiritual development they attain. This particular type of spiritual evolution is related to “Ascended Masters” and other so-called “highly evolved and developed entities” who are channeled through certain chosen individuals, or who manifest as walk-ins.

Question: So what are the Shining Ones, if they aren’t the special spirit of certain special individuals?

Answer: Based on the experiences we, the authors, have had with fallen angels — those who call themselves the so-called “Ascended Masters” as well as the ones who disguise themselves as God’s angels — and based upon our personal experiences with people who claim or have claimed to be or to have this “Shining One spirit,” and with consideration to what occultists have historically believed regarding Shining Ones, it is our belief that the Shining Ones are just another name for the fallen angels. It is possible that in some cases they can also be very high-ranking demons, but we believe them to be the fallen. Either way, they are demonic entities that are being channeled through certain people, or are using the body of those certain individuals as a walk-in.



When a person is channeling, it is for the purpose of receiving a message from “the spirits,” usually with the intent to share the message with others. Most people have heard of channeling in reference to mediums or spiritualists contacting and speaking to the spirits of so-called deceased humans (such as what is believed to be a dead relative). This is necromancy, and the Bible tells us that God forbids it.

However, sometimes fallen angels are channeled, using various titles such as Ascended Masters, Cosmic Teachers, Galactic Masters, Archangels, and others, and this is something occultists have been doing for generations now. No matter who or what is being channeled, it involves the individual giving complete control of their mind to that spiritual entity in order for the message to be channeled through. These channeled messages can come through a process known as “automatic writing,” or by the individual verbally giving utterance to the messages they are receiving.

This is exactly what the Spirit Man theology is teaching: to give control of the mind, will, and emotions over to the “human” spirit. But as we have detailed in the chapter on the spirit man (see: Not Biblical, and Demonic Possession), they are opening themselves to demonic control and possession, and it is not their human spirit who is taking control, but a demon or a demonically controlled part of them. In the case with the Shining Ones, the demon who is masquerading as the “human spirit,” or the part of the person who is being demonically controlled, is allowing this open access for the fallen angels to be channeled.

One example of the fallen who are being given free-reign through this channeling (although, in some cases, it could be a walk-in situation, described below) are the instances where charismatic preachers or teachers have admitted that they turn over the service or meeting to the direction of their so-called “special angel,” or whatever “angel” happens to show up. What they are actually doing is giving control of the service or meeting to a demonic entity. They may have been deceived and do not realize they are giving control to a fallen angel, but the result is still the same. The bigger problem, however, is that they have no discernment — no ability to judge properly — and they can not judge properly because they have no love for the truth.

Discernment begins with a love for the truth, and it is demonstrated by aligning everything with the written Word of God that has been interpreted properly within context. If something does not line up with His Word, it needs to be tossed out. This is how proper discernment is developed: not by doctrines of men that we mindlessly regurgitate, but by the proper study of Scripture, and by properly applying God’s truth to our own lives.


This is a more rare occurrence than channeling, and while it is fundamentally similar to demon possession, it is more rare, occurring particularly with what some esoterics call “highly advanced, evolved, enlightened beings.” They are also referred to as “Ascended Masters” or other such titles. However, those who know the truth will recognize them not for the glamour they radiate, but for what they truly are: fallen angels.

  • Glamour is one word used to describe a false appearance and a powerful magnetic energy that an individual or entity places around themselves to manipulate and influence, tampering with the perception of others. Their victims are drawn in by that magnetic force, and manipulated to believe the individual or entity is something that it is not. Demons can use a glamour to appear to look and be something they are not, and people can be trained to use a glamour as well, but these glamours are not as powerful as the glamour that comes from the fallen ones. People who do not have a love for the truth (therefore, no discernment) will be taken in and easily fooled by this glamour. The fallen angels are arrogant, bloodthirsty, and very selfish. However, their glamour will recreate their essence to be light, beauty and an encompassing love. Their glamour can radiate a physical beauty, but more importantly, it is an emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual beauty. Those who are being drawn in by their glamour will become mesmerized and overwhelmingly feel as if the fallen will meet their every need and complete them: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually.

In a walk-in situation, a fallen angel will use a certain chosen individual as a walk-in, using their body as if it were their own. Usually the individual will have given explicit permission (their clear, verbal agreement) for the fallen angel to manifest through them. In other situations, the individual, by purposefully opening themselves up to the demonic, leaves themselves open to being used by the fallen. This purposeful opening of themselves to the demonic may be done out of ignorance, but it is still done purposely, and acts as an implicit permission (an understood agreement) for the fallen angel to manifest through them and to use their body as if it were their own.

When people open themselves up to the “Shining One” doctrine, they are giving their authorization to allow this walk-in to take place.

When a walk-in occurs, two things can happen:

  1. The spirit/soul of the person will be completely taken out of their body and their body will be used as a vehicle for the fallen angel. The essence of the person may be taken to a seemingly benign place within another dimension (some may view this place as being “heaven” or a “heavenly place”), or they may be taken to a place of torment. Either way, they have become a slave and are working to advance Satan’s plans in one way or another.

  2. Or, the spirit/soul of the person will be pushed down and held captive inside the person, and their body will be used as a vehicle for the fallen angel, with the individual being unable to control what is said or done. Sometimes the individual has partial consciousness and limited control of their own body and mental faculties for restricted periods time.

Sometimes the physical body will begin to drastically change appearance, but not always. Any changes that do occur are most often implemented over a longer period of time, so as to not attract too much attention. Physical changes can include an increase in height and muscle tone, and changes in bone structure, eye color, and hair color. A walk-in will last as long as the fallen angel desires or needs, and can last until the physical body of the person dies.

More often, however, personality changes are more evident than physical changes, and they will begin to take on the character of the fallen: cold, selfish to the point of displaying or magnifying narcissistic attitudes and behaviors, manipulative, arrogant, short-tempered, violent, and warlike. However, they aren’t likely to always display these negative character traits to the general public. The negative character traits that are displayed are often overlooked by the majority of people who have been mesmerized by their charisma, which can be considered a type of glamour.

  • Interesting to Note

    Some occultists believe that Jesus was “a Christ” (a word that means “anointed or chosen one,” and is descriptive of an office) who gave up his physical body to host an avatar, in the same way they say that Buddha was “a Christ” and gave his body to be used by an avatar. An “avatar” is the term for a very high ranking, so-called highly evolved entity (in truth, it is a high-ranking fallen angel). Some occultists believe and teach that an avatar comes as a great teacher approximately every 2000 years to show humanity the way and to help them spiritually progress/evolve. It is taught that when Jesus was baptized, the avatar entered him like a dove. The avatar stayed for the 3½ years of ministry and left Jesus the night at Gethsemane, although some believe the avatar did not completely leave until Jesus was on the cross, causing him to cry out “Why have you forsaken me?” They also teach that Jesus earned his mastership and title “master Jesus” (a low-ranking “Ascended Master”) from allowing his body to be used by the avatar, and in this way, he achieved a physical evolution (manifestation) and advancement through the spiritual evolution and advancement he went through.

    The process of this “spiritual evolution” is comparable to what charismatics believe about the physical manifestation of their “Shining One” spirit that comes about through their spiritual evolution. The language charismatics use to describe this evolutionary process often includes words such as:

  • A manifestation of their spirit man
  • Developing their spirit man
  • Advancing
  • Getting a promotion
  • Graduating

    This language is often used in the context of spiritual understanding, spiritual authority, and displays of gifts and power. For instance, they will say they have advanced from, graduated from, or are being promoted from one level of understanding to another. Or, they will say they have advanced from lesser levels of authority to greater or more powerful levels of authority. A slightly different but related way they will use this language is to say that they have developed and become more advanced in their gifts and abilities (occult gifts and abilities, such as: astral traveling, dream insertion, occult seer abilities, necromancy, telepathic abilities, etc). This is a slightly different application, but is nevertheless related to the development of their so-called “spirit man” or “Shining One spirit.”

Bottom Line: The Shining Ones certainly aren’t a human spirit, and neither are they a spirit that is being controlled by the true God. They are fallen angels who are using and controlling certain individuals, channeling through them, and in some cases using them as a walk-in to one degree or another. They use different groups of people, from various cultures and religious backgrounds, and Christians are not immune to being used in this way, either. There are most certainly many different false doctrines and ungodly beliefs that are causing Christians to be susceptible to being deceived by the fallen ones, but the occult deception of the so-called “Shining-One Spirit Man” doctrine that some charismatics have fallen prey to, is one such avenue that is opening the doors for the fallen to use and control them in ways that have never been seen before.

The Purpose

Question: Why do fallen angels need to channel through people or use them as a walk-in? What purpose does this serve?

Answer: There are many different reasons why fallen angels channel through people and use them as walk-ins, but generally speaking, the main purpose is to expand Satan’s kingdom — in other words, to expand his influence on the hearts and minds of mankind.

The means by which they do this is through deception, and the way they achieve this deception is by gaining acceptance by the larger majority. The specifics on how this acceptance is accomplished depends upon the culture and religious environment of the area they are trying to infiltrate and deceive, and so they always use particular chosen individuals to help them gain acceptance by the larger majority. Christians are not immune to being used in this way.

Before we get into more detail, let’s briefly look at these two main components.

1. Building and Advancing Satan’s Kingdom

The fallen angels advance Satan’s kingdom through the decree of the individual they are channeling through or using as a walk-in. Within the charismatic movement, this is most often done through “spiritual warfare,” such as the warfare that is driving the Shining Ones doctrine. The conscious charismatic infiltrator is intentionally and deliberately allowing themselves to be used by the fallen to advance Satan’s territory, but very often people are doing this unconsciously. They don’t realize the spiritual being that is influencing them is not of God, because they erroneously believe the Shining One is their own human spirit. And they are under the deception that their “spiritual warfare,” particularly in regards to realms, is advancing the kingdom of God, not realizing they are being used by Satan to build and advance his kingdom.

2. Deceiving by Gaining Acceptance

The fallen angels do not have a need or a desire to inhabit a human body in the same way demons do, and they are selective in who they use, unlike demons. However, certain fallen angels do use humans as walk-ins, as described above, while others have physical bodies created for them for a specific purpose.

So while the fallen are able to appear in the physical realms — without the aid of a human or physical body — and interact with the physical world, and have done so if only for short periods of time, this is not common. The reason for this is because if they were to suddenly begin frequently manifesting in the physical realms in this way to random groups of people, even while using their glamour, the likelihood of them being widely accepted is small.

At least, at this point in time.

For one thing, the shock would be too great for many people to handle. Secondly, religious and cultural beliefs within larger groups would be varied, and not all would accept their message — or their visitation — in the same way. For instance, some would be confused and not understand; others would be scared and run away (or faint from fright); some would not believe and think it was an elaborate government hoax; others might believe it to be an “alien” invasion and would either embrace them as aliens or go on what would be a useless attack. So, even though their goal is to eventually manifest freely by gaining acceptance from a large majority of people, including Christians, a more stable and predictable gradual acceptance has always been Satan’s step to achieving this goal, and this gradual acceptance is all in preparation for the final Antichrist to eventually manifest.

Therefore, rather than forcing a sudden appearance on the general masses, they have progressively gained this acceptance throughout the centuries by carefully choosing certain people within particular groups that open themselves to their influence and are willing to be used by them. Often times (but not always), they use their glamour to hide their true appearance and intentions, so people are deceived into believing the fallen are something they are not. Those chosen individuals then take the spiritual experiences they have had with the fallen, and the messages the fallen have channeled through them, and share with others inside their circle of influence. In this manner, more people begin to embrace the idea of coming into agreement with fallen angels, and begin to consciously and willingly accept their influence for themselves.

Certain charismatics fall prey to this plan because they have been groomed through doctrines of demons to be a vehicle for the fallen, a concept we detailed in point three of this chapter. And because of demonic doctrines such as the “Shining Ones,” these individuals have been deceived into thinking the fallen angels are something that are of God, such as their so-called “special shining-one human spirit.” They then influence like-minded charismatics to embrace the fallen angels, bringing them into alignment and agreement with the spirit of the antichrist, carrying out and fulfilling Satan’s end-time plan. In this way, the fallen gain wide acceptance within Christian circles and are able to influence and use them. This is part of the plan for Satan to use the charismatic movement to deceive Christians — a plan both of us, the authors, were involved in before God, by His grace, delivered us from the occult and from occult practices.

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Point Five — Realms

As stated above, the main purpose for the fallen to channel through people or use them as walk-ins, is to expand Satan’s kingdom — in other words, to expand his influence on the hearts and minds of mankind.

Charismatics who have fallen for the deception of the “spirit man” theology, and particularly those who believe themselves to be a “Shining One,” believe they are “building, advancing, and expanding the Kingdom of God” through their doctrine on realms. However, they have been deceived and are working for the kingdom of Satan, advancing and expanding not the Kingdom of God, but the kingdom of Satan.

Before we get into details, let’s look at a couple of definitions.(31)

Realm: kingdom; sphere, domain; the region, sphere, or domain within which anything occurs, prevails, or dominates.

Kingdom: a politically organized community or major territorial unit having a monarchical form of government headed by a king or queen; the domain over which the spiritual sovereignty of God or Christ extends, whether in heaven or on earth.

It is interesting that even the dictionary references a spiritual kingdom, although many Christians would see this as a reference to Creator God’s Kingdom, or the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Son of God. However, many esoterics would interpret this to be the kingdom of “the Christ,” what Christians would recognize as an antichrist.

The Bible speaks of two different spiritual kingdoms, however: Satan’s kingdom, and the Kingdom of God. Most Christians are familiar with the many references to God’s Kingdom, but Satan’s kingdom is also referenced throughout the Bible, including in the following verses:

Colossians 1:13 — “For he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son.” (NLT)

Ephesians 6:12 — “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (KJV)

Ephesians 2:1-2 — “As for you, you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you used to walk when you conformed to the ways of this world and of the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit who is now at work in the sons of disobedience.” (BSB)

John 12:31 — “Now judgment is upon this world; now the prince of this world will be cast out.” (BSB)

Matthew 12:26 — “If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?” (BSB)

We will speak to the unbiblical doctrine of “kingdom building” in a moment, and the charismatic teachings on realms will be expanded on, but for now we will go over some of the basics of what some charismatic occultists say a realm is, and how “realms” are being used in the Shining Ones doctrine.

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Exoteric Meanings versus Esoteric Meanings

There are two understandings on what a realm means within some charismatic circles, specifically in regards to Shining Ones: an outside understanding (exoteric) that the average, casual listener comprehends, and an inside understanding (esoteric) that is grasped by a few.

For example, if a charismatic preacher comes to you and says, “I proclaim my realm to overtake you,” the average reaction might be, “Huh? What is this fruitcake talking about?” But if the same person says, “I proclaim the realms of heaven to overtake you,” the general reaction (at least, within many charismatic groups) would likely be to tolerate this as being something that is acceptable and Biblical, regardless of any actual Bible study on the subject to see if it is, in fact, Scriptural. But concerning the particular charismatic teachings on realms that we are addressing in this book, the two statements — “my realm” and “realms of heaven” — actually mean the same thing to these occultists, and are being applied in the same way, and perhaps not everyone would understand this.

So in this section, we will attempt to share with you, the reader, what the true meanings and teachings are behind the charismatic occult teachings on “realms,” especially with respect to the Shining Ones beliefs, irrespective of how the subject is being publicly treated.

Interesting to Note

Some charismatic teachers and “deliverance counselors” are teaching on realms and applying those teachings in sermons and in “deliverance counseling” sessions with clients, in spite of openly admitting they haven’t been able to “work out their theology on it yet.” In other words, they can’t prove it Biblically, although they try, but yet they still apply teachings on realms and use it in their counseling sessions with clients, because they believe it to be true. Where is the discernment?

Exoteric (Common) Meanings of “Realm”

The common meanings and understanding of the word “realm” are as follows:

  1. Realms are descriptive of a place in the physical or in the spiritual.
  2. Realms are commonly used to describe the non-physical space that houses the energy surrounding a person, as well as the influence and authority they have because of that energy, such as “realm of influence” or “realm of authority.”
    • The word “realm” can also be replaced with “sphere,” so the phrases might be “sphere of influence,” “sphere of authority,” et cetera. Sometimes the word “dimension” is used in place of realm.
  3. The word “realm” is commonly used by charismatics to refer to the Kingdom of God, and is used to describe heavenly places.

Esoteric (Hidden) Meanings of “Realm”

Within the fractal spirituality of the Shining Ones teachings, a realm is further defined as follows:

  1. Realms are the spiritual substance that constitutes a spirit. In other words, they teach that while the physical body houses the physical things — muscles, bones, organs, etc. — inside a spirit are realms. So sometimes the terms “realm” and “spirit” are used interchangeably, because they say a realm is a place within a spirit.
  2. Realms are the sphere of influence and authority that their spirit has.
  3. Realms are heavenly places found within their spirit that are ruled by their spirit.

As you may have noticed, the esoteric definitions are parallel to the common understanding of what realms are, except they are applying the definitions to their “spirit man.” So because the “spirit man theology” has been proven to not be Biblical at all, we can immediately dismiss realms as it applies to the spirit man as being a false doctrine. However, we will still dive right into this teaching on realms so we can understand the dangers of it, and how to warn others to stay away.

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The Basics

Advocates and teachers of the doctrine on realms will publicly teach about these esoteric aspects of realms in a surface way, but it’s not always clear what, exactly, is involved, and it certainly isn’t clear what is actually and truly happening when they are engaging with their realms. And when teaching on realms, they will do the same thing the occultist does, and pull in a little bit of truth into their web of lies. They build this false doctrine slowly and incrementally, step-by-step, in the same way occultists lure people into believing and following after their false doctrines. The individual being taught this doctrine on realms may not realize, at first, that the teachings are occult, and by the time the occult teachings should be obvious, they don’t recognize the deception, because by then it sounds reasonable to them. So in order to understand how the term “realm” is being used by certain charismatics, you have to understand the basics of this teaching, because it is foundational for some of the ungodly activities they engage in, including so-called spiritual warfare, courtrooms of heaven, dream insertion, and so-called spirit travel.

The next section of this chapter will deal more with the last two esoteric definitions of realms. But for now, we will focus on the first meaning they have of a realm: the spiritual substance that constitutes a spirit.(32)

1. They start off with verses such as Ephesians 2:6 — “And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus” (BSB).

They tell people that this is one verse that speaks to the nature of our spirit as being both multidimensional (having more than one plane of existence) and transdimensional (able to move through multiple planes of existence).

In other words, they are saying that even though our physical bodies are living on earth, our spirit is not only in our body, but in heaven with Christ. And because they say our spirit is meant to exist transdimensionally (like God), they believe the human spirit can also be present in multiple places at once, in this 3rd dimension and in other dimensions and realms.

Important to Note: the way they speak of “the spirit man,” they are mixing the words “multidimensional” and “transdimensional,” and treating them as if to say that the human spirit “exists in and is able to move through multiple planes of existence simultaneously.” This is actually more similar to the definition of “omnipresent,” an attribute Biblically and historically bestowed upon God, not mankind.

2. They then explain that the transdimensional nature of our spirit manifests in “realms.”

In order to try to prove this point, they pull in Revelation 6:8, Matthew 10:28, and Revelation 20:13-14. They say that in these scriptures, the use of pronouns shows that Death and Hades/Hell is literally described as not only a place (realm), but also as a person (not necessarily a human person, but certainly a sentient entity). In other words, since Death is referred to as “him,” they say this means that Death is not just an event, but a sentient being, because only living beings are referred to as “him.”

● Revelation 6:8 — “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” (KJV)

● Matthew 10:28 — “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (NASB)

● Revelation 20:13-14 — “The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death.” (KJV)

Then they pull in Isaiah 28:15 — “Because you have said, ‘We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have an agreement, when the overwhelming whip passes through it will not come to us, for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood we have taken shelter’” (ESV)

They say that since it’s impossible to make a covenant with an event (such as death), then this scripture is saying that death is not only an event, but a person (sentient being). The conclusion is then drawn that since the Bible supposedly describes Death and Hell as being both realms (places) and living entities, then humans, too, must be both people and realms. Therefore, they say that spirits function as realms.

Another verse they bring into the conversation to “prove” their point on realms is Revelation 3:20: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me.” (BSB)

They claim this is speaking to realms, as well, and is describing the process by which we open the doorways (gateways) of our realm (spirit) and allow Christ to come into our realm (spirit) and influence us. They also claim “realms” explains how we can be “in Christ” and Christ can be “in us” — Jesus is a “realm” that we inhabit, and our spirit is a “realm” that He inhabits. The spirit/realm of Jesus is inside our realm/spirit, and our spirit/realm is inside His realm/spirit, because they say that spirits are designed to function as realms.

3. So their final conclusion is that since a realm is a place that can be inhabited by people, and since a spirit can be inhabited by other people, such as Jesus (or, perhaps more accurately, a spirit can be inhabited by the spirits of other people), then a spirit is also a place. So since a spirit is a place and a realm is a place, then a spirit and a realm are the same thing.

This “if-then” statement could be expressed as something like this:

● If realms = places; and if spirits = places; then spirits = realms.

However, they generally simply describe the spirit of a person as being something that functions as a realm, in that it can be inhabited, expanded, and ruled.

If you are confused, don’t worry. Welcome to “Fractal Spirituality 101.” Fractal spirituality is almost always confusing, which is why many just blindly accept it without really understanding exactly what it is they are getting themselves into. The circular reasoning often makes it sound reasonable and correct, especially when they pepper their arguments with Scripture. But once you start to pull apart each of the components and examine them separately, and begin to properly interpret the Word of God, the deception is plain to see.

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What’s Really Going On

On the surface this may sound like a very nice, Biblically-sound teaching; however, there are quite a few problematic issues.

1. Regarding the “If-Then” Statement

“If realms = places; and if spirits = places; then spirits = realms.”

This train of thought is simple to debunk because “if-then” statements don’t always hold true in real life. They may look good on paper, but they don’t always pass the logic test. For example, here’s an if-then statement that does not hold true: if dogs are animals, and cats are animals, then cats are dogs. Obviously, this is not true. Just because two separate things have something in common, does not mean the two separate things are the same thing. So just because a realm is a place and a spirit is a place (assuming a spirit actually is a place, an assertion we will investigate in a moment), does not necessarily mean the terms “spirit” and “realm” can be used interchangeably.

2. Regarding Ephesians 2:6

“And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.” (BSB)

There are two important points regarding this Scripture and how it is being misinterpreted within the teachings on realms:

  1. Even assuming they are correct in their literal interpretation of Ephesian 2:6, and our spirit is not only in our bodies, but literally seated with Christ in heavenly realms, the problem is how far these particular charismatics take this teaching. The Bible says we are seated with Christ in heavenly realms, and not that we are meant to exist and move in other dimensions or realms as well.

    They try to get around this by saying their personal realm is a heavenly realm, but there is no Biblical evidence that this is true, especially when the phrase “heavenly realms” in this particular verse means “heaven itself, the abode of God and angels.”(33) This is not speaking of a so-called personal realm.

  2. Furthermore, this verse is not saying that our spirits are meant to be in our body, and in Heaven with God, and someplace in France, and in Antarctica, and in the depths of the ocean, and in some far-off galaxy, and fighting demons in a different “heavenly” realm, and in our own realm building it up, et cetera. To read more into this verse than what is presented, is to believe something that is outside of Scripture. This is another perfect example of eisegesis (using personal agendas, presuppositions, and biases to interpret the Bible), as opposed to exegesis (subjectively allowing the text to interpret itself).(34)

These points are further demonstrated by the next verse, Ephesians 2:7:

“…in order that in the coming ages He might display the surpassing riches of His grace, demonstrated by His kindness to us in Christ Jesus.” (BSB)

Notice these verses, taken together, do not say the following: “And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that our spirit might fly all over the galaxy, zoom in and out of dimensions, visit other realms, find dens of demons and beat them up, and help God build His Kingdom by building our kingdom, since He’s having such a hard time doing it by Himself.”

No! The verses say: “And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages He might display the surpassing riches of His grace, demonstrated by His kindness to us in Christ Jesus.” (emphasis added)

Those are three very important words: in order that. In other words, this verse is explaining why we are seated in Heaven with Christ Jesus, and it’s not so our spirit can zip and zoom here and there and operate out of a so-called “personal realm.”

Is the spirit/soul able to zip and zoom here and there? Yes. This is what occultists do, and they train others — including children that are being trained for occult purposes — to do the same. It is called astral travel or astral projection, and it is done by demonic assistance, influence and control. It is not of God.

But the verses in Ephesians 2 are a beautiful illustration of the love God has for us that He has shown to us through Jesus Christ; His mercy and the grace He pours out on us because of Christ Jesus; and the promise we have of eternal blessings from God in the future because of Christ Jesus. They are not speaking of “personal realms” out of which we can operate.

3. Regarding the Spirit As Being a Place

The words “soul” and “spirit” are commonly used interchangeably, and even in the Bible, in certain cases, the word “soul” is used in the same way as “spirit.” In fact, sometimes “heart” and “soul” are used interchangeably as well.(35) So not everyone is in agreement that the human existence has body, soul and spirit, because many believe the spirit and soul are are speaking of the same thing. But for the purposes of this argument, we’ll assume that the soul and spirit are two separate, non-physical parts of a person.

So, if the spirit can be inhabited by other spirits, then perhaps it could be said that the spirit is a place, and the conclusion may be true that spirits function as realms. However, does the Bible teach this? Is the spirit a place that can house other spirits, whether demonic or human?

And since the fractal spirituality of realms is teaching that spirits can live inside other spirits, we can ask this question another way: is the spirit of a human able to live inside other spirits, whether demonic or human? Is this Biblical or of God? What does Scripture say?

Although this is not an exhaustive list, the Bible says the following about the human spirit and non-human spirits:(36)

  1. God forms the human spirit inside the human body.
  2. The spirit gives life to the body.
  3. The spirit can be troubled, be in anguish, and have sorrow.
  4. The spirit can be revived.
  5. The spirit can be hardened.
  6. The spirit can be humble (poor).
  7. The spirit can rejoice.
  8. The spirit can grow strong.
  9. People can have an excellent spirit.
  10. People can be filled with the spirit of wisdom.
  11. People can be filled with the Spirit of God.
  12. People can be filled with a familiar spirit.
  13. People can be filled with a spirit of jealousy.
  14. People can be troubled by an evil spirit.
  15. People can be filled with a spirit of prostitution (particularly in regards to idolatry).
  16. People can be filled with an unclean or foul spirit (a general word used to describe a demon).
  17. People can be filled with a mute and deaf spirit.
  18. People can be filled with a spirit of disease, infirmity, or weakness.
  19. People can be filled with a spirit of divination. In the account found in Acts 16:16, the name of the demonic spirit was Python. (This is not to say the demonic spirit literally was a snake — a python — but the Bible says this was name of the demonic spirit.)

So while the Bible tells us that our spirits can be filled with emotion, no where does it say that our spirits can be filled by other spirits, either human or demonic. The Bible certainly does tell us that the space inside the body of the person is a habitation for their own spirit. Furthermore, the Bible tells us that the space inside the body of the person can be possessed by (controlled by or under the power of) a demonic spirit. Sometimes that space is described as being the literal physical space inside the body of a person, and sometimes that space is described as being the non-physical space inside a person’s body, such as the heart or mind (meaning: the center and seat of spiritual life — thoughts, passions, desires, et cetera).

In fact, Matthew 12:43-45 describes what happens when demons go out of and enter into a person’s body:

“When an unclean spirit comes out of a man, it passes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ On its arrival, it finds the house vacant, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they go in and dwell there; and the final plight of that man is worse than the first. So will it be with this wicked generation.” (BSB)

In the original Greek, the word “house” is “oikos,” Strong’s Greek 3624. Thayer’s Greek Lexicon defines the word in this particular scripture as meaning, “any dwelling-place: of the human body as the abode of demons that possess it.”(37) Of the human body… not of the human spirit.

Therefore, since there is no Biblical support on the idea that human spirits are places that are able to be or should be inhabited, then human spirits can not and should not be realms.

Fractal spirituality would certainly have us think that human beings are like living matryoshka dolls, with our spirit nested inside us, and another spirit nested inside our spirit, and another spirit nested inside that, and so on. Or, our so-called “seven spirits” nested inside one another, inside us. But this is another perfect example of eisegesis — how they are taking Scripture and twisting it around to fit whatever doctrine or teaching they want to try to “prove” as being Biblical, when it is not Biblical at all.

However, as with all things, we encourage you to do your own Bible study on this, rather than take the word of others, including ourselves.

4. Regarding Personification and Isaiah 28:15

The teaching on realms is assuming that the Biblical personification of death and hell is a literal thing, and that the poetry used to describe this personification is meant to be taken literally. But personification is, by its very definition and usage, not literal, but figurative.

The Bible is full of figurative language that is making a literal point, and Isaiah 28:15 could  be seen as one such example. Is death literally a demonic being and not just an event that takes place? Maybe. But there is no scripture that absolutely proves this. And maybe there is a demonic being who goes by the name “Death,” but this still doesn’t mean that the event of “death” and any demon that may go by the name “Death” are one and the same. If this were true, the logical conclusion could possibly be drawn that every person who dies — even Christians — enters into the realm of a living demonic entity named “Death.” This may be a mythological, figurative and perhaps occult understanding of Death, but it is not a literal understanding or application.

Those who teach on realms say it is impossible to make a covenant with a place or an event, therefore, Hell and Death are not only places and events, but are also live, sentient, spiritual entities.

So let’s compare two verses. Let’s take the verse in Isaiah that is being used by charismatic occultists as they try to “prove” that death and hell are not only events and places, but also sentient beings, and let’s compare it to another verse, Job 5:23.

Isaiah 28:15 — “Because you have said, ‘We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have an agreement, when the overwhelming whip passes through it will not come to us, for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood we have taken shelter’” (ESV)

Job 5:23 — “For thou shalt be in league with the stones of the field: and the beasts of the field shall be at peace with thee.” (KJV)

(emphasis added by the authors)

The phrase used in Job 5:23, “be in league with,” and the word “covenant” in Isaiah 28:15, are the same exact Hebrew word, berith.(38)

So if the same logic used to “prove” the teachings on realms in Isaiah 28 is used with this verse in Job 5, then we can make a covenant with stones. Therefore, by this logic, stones must not only be non-living geological substances, but they are also living entities. If we wanted to make a doctrine out of this (that stones are sentient beings), then we would do what every good occultist does, and go hunting for Scripture to fit our new occult doctrine. We could pull in the following three verses as “proof” that stones are living, sentient beings because they speak and they can bear witness:

Luke 19:40 — “‘I tell you,’ He answered, ‘if they remain silent, the very stones will cry out.’” (BSB)

Habakkuk 2:11 — “For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.” (KJV)

Joshua 24:27 — “And Joshua said unto all the people, ‘Behold, this stone shall be a witness unto us; for it hath heard all the words of the LORD which he spake unto us: it shall be therefore a witness unto you, lest ye deny your God.’” (KJV)

In fact, if a bunch of stones get together, they can form a wall, and Lamentations 2:18 says they can cry tears, get no sleep, and play favorites (or, take special care that they wouldn’t lose their eyesight, depending upon whether one took the idiom “apple of thine eye” literally or figuratively).

Lamentations 2:18 — “Their heart cried unto the Lord: O wall of the daughter of Zion, let tears run down like a river day and night; Give thyself no respite; let not the apple of thine eye cease.” (ESV)

So, while we could make an occult doctrine out of stones being sentient beings, it would be more prudent to do a word study. And a quick study of the original language shows that in Job 5:23 and in Isaiah 28:15, the word “berith” (covenant, in league with) is being used figuratively, not literally. Therefore, “death” spoken of in Isaiah 28:15 is no more a sentient being than the “stones” to which Job 5:23 refers.

If this weren’t enough, let’s look at the phrase in Isaiah 28:15, “with Sheol we are in agreement.”

In the original Hebrew, this word “agreement” is Strong’s Hebrew 2374, chozeh, meaning “seer.” When you look up the meaning of this word in reference to this particular verse and read the verse in context, Isaiah 28:15 is literally saying that they had a vision of Hell through the practice of necromancy, and they entered into a covenant with death, falsely believing that death and hell could not harm them.(39)

Here’s another way to word it: they were convinced they would not see death nor come to destruction because they had made a pact with the demonic.

In case you missed the irony, the charismatics who hold to the Shining Ones doctrine and similar “little gods” teachings, and who involve themselves with such activities including necromancy and going to “heavenly places,” including realms of “hell,” have the same foolhardy confidence that they will not see a physical death nor come to destruction, either. They would do well to read down a few more verses in Isaiah 28, to see what God says would happen to those who believe this foolishness, and then heed the warning and repent.

Isaiah 28:18-19 (BSB)

Your covenant with death will be dissolved, and your agreement with Sheol will not stand. When the overwhelming scourge passes through, you will be trampled by it. As often as it passes through, it will carry you away; it will sweep through morning after morning, by day and by night. Sheer terror will come from understanding the message.

5. Regarding Figurative Language and Revelation 3:14-22

Revelation 3:14-22 (BSB)

“To the angel of the church in Laodicea write:

“These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Originator of God’s creation.

“I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other. So because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of My mouth!

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked. I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, white garments so that you may be clothed and your shameful nakedness not exposed, and salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. Those I love, I rebuke and discipline. Therefore be earnest and repent.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me. To the one who is victorious, I will grant the right to sit with Me on My throne, just as I overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

These verses are being grossly twisted out of context, and the language is being taken literally rather than figuratively. These Scriptures were recording a message that Jesus was giving to a particular church in Laodicea, and that message was full of figurative speech that was making a literal point about the wretched spiritual state they were in.


  • Jesus said they were lukewarm. This didn’t mean their body temperatures were getting dangerously low. Jesus was using a figure of speech that meant, “Guys, you are saying one thing but doing another. Make up your mind if you are going to serve Me or not.”

  • Jesus said He was about to spit them out of His mouth. This is a figure of speech. He wasn’t literally chewing on their flesh and bones and about to spit out their bloody remains because they didn’t taste good (or were of undesirable body temperature). He was expressing to them, “The spiritual state you are in is disgusting to Me.”

  • Jesus said they needed to buy gold from Him, white garments to cover their nakedness, and salve to put on their blind eyes so they could see. He wasn’t suggesting they trade in their dollars, euros, pounds, and yen for gold bars; He wasn’t ordering them to take a group trip to His store on Main Street and purchase some clothes because they had been running around town naked; He wasn’t suggesting they go to His website and order His special, magical eye-cream that would cure their blindness (for the special, low price of just 6 easy payments of $79.95, tax, shipping, and handling not included). Jesus was speaking figuratively to make a literal point, and saying, in essence, “You think you have everything you need, but you have no spiritual value.” And, “Your righteousness is filthy compared to Mine.” And, “You think you are wise, but in all your worldly wisdom, you have no spiritual understanding whatsoever.”

So when Jesus said He was standing at the door and knocking, waiting for them to open up, He was not suggesting that He was waiting outside their literal doorways, waiting to go inside and have lunch with them. They had closed themselves off from the influence of Jesus Christ — had shut out Jesus from their lives — and He was telling them, “Open yourself up to My influence, and let Me change you.”

On the surface, it sounds as if the charismatic teachings on realms are not taking this Scripture in Revelation as literally opening up the door to your house and having a lunch or dinner with Jesus. It sounds as if they are using this illustration in Revelation to encourage people to open up their heart to allow Jesus to influence them and change them. And some people may hear this doctrine of realms being taught to them for the first time (as described in the “In Christ” teachings, for instance), and believe this is how it’s being utilized.

However, this is not how they are using this spiritual concept.

In reality, they are twisting these verses and are actually teaching a doctrine of demons. Since they believe that the spirits of people literally are realms (places), and that Jesus is literally a realm (a place), they believe that the person of Jesus literally, in the spirit, enters into a person’s realm. Through various forms of meditation and visualization, they then “go inside their realm” and converse with and interact with this “Jesus” that they find inside their so-called “realm” (or, if they are dissociative, with the “Jesus” they find inside their system).

This is not Biblical.

Question: So what’s wrong with this? How is this a doctrine of demons? Isn’t this what salvation is all about — “asking Jesus to come into your heart”?

Answer: Actually, no. This concept is deceptively unbiblical. Nowhere does the Bible advocate or teach that salvation is asking the person of Jesus to enter into our “heart” (or, realm, system, spirit, et cetera). This concept comes from this very verse in Revelation 3:20 that some are using to teach on realms.

(To study what salvation is, you can begin by studying these Scriptures: Ephesians 2:1-10, Romans 5:6-11, Colossians 2:13-15, Hebrews 9:14, 27-28, Matthew 20:28, John 10:6-10, John 3:1-21.)

The main problem with equating this verse in Revelation 3 to the experience of salvation, is that Jesus Christ was speaking to a group of people who were already saved. He was not speaking to those who were not saved. The problem was not that they had not been saved; the problem was that they were not submitting to Him. They had shut Jesus Christ out of their lives and had shut out His influence. These verses could be interpreted that they were in danger of losing their salvation, not that they had not yet received salvation.

The Bible does teach, however, that the Holy Spirit dwells within us. To get you started on your study, here are but a few of the many Scriptures in the New Testament that speak to this:

John 14:16-17 — “And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate to be with you forever — the Spirit of truth. The world cannot receive Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you do know Him, for He abides with you and He will be in you.” (BSB)

1 Corinthians 3:16 “Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?” (BSB)

Romans 8:11 “And if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit, who dwells within you.” (BSB)

2 Timothy 1:14 “Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.” (BSB)

Ephesians 5:18 “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit…” (BSB)

Here are but three of the many Scriptures in the Old Testament that clearly speak to the Spirit of God filling a person — Exodus 31:3; Exodus 35:31; Ezekiel 43:5.

  • Important to Note

    In your study, please notice what the verses do not say. They do not say that the Holy Spirit comes and dwells inside our own spirit.

    Furthermore, Jesus told His disciples that He was leaving (ascending into Heaven) so that the Holy Spirit could come and dwell within us — not the person or spirit-person of Jesus Christ. (Acts 1:1-5, John 7:37-39, John 15:26, and others)

Question: But doesn’t the Bible say that Jesus is in us and we are in Him? Isn’t this sort of like Him being in our realm?

Answer: Actually, no. This is a perversion of a spiritual concept recorded in Scripture in places such as John 14:20 — “On that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you.” (BSB)

In order to fully understand how the teaching on realms is twisting this scripture, you have to understand how the charismatic occultists are applying this in their everyday life. Through meditation and visualization (they can call this “getting into the spirit, but it is also called “contemplative prayer”), they “go inside their spirit realm” and interact with a so-called Jesus that is living there. The process by which charismatics interact with the so-called Jesus inside their “realm” is much the same way a dissociative individual consciously or unconsciously goes inside their inner system (inside world) to interact with their alters or parts.

This process is also strikingly similar to how some occultists interact with their so-called spirit guides:

  1. Occultists use visualization to create an inner space. The space can look like anything they wish, from a fancy palace, to a utilitarian office space, to a quiet cave deep in the earth.

  2. They then invite their “spirit guide” to enter into that space. Sometimes the demonic spirit disguises itself as an animal, but usually they disguise themselves as having a human form. No matter the form, this “spirit guide” is actually a demonic entity (either demon or fallen angel), and will most often disguise itself as harmless or benign, sometimes even going by the name “Jesus” or “Yeshua,” or another translation of the name.
  • Important to Note

    We are in no way suggesting that dissociative people are practicing occult techniques by creating an inside space and going inside their system. There is a huge difference between the occultist creating an inside space and the dissociative person creating an inside space. The occultist does this purposefully and consciously, and with the intent of interacting with demons, regardless of whether they recognize the entities as demons or not. Those who are dissociative unconsciously create an inside space in order to survive prolonged trauma, and in some cases, they are forced through trauma to create inside spaces through mind-control programming. Furthermore, during the healing process, they or their internal self helpers may create a healing place inside of them — inside what is already the space of their system — for their alters to safely converge, with the intention of getting rid of programming and to ultimately “integrate,” to one extent or another. But unfortunately, since fractal spirituality (including the Spirit Man theology, as well as the Shining One doctrine) is being used within particular types of charismatic “deliverance ministries,” dissociative individuals who are being taught about realms are unintentionally opening up their system to being infiltrated by a false Jesus, if it hadn’t already been infiltrated. They think that the “Jesus” showing up in their system is the real Jesus, when in fact, it is not. It is a demonic deception. This will be further discussed in the chapters titled “Jesus” and “Jesus Programming.”

The way charismatics are using this verse to teach on realms and how to interact with “Jesus” is not Biblical, whether they are dissociative or not. And a simple word study will show that the word “in” does not mean what they say it means.

Let’s look at this verse again:

John 14:20 — “On that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you.” (BSB)

Now, let’s go to the Greek and find out what the word “in” means in the context of this verse (emphasis added):

Definition of “in” — Strong’s Greek 1722, en (a preposition) — properly, in (inside, within); (figuratively) “in the realm (sphere) of,” as in the condition (state) in which something operates from the inside (within).(40)

Using this same resource, Thayer’s Greek Lexicon shows that contextually, in this verse, “in” means:

“of a person to whom another is wholly joined and to whose power and influence he is subject, so that the former may be likened to the place in which the latter lives and moves. So used in the writings of Paul and of John particularly of intimate relationship with God or with Christ, and for the most part involving contextually the idea of power and blessing resulting from that union thus, in Christ, of his disciples and worshippers.”

A simple, Biblical, contextual interpretation of this verse in John 14:20 says that when we are “in” Christ Jesus and He is “in” us, we are wholly joined together with him, subject to his power and influence so that we may become like Him. And when we have this type of relationship with Him, the result is power and blessing.

There is nothing about Jesus entering into our spirit, and we entering into His Spirit. There is nothing about visualization and going inside one’s “spirit realm” to interact with a “Jesus” that is found there. In fact, there’s nothing about realms in here at all, except in the figurative sense.

Now that you have a basic understanding of where this teaching on realms is coming from, and which Scriptures are being twisted and misinterpreted to try to “prove” that spirits are realms and can be inhabited, let’s get into some more detail with how they think they are using their so-called realms.

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Kingdom Building Through Realms

Here’s a recap of how realms are being esoterically defined by certain teachers and proponents of this teaching:

  1. A realm is the spiritual substance that constitutes a spirit.
  2. A realm is the sphere of influence and authority that their spirit has.
  3. A realm is a heavenly place found within their spirit that is ruled by their spirit.

We’ve discussed why they believe their spirit is a realm and why they are wrong about this. Now we will get into the second and third definitions of realms: realms of influence and authority of their spirit, and heavenly places found within their spirit and ruled by their spirit.

They believe their realm is a little kingdom that is connected to God’s Kingdom, and that as they build or expand their own realm (kingdom), they are building and expanding the Kingdom of God, because whatever they do in their personal realm affects the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore, they believe that:

  1. By increasing the size and influence of their own realm in the spiritual, they believe they are increasing the size and influence of the Kingdom of God in the spiritual.

  2. By increasing the size and influence of their own realm in the spiritual, it is believed that their authority and influence in the physical is increased. This, in turn, is believed to then increase the size and influence of God’s Kingdom in the physical.

They learn how to:

  1. operate out of (engage) their realms
  2. build and expand their realms

As a result of them operating out of, building, and expanding their realms, there are results that they see as positive. There are:

  1. spiritual results
  2. physical results

What follows are some of the commonly-held charismatic beliefs surrounding realms, realm expansion, and the effects they believe this expansion has. This is especially true of those who believe themselves to be “Shining Ones,” or those who consider themselves to be a leader or awakener of the “Shining Ones.”

1. Operating out of Realms

As described above, they not only believe their spirit functions as a realm (which basically means, they believe their spirit is a realm, or, a place), but that a realm is also a heavenly place found within their spirit that is ruled by their spirit. It is up to them, the physical person, to get in touch with and learn how to operate out of their realm. They often call this “engaging” their realm.

The first step in learning how to do this is to train themselves to allow their so-called spirit to operate through them. This involves giving control of their conscious self — mind, will, and emotions — to their “spirit.” For the people who erroneously believe themselves to be a Shining One, this not only includes the mind, will, and emotions, but their physical body, as well. This transference of control takes place over time, through meditation that is disguised as prayer, and by willfully opening themselves up to the supernatural. For those who are going through the “spirit man” deliverance counseling, this transference of control is facilitated by a “coach or counselor,” who is teaching the individual how to allow their spirit to take control — or encouraging them to do so — as described in the “Spirit Man” chapter.

2. Building and Expanding Realms

After they learn how to operate out of, or “engage” their realm, the individual works to build and expand their realm through their “spirit man,” and this is believed to increase their authority and influence in both the spiritual (the authority and influence they believe their so-called spirit has) and in the physical (the authority and influence they believe they have as a physical person). This is why their “spiritual promotions” and “realm expansions” often go hand-in-hand.

They believe their realms are expanded in two main ways:

  1. By supposedly “taking back territory from Satan” through their “spiritual warfare.” When they take back this territory, they believe those realms are incorporated into their own realm, causing their personal realm to grow.

  2. They also believe their personal realm can be expanded through a “spiritual promotion” they have earned, whereby their realm expands because their power and influence has increased.

Some of the ways they believe they can “earn a promotion” include:

  1. Being effective in “spiritual warfare.”

  2. Obtaining a special anointing through a spiritual impartation, usually from another person.

  3. Obtaining new revelation or a special anointing through personal spiritual encounters, such as:

    • Talking with “angels” to gain revelation or anointing.

    • Traveling to heavenly realms (or one’s own personal realm) to have encounters with a “Jesus.”

    • Gaining new revelation or anointing through supposed conversation or encounters with the dead, usually those who they consider to be mighty men and women of God either in recent times (such as Katherine Kuhlman, Aimee Semple McPherson, William Branham, et cetera) or in Biblical times (such as the Apostle Paul, John the Revelator, King David, et cetera), but also sometimes the so-called spirit of a dead relative or friend who has passed.

Since they believe their “spirit” rules the realm found within it, and since they believe that their realm is connected to Heaven and is another heavenly place spoken of in the Bible, this realm they believe is theirs is also the place they think they will rule and have dominion over when the new heaven and new earth comes. This is another reason why building and expanding their kingdom while on earth is important to them: they believe it is directly related to eternity and their place in the “kingdom of God.” They believe other people and angels will live in their realm, and that they will rule over them throughout eternity. The people they believe will live in their kingdom are the Christians who weren’t found worthy to “inherit the kingdom,” but worthy enough to find salvation from hell.

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Spiritual Results of Realm Expansion and Spiritual Promotions

Some of what they believe to be the spiritual results of the expansion and increase of authority and influence are:

  1. They believe that with their “spiritual promotion,” they are given an upgrade in their spiritual armor. This is believed to give them an increase in spiritual power to wage spiritual battle, such that they believe that demons are very afraid of them, and even tremble at the mere mention of their own name. They also believe that angels, who would otherwise be bored and unoccupied, wait in anticipation to be given orders by them.

  2. They begin having an increase in spiritual experiences, particularly visions of heavenly places and traveling to other realms. These “visions and travels” are experienced via astral travel/projection that comes about through meditation and visualization, but they call it “spirit travel” or “seeing in the spirit.”

  3. They begin having, or believe themselves to begin having, an increase in occult gifts (but they mistake these as gifts from God), especially in what they call “seer” abilities, including:

    1. Remote viewing (being able to see into other dimensions, as well as see via supernatural means what others are doing in real time).

    2. Being able to see angels, demons, or spiritual activity, either in the mind’s eye or with the physical eye.

    3. Being able to foresee the future, either by a supernatural knowing (they mistake this as a “word of wisdom” from God), or through a vision.

    4. Telepathic abilities (the ability to communicate with others via thoughts rather than the spoken or written word).

    5. The ability to astral travel or project or remote view, sometimes to “teach” other people. This is sometimes related to the “seer” abilities, and they call this “spirit travel” or “seeing in the spirit.”

    6. The ability to insert themselves into people’s dreams (this is related to astral travel and will be explained later in this book).

Physical Results of Realm Expansion and Spiritual Promotions

Some of what they believe to be the physical results of the expansion and increase of authority and influence are:

  1. An increase in money or possessions.

  2. An increase in power or influence over people.

  3. An increase in spiritual things that manifest in the physical, such as glory clouds, angelic visitations, and objects they consider to be a physical manifestation of the supernatural, including gold dust, angel feathers, gems or rocks.

  4. Weather phenomena that they consider to be evidence of their powerful spiritual warfare, including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods, and droughts.

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What’s Really Going On

If you’ve noticed, many of the subjects we have detailed in this book thus far — the topics we discussed in Section Two, as well as in the Spirit Man chapter — and some of what we will expound on in the next section, are all involved, one way or another, in this “realm building” through the so-called “spirit man,” and through what some consider to be their “Shining One spirit man.”

Gifts and Abilities

The gifts and abilities that come with engaging in their realms are seen as positive; however, they are occult gifts and abilities, and they do not come from the true God. Gifts and abilities include seer abilities to be able to see into other realms, and astral travel or projection to travel to other realms and to engage in those realms. Sometimes the individual is unable to see into other realms or engage in those realms, particularly if they are a novice; therefore, they will rely on other people to see into other realms or engage in other realms on their behalf until their occult gifts and abilities are stronger.

These things are not of God. These are occult activities based on occult doctrine.

Also included in these abilities is the ability to insert oneself into another’s dreams, either voluntarily or involuntarily, sometimes with the intention to teach other people about realms and how to engage in those realms.

This is not of God. This is occult activity based on occult doctrine.

Telepathic gifts are also common, sometimes used to teach others about realms through thought-insertion, and not through verbal communication.

This is not of God. This is occult activity based on occult doctrine.

Spiritual Experiences

Once the realms have been engaged, the individual will begin having spiritual experiences, but they are not authored of God. Their so-called spiritual warfare is not of God. Their communication with angels is simply communication with demonic entities who have disguised themselves to look like angels. They are not traveling to “heavenly places of God,” but to demonic realms that have been set up to be pleasing to the human senses. Their communication with the supposed dead are demonic tricks. Their dreams and visions, including experiencing others who are inserting themselves into their dreams to “teach” them things, is not something that is mandated by or sanctioned by God.

All these things will be discussed and detailed later in this book, but for now we will remind you that these experiences are not authored by God. They are occult.

Reminder: good feelings do not necessarily equal Biblically sound and spiritually safe, and what is real is not always truth that comes from God.

Spiritual Promotions

As the person’s “realm” expands, they will often be given what they consider to be a spiritual promotion. Quite often, the tangible, physical proof of this comes as an increase of power and authority in the physical, an increase in money or possessions, an increase in spiritual experiences or manifestations, and even unusual weather phenomena that occurs around them or because of their so-called “spirit man,” particularly the so-called “Shining One spirit man.” These things can actually be very real. But in reality, they are being fed “treats” (such as money or possessions) to keep them on the occult path, and they are being given a spiritual high through the increase of manifestations and spiritual experiences that are being provided by and through the demonic.

Satan often pays his employees well (money, power, et cetera), especially ones who have been chosen to work in a greater capacity for him, but the retirement plan is awful (Romans 6:23Revelation 21:8).

Regarding the increase of power and authority: to the person being used by the fallen, it feels as if their own power and authority has been increased, and it is “proof,” in their eyes, that what they are doing is of God. However, they, as a human, actually have no increase of authority and power, in spite of how they feel. In reality, it is simply the authority and the power of the fallen angel that has increased in their life, and it is manifesting through them. How this works is very simple:

  1. First, the individual submits to the authority and power of the fallen angel who is using them.

  2. Then, as the influence of the demonic increases in the individual’s life, this influence becomes manifest in the physical as a type of glamour that radiates from them.

  3. This glamour acts much like a magnetic force, causing people around the person to come under the glamour of the fallen who is using the individual.

  4. Then other people, too, submit to the power and authority, not of the human individual, but of the power and authority of the fallen that is being channeled through that individual.

Once the demonic are finished with them, everything they have been given will be gone. Sometimes this happens early in their life; sometimes it doesn’t happen until the end of their life. But all the treats and good feelings and power and authority they have been given by Satan will be stripped from them in the end.

Kingdom Building

The charismatic who is operating out of “realms” believes that by building their own kingdom (realm), they are increasing their own authority and influence in both the spiritual and the physical. This is done mostly through so-called “spiritual warfare” that is waged through their realm.

And since they believe that when they build their own kingdom they are, in fact, building the Kingdom of God, building up their own realms is one way they believe they are expanding the realm of God’s authority and influence in the world.

This is the essence of “kingdom building” through realms. And although the individual who is participating in “realm building” doesn’t realize it, they are being used by the demonic to occupy themselves with and inside their “realms” for the very purpose of “kingdom building.”

But they aren’t building the kingdom they think they are building.

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What the Bible Says About Kingdom Building

If we can just stop and think for a moment, this so-called “kingdom building,” especially within the framework of realms, makes no sense. Christians, in particular charismatics, have gotten “kingdom building” all twisted around. What has given us the idea that God’s Kingdom is unfinished and He needs our help building it? Nowhere does Scripture indicate this!

“Kingdom building” in the way the charismatics are employing themselves, especially through the occult doctrine on realms, is flat-out unscriptural. We are called to “make disciples,” not “build kingdoms.”

Submission to Authority and the Heart

In order to have a proper, Biblical understanding of “Kingdom building,” we first need to understand about the heart.

There are many different Biblical meanings for the word “heart.” However, for ease of reading, we will deal with the meanings that have direct relationship to what we are talking about as far as “kingdom building” and realms of authority. As always, we encourage you to do your own Bible study on this, asking the Heavenly Father to lead and guide you into truth and understanding.


  1. Heart: Strong’s Greek 2588. Kardia (καρδία): denotes the centre of all physical and spiritual life:(41)
    1. the vigour and sense of physical life
    2. the centre and seat of spiritual life
      1. the soul or mind, as it is the fountain and seat of the thoughts, passions, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, endeavours
      2. of the understanding, the faculty and seat of the intelligence
      3. of the will and character
    3. of the soul so far as it is affected and stirred in a bad way or good, or of the soul as the seat of the sensibilities, affections, emotions, desires, appetites, passions.
  1. Heart: Strong’s Greek 5590. Psychḗ (ψυχή): the soul(42)
    1. the seat of the feelings, desires, affections, aversions (our heart, soul etc.)
    2. the (human) soul in so far as it is constituted that by the right use of the aids offered it by God it can attain its highest end and secure eternal blessedness, the soul regarded as a moral being designed for everlasting life
    3. the soul as an essence which differs from the body and is not dissolved by death (distinguished from other parts of the body)

When we read with understanding about what, exactly, our “heart” is, it encompasses a lot of internal, non-physical territory, so to speak. “Giving over our heart” (such as, at the point of salvation) to our Heavenly Father, means that we are allowing Him — through His Spirit — to change us into His likeness: our thoughts, passions, feelings, desires, appetites, affections, and aversions. We are also allowing Him to change our purpose, our endeavors, our understanding, our will, and our character.

Scripture states that the kingdom of God is within our hearts, and the Spirit of God expands His realm (influence) in our hearts. When we submit to the authority of our Heavenly Father, He reigns and rules in our hearts, and therefore, He reigns and rules in our lives, and our “realm” of influence. This is the Kingdom of God being established in our hearts, not on earth. When Jesus Christ returns, He will establish His kingdom on earth, but not before then. Until then, His Kingdom is established in our hearts.

In contrast, when people open their hearts to the influence of the demonic, they are submitting to Satan’s authority. When they submit to the authority of Satan, (knowingly or unknowingly), he reigns and rules in their hearts, and therefore, he reigns and rules in their lives, and in their “realm” of influence. They are allowing Satan — through the many demonic influences — to change them into his likeness: their thoughts, passions, feelings, desires, appetites, affections, and aversions. They are also allowing him to change their purposes, their endeavors, their understanding, their will, and their character.

In this way, Satan’s kingdom is expanded in the hearts of mankind; however, he is also establishing his kingdom on earth now, because he knows this is the only time he has.

On the other hand, the Kingdom of God is currently established and enlarged in our hearts as we submit to Him and as His Holy Spirit works within us. And His Kingdom will be established on earth later, after Jesus Christ comes back and accomplishes this feat. You can do your own study, but here are a couple of verses to get you started:

● Luke 17:21 — “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (KJV)

● John 18:36 — “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.” (KJV)

In like fashion, when we “make disciples,” we are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ (the gospel) with others. The Holy Spirit moves on the hearts of people to accept the gospel, and this is how the Kingdom of God is expanded — in the hearts of mankind. Not on earth, and not on other realms that are inside other dimensions.

Furthermore, there is no Scripture that speaks to it being acceptable for people to have kingdoms (realms) that are attached to God’s Kingdom. This simply isn’t sound doctrine, but a doctrine of demons. The Bible does say, however, that any kingdom other than the Kingdom of God will be destroyed by Jesus Christ at the end:

1 Corinthians 15:24 — “Then the end will come, when He [Jesus] hands over the kingdom to God the Father after He has destroyed all dominion, authority, and power.” (BSB)

So any and all “kingdom building” being done through the doctrines on realms — or any other type of “kingdom building” done by mankind — is going to be destroyed by Jesus Christ at the end of this age. The only “Kingdom building” that will stand up to the highest standards of Almighty God is done through His Holy Spirit as He expands the influence of God in the hearts of mankind.

Additionally, the Bible also speaks to the judgement God poured out on His angels who did not stay within their own domain (realm):

Jude 1:6 — “And the angels who did not stay within their own domain, but abandoned their proper dwelling, He keeps under darkness, in eternal chains for judgment on that great day.” (BSB)

If God did this to His angels who did not stay within their own realm, what will he do to mankind who refuse to stay within our own realm? The realm God has placed us in, as humans, is earth. It is not some other so-called “personal realm” in a different so-called “heavenly dimension.”

So since kingdom/Kingdom building is not Scriptural, what kingdom is being built through these teachings on realms? It’s probably clear by now that they are building Satan’s kingdom, but let’s get into how this is taking place, and the truth behind the real results of this kingdom building.

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Point Six — Building Satan’s Kingdom

Through this “Shining Ones” doctrine on realms, they are building Satan’s kingdom and gaining territory for him. How? Through the fallen angels, who are using them as vehicles via channeling and walk-ins.

A Scripture to Consider: Matthew 4:8-11 (BSB)

“Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. ‘All this I will give You,’ he said, ‘if You will fall down and worship me.’

“‘Away from me, Satan!’ Jesus declared. ‘For it is written: “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.”’

“Then the devil left Him, and angels came and ministered to Him.”

How it Works

The individual who the fallen is using as a vehicle, decrees an expansion of territory by commanding their realm to overtake or expand over the geographical realm (territory) they are presently occupying, as well as the realms (the energy, influence, and spiritual space) of the individuals who are present.

This is not a random place or a random group of people, but a specific place with a particular group of people that have welcomed the individual and given him or her a level of authority over them. This is important, because the people are open to this happening. They aren’t being taken by surprise or being ambushed; they are welcoming this spiritual invasion with open arms.

Situations in which this realm expansion might occur can be a church service, a prayer meeting, a Bible study, or a “deliverance counseling” session with a client. It can occur in person or via different technologies, such as over the telephone, on the internet, or on television. It can also occur in real time, such as live video programs or live internet talk shows, or it can be prerecorded on various types of media. The key is not time, or a place, or the technology being used to transmit the intent of such an expansion of territory; the key is being open to this spiritual invasion and to allowing the influence of the demonic to be expanded in the territory of the individual’s heart.

Although it is sometimes stated overtly (“I declare my realm to overtake…”), the realm expansion or engulfment is often stated more covertly, such as “I declare the realms of heaven to overtake…”

Within a group situation, such as a Bible study or church service (live or pre-recorded), the declaration may be worded something like: “I command the realms of heaven [or, “my realm”] to overtake the physical geographies of the place where I am at, and I declare that the realms of heaven [or, “my realm”] is overtaking and surrounding the realms of every individual under the sound of my voice.”

In so-called “deliverance counseling” situations, the declaration is usually stated outright, whereby the “counselor” will overtly declare his or her realm to overtake the realm of the client. For example, they may say something like, “I declare my realm to overtake and surround the realm of [the name of the client].”

The stated intentions to encourage people to come under submission to this “realm expansion,” or the stated reasons for using realms in “deliverance ministry,” can include the following false claims:

  1. To connect people to what they say is the “kingdom of God,” giving them direct access to this kingdom, and allowing them to receive a greater blessing and anointing.

  2. To reportedly receive faster emotional/mental/spiritual healing from traumatic events in one’s life.

  3. To receive what they say is an impartation of anointing from the individual who is declaring the expansion.

  4. To allow the individual’s own supposed human spirit that is assumed to have been held captive to enter into their “personal realm” and take control of them.

    • This supposedly allows the “spirit man” of the individual to begin building their own realm. Since they say that the personal realm of the individual is connected directly to Heaven, by their “spirit man” building their personal realm, they believe they are building the Kingdom of God.

  5. To allow so-called angels to come into the individual’s personal realm, usually to bring healing and guidance.

  6. To be used as a type of spiritual warfare usually within a “deliverance ministry” situation, whereby the counselor or coach declares their realm to overtake the realm of the client so the counselor’s spirit man (through the realm) can battle and destroy “demons” that are believed to be coming against the client, or who are believed to have settled into the client’s personal realm (and system, if they are dissociative).

    • Usually involves declaring that “living water” be poured through the realm or system of the client, or for a fire to blaze through the realm or system of the client, or some other type of imagery that is supposed to be using different types of “spiritual weapons” to fight the so-called demons.

    • Can also involve commanding “angels of God” to enter into the person’s realm and fight the demons and/or “minister” to the person in various ways (offering what is said to be living water, bread of life, etc).

  7. Realms can also be used as a type of “spiritual warfare” in preparation for preaching or teaching, whereby the charismatic “minister” will engage their realm in order to use their authority to control the geographical area around them. This is so that the people listening to them will be more receptive and more easily influenced by what they are going to teach or preach.

    • This can be done in a broader way, also, whereby the charismatic will engage their realm in order to use their authority to control a larger geographical area, such as a city, so that they will have greater influence over that area.

The charismatics who are engaging what they perceive to be “their realms” in these ways, believe they have this power and authority because they say it has been delegated directly to them from God through their “Shining One spirit man.” How this reflects in their actions and attitudes is that whatever they deem necessary or appropriate, is, in fact, necessary or appropriate because God gave them authority, through their spirit man, to do whatever they deem to be necessary or appropriate. And since they believe their “Shining One spirit man” is infallible, since it hears directly from God and is being led directly by God, then whatever they are doing must be okay, because they believe that God allows them to do whatever it is that they believe they need to do, because of — you probably guessed it — “Shining One spirit man.”

If this reeks of lousy logic, that’s because it is lousy logic. If it reeks of arrogance and rebellion, that’s because it is arrogant and rebellious. If it reeks of delusion, that’s because it is delusional. If it reeks of psychopathy… well, we aren’t mental health experts by any stretch, so we’ll leave that one to the experts.

But we’ll just say the whole thing stinks. Badly.

What is actually occurring when people come under submission to this “realm expansion” includes the following:

  1. The spirits entering into the people through the opening of a “realm” are not the human spirits of people, nor are they angels from God, but they are demonic spirits.

  2. Those demonic spirits then enter into the spiritual space to which the person has allowed them access.(43)

  3. The demons hook the individual up to the “spiritual I.V.” and administer the spiritual drug that gives them a false sense of euphoria. (See also the section in this book titled,:n “Seat of Dominion.”)

  4. After the spiritual high has been given, the demons connect them to the spirit of the antichrist.

People are not opening themselves to the influence of the angels of God, nor to the influence of their own human spirit — these things are not Scriptural, anyway — but to the influence of the demonic. They are coming under submission to the realm of authority of the fallen angel who is working through the charismatic individual to expand Satan’s kingdom in the hearts and minds of mankind. They are purposefully and willfully opening themselves up to this expansion (through the mind), and allowing the fallen and the demonic access to take control of their heart (their intentions, desires, and focus). Once the demonic have control of the mind and heart, they are able to completely control the individual, and they will gain authority and influence over any geographical territory the individual holds authority or influence over, such as homes or places of business.

In this way, Satan’s kingdom is being expanded in both the hearts and minds of individuals, as well as physical geographies, through this ungodly doctrine on realms.

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Point Seven — Our Testimonies Concerning the Boundaries, Territories, and the Fallen

A Scripture to Consider: 2 Corinthians 11:14 (BSB)

“…for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

The reason we, the authors, know exactly how realms are being used by the fallen is because of our past involvement in the occult and our experiences with the fallen — particularly one Satanic project that both of us worked on at different times and in different ways. What follows is part of our personal testimonies of what we have already described in this chapter.

Our Background

Carolyn’s involvement in the occult was conscious, although she believed she was working for God. Once she realized she was working for Satan, she left. On the other hand, Loren’s involvement in the occult was unconscious for the most part because of dissociation, but she, too, has since repented and renounced her occult involvement. But although we, the authors, have come from different backgrounds, we were involved in some of the same projects, just from within different divisions within Satan’s hierarchy.

Everything we have spoken of throughout this book is intimately connected to one significant project we were both involved in. This project is of great concern to both of us, and is the driving force behind why we have written this book, because the very same things we are writing about throughout this book are connected to that very same Satanic project we were once both involved in. This project involved the boundaries and realms of the fallen angels, and how they work within their realms to increase their influence, and to infiltrate different groups of people, including Christians through the charismatic movement.

This particular project had its beginning in the early 1980’s and continues today, and we are very alarmed at the success it has achieved thus far. It is taking Christianity by storm, using specific aspects of the charismatic movement, and was created to bring the rest of Christianity into alignment with the spirit of the antichrist, paving the way for the final Antichrist to appear. It is part of a great deception, and is working to bring to a conclusion everything Satan’s kingdom has been working towards for thousands of years.

Carolyn was involved in the beginning aspects of this assignment early in the 1980’s, and Loren was involved in the later aspects of this assignment towards the mid-1990’s and beyond, although both had been trained and groomed for their involvement for years before the assignment actually began. We will offer some details of our experiences concerning this assignment in a moment, but to preface our testimonies, here is a basic run-down of what was involved:

  1. Fallen angels were brought in from one dimension to another.

  2. The fallen angels then set up bases of operations within the earthly realms and territories they had previously been assigned. (Satan has always had his boundaries of territories — see Matthew 4:8-11 — so the boundaries were not being set up, but the base camps were being set up within those boundaries.)

  3. The boundaries of the territories were laid out like a grid that spanned across the earth; therefore, we, the authors, refer to these boundaries of territories as simply, “the Grid.” Within each larger territory that the fallen had control over, different existing churches, ministries, or organizations (large or small) were targeted, or new churches, ministries, or organizations were established using existing infiltrators, to be used as bases of operations. The fallen angels, and the demons under their authority, would operate out of these Christian churches/ministries/organizations to spread their influence throughout that particular realm. The churches, ministries, and organizations included various Christian denominations, ideally looking for leaders who were gift-motivated and focused on supernatural experiences and manifestations.

  4. The operation then brought in human infiltrators, both in the supernatural and in the physical. This involved the physical and supernatural infiltrators working together with the following basic goals in mind:

    • to influence people and to inject demonic doctrine in various ways.

      • We’ve talked about the different ways they do this throughout this entire book.

      • This was particularly easy to do within the charismatic movement, but it was still relatively simple to find leaders of other denominations who were open to the new-age thinking of the supernatural, and who were gift motivated.

    • to encourage people to be focused on supernatural experiences and manifestations, and towards being more focused on their own emotions.

    • to manipulate the spiritual atmosphere so as to reward people who were seeking after the supernatural, thereby encouraging them to focus on those spiritual manifestations and experiences being provided to them by the demonic and by the individuals working in the supernatural alongside the demonic.

It’s important to understand that this Satanic operation was not or is not unusual. Operations like this have been going on for quite some time, and they continue to this day. Satan has always had a plan in place to infect every culture, and this includes beginning religious/spiritual movements. Within Christianity, however, he has had to resort to infiltrating, including starting particular unbiblical, “spiritual” movements within Christianity, such as the charismatic movement that has its very foundation in Satanism.(44) Over the years, the religious and cultural environment within Christianity has been cultivated by infiltrators — both demonic and human, and both in the natural and in the supernatural — to be open to greater influence by the demonic.(45) This plan is finally coming to a culmination, and is made possible, at least in part, through the doctrines of demons that we outline in this book.

About the Grid

A short time before writing this book, we, the authors, were sharing with each other about the boundaries and territories we had both seen while involved in our individual assignments. We quickly came to realize we had both been involved in the same project, just at different times, and we both called the lines of territories a “Grid,” and described it in the same way.

Carolyn first saw this Grid around 1979, before she was actively involved in the project of setting up base camps of operations within. Then later, while working on the project, Carolyn saw the Grid again as the base camps were being planned out and set up by the fallen. Around twenty years later, Loren first saw the Grid in the mid-1990’s while traveling on assignment across the North American continent. At that point, it was very well established, with base camps lighting up the entire Grid.

The Grid looks like a net of fluorescent green lines laid out like an irregular grid, marking off boundaries of territories that spread out across the entire earth. It looks like a map superimposed over the physical geographies, but with different boundaries than how the countries, states, territories, and cities are currently set up around the earth. Larger boundaries of territories within this Grid glow very brightly, and have medium-sized boundaries of territories inside them. There are smaller territories nested inside those, glowing the same bright-green, but with less intensity. Lower-ranking demons have control over the smaller territories and are under the authority of the higher-ranking demons, who have control over the medium-sized territories. Fallen angels are assigned over the larger realms, and have authority over all the smaller territories that fall underneath those larger realms.

The Project

The entire goal of this particular project was to bring in fallen angels, Satan’s most powerful warriors, for his end-time plan to infiltrate human society to a greater degree than had been achieved thus far. Human involvement and human agreement with their plan was required, because the demonic needed people to do some of the work for them. This is still true today, because the demonic need our permission and agreement to be used by them and to work under their authority. Furthermore, as their plan involves infiltrating societies — including various Christian societies — human involvement by individuals who are on board with their plan is absolutely necessary.

The part of the project that we, the authors, were involved with, dealt with the section of the plan to infiltrate Christianity through the charismatic movement. However, the overall goal was and still is “The Plan”: to lead all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” whereby people are open to the supernatural and to the influence of the fallen, thereby allowing them full access to people.

Unlike other schemes and plans and infiltrations that have worked around the world through the many centuries, however, this one would also pull in Christians. How? Because the demonic, with the help and permission of certain individuals, have been working overtime, especially through the charismatic movement, to get Christians to the point where they are vulnerable and susceptible to being deceived, and to be completely infiltrated, taken over, and possessed — like a territory that has been defeated, seized, and occupied by enemy forces — without them even realizing it.

There were, and still are, several different phases of this project. Although both of us were trained from an early age to be part of the same program, we are over 20 years apart in age; therefore, we were involved in different phases of this plan.

How many other parts of this plan are involved before the appearance of the final Antichrist? Since we, the authors, do not work within Satan’s hierarchy any longer, we can’t be certain. Even when we were involved with occult work, any information we were given was on a need-to-know basis. However, in retrospect, we can now clearly see these separate phases that were part of this particular project.

Furthermore, we can now clearly see how well this project has worked in infiltrating Christianity and in expanding Satan’s influence and power in the lives of individuals, as well as across physical geographies. The success and rapidity with which this plan has taken root within Christianity is alarming.

The phases were as follows:

  1. The process of bringing the fallen through was phase one, and they came through according to chain of command.

  2. Phase two involved strategic planning to set up base camps of operations within the Grid that was set up around the earth, so the fallen could effectively operate and work on this particular project. They then worked on putting the base camps in place, a process that was and is still ongoing, adding more and more camps of operations as time went on.

  3. Phase three was using human infiltrators in the supernatural and in the natural, and for the fallen angels to use their territories of authority to expand Satan’s influence, particularly within Christianity, by infecting them with occult doctrine through charismatic teachings. This phase, too, is ongoing.

  4. The current phase has charismatics now working directly with the fallen angels to increase the influence and authority of Satan’s kingdom. In case it isn’t clear by now, this entire book has been describing the various occult teachings that charismatics are involved in, that the fallen are currently using to exponentially increase their influence, particularly within Christianity.

  5. We are not privy to other phases of this plan, but we do know that as time passes, everything will eventually lead all those who have fallen into deception intoa single, New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” ultimately paving the way for the final Antichrist to appear.

Carolyn was involved in phase one of this project, which began in the early 1980’s, and first required opening a portal to another realm to bring in a group of fallen angels who were powerful warriors. When they initially came through the portal, Carolyn thought of them as “Light Beings,” because they were bright and shining ones, as if they were made from the essence of light itself. After a short time of interaction with them, however, Carolyn came to realize their beautiful appearance was not an accurate representation of who they actually were. Their true nature was, in fact, very dark and evil. They were merciless, cold, arrogant, short-tempered, violent, and full of hatred. When she asked her mentors about the glaring contradiction, she was told they were fierce warriors, therefore she was to accept their dark personalities and character.

The very first fallen warrior that came through was Ai,(45) and at that time, he was assigned to eventually become the chosen global ruler, made possible by the creation of a physical body. This plan may have changed and another may have been selected, but at the time Carolyn worked within Satan’s hierarchy, this was the plan.

The second fallen warrior that came in was Rommel, and a handful of those directly under his command (at least 6) came right behind him. Rommel did not want to take a physical body. He was the top military leader for this operation and explicitly trusted by Lucifer (a being who Carolyn soon came to realize was actually Satan).

Phase one also involved creating physical bodies for some of them, although not all of them wanted or required a physical body.

Carolyn was privy to watch as phase two of the project started underway — setting up base camps within the Grid — and she observed meetings for the purposes of strategic planning, whereby these generals (Rommel and his group) mapped out their plans to infiltrate, using the map of the Grid of territories and boundaries. They would then go set up the bases of operations, while Carolyn was helping to pull in the other ones that came underneath them — lower in rank than the first wave, but still very powerful. Some of these beings were set to have physical bodies created for them for the purpose of having offspring, and people would never know they weren’t human. Others were never purposed to have physical bodies, while still others were prepared to be walk-ins.

Phase three involved using humans as infiltrators, both in the physical and in the astral, within the bases of operations the fallen had set up. In the case with the movement to infiltrate Christianity, the base camps were churches, for the most part — churches whose leaders were “new-age thinkers,” open to supernatural manifestations and experiences, and gift-minded.

Carolyn was involved in this infiltration of churches; however, she soon realized exactly whom she was working for (Satan himself), and she left the organization in 1986.

Loren was involved in phase three of this project as well, and was used as an infiltrator, mostly in the astral realms. She was involved in group efforts to travel to different charismatic churches all across North America that had been set up as the bases of operations within the territories of the fallen. She often traveled in the astral with her team — a smaller group of usually around 4 to 5, plus a “team leader” or mentor — along with a horde of demons. They were traveling under the leadership of a high-ranking fallen angel who is a commander of the North American continent.

As they traveled, they picked up other teams at particular locations, and dropped others off at different locations, depending upon which church they had been assigned. Some teams were smaller in number, and some were larger, but counting the demons that accompanied them, there were thousands traveling, involved in this assignment.

They made their way from the south (where Loren lived at the time) to north/northeast, and they were high enough where Loren could see the United States and Canada spread out before her. The Grid was stretched out below, glowing with a fluorescent green, marking the boundaries of territories. Large bright green dots marked the bases of operations — the churches and ministries that had been set up and scattered across the entire area — that had been set up specifically to house demons, as well as to serve as bases of operations for the fallen angel whose territory housed the ministries. When they turned back in a southerly direction, towards the church Loren’s team was assigned to, they got closer to the ground, and she could more clearly see the churches they were heading towards. There were large beams of light, like huge spotlights, coming up from the middle of the churches, filled with demons spiraling around, going in and out of those churches.

The church Loren’s team was assigned to was in Florida, United States. They were involved in perpetuating the false “manifestations, signs and wonders” that was going on there, and were also in charge of creating a particular spiritual atmosphere. They would create this atmosphere by forming balls of energy and light from their own energy, pushing it out from their person, and spreading it around like a fire throughout the entire church. Every so often, they would come across a single person or a small group of people to whom this energy would not stick, so they avoided them. But otherwise, they would cover people, pews, walls, et cetera, with this energy. People mistook the feel-good, positively-charged atmosphere as being from God, then they would open their minds to accept this energy, and open up their hearts to what they considered to be “God,” allowing demons access to possess and control them. Once they opened their hearts and minds to the spiritual manifestations, Loren saw very thin, bright beams of light shining from the bodies of the individuals. Of the lights she saw, some came from the center of their body, and others came from the top of the head. The demons were taking those lights and connecting them to the larger beam of light that was blazing from the center of the church.

What was happening is that Loren and her group, as infiltrators in the astral, were creating a positively-charged spiritual atmosphere. And because people were “feeling good,” they were purposefully and consciously giving themselves over to the emotion, not noticing they were being spiritually sucked dry by the demons who were gaining access to them and hooking them up to the spiritual drug. As the demons gained control of their mind, will, emotions, and body, and as the individuals gave more and more acceptance to the demonic, they were quite literally (in the spiritual) being plugged into the spirit of the antichrist that was within the church through the fallen that was controlling that territory.


The Shining Ones are not the human spirit of certain special individuals. They are fallen angels who are either channeling through particular, chosen people, or are using them as a walk-in. This is done to build the kingdom of Satan.

How? Because as those certain chosen individuals submit to the authority of the fallen, they are then sharing the deceiving messages from the fallen with others that they have influence over. In this way, people are helping the fallen angels to gain acceptance by the larger majority, and Satan’s kingdom — his influence on earth — is being enlarged.

The realm of influence and the territory being taken over is our heart. This is the main battleground. When people come under submission to the authority of Satan by opening up their mind to the influence of the demonic, their heart — in other words, the seat of all spiritual life, including the intentions, desires, and focus — is taken over. When the demonic have control of the heart, they can control the entire person. Through this demonic influence, their thoughts, passions, feelings, desires, appetites, affections, and aversions begin to reflect the demonic. And their purpose, their endeavors, their understanding, their will, and their character becomes like Satan.

Furthermore, because the individual has submitted to the authority of Satan, any physical geography they previously had authority over — their home, place of business, church, et cetera — will come under his authority.

In this way, Satan’s kingdom is expanded across the earth: first in the hearts and minds of mankind, and then, through mankind, across physical geographies. His kingdom is being built on earth now, because he knows this is the only time he has.

On the other hand, the Kingdom of God is established and expanded in the hearts of humanity now, and will be built on earth for eternity when Jesus Christ returns to earth.

So any time an individual is expanding or building “their realm,” this is not a work of God. This is actually a work of the antichrist spirit, and is an indication that the fallen angel, whose authority and influence they have submitted to, is working through them in an attempt to expand the kingdom of Satan.

Because of the increasing obsession with heavenly places, supernatural realms, and spiritual warfare, compounded with all the other unbiblical attitudes and motivations that have been cultivated within the charismatic movement for years now — such as gifts, and supernatural manifestations and experiences — these “man-centered” and “feelings-focused” attitudes are making particular chosen charismatics the perfect vehicle to be used by the fallen to advance the kingdom of Satan in the hearts and minds of mankind, and over physical geographies.

The only “realm” (territory of influence) that the Christian should desire to be expanded in the world is the influence (realm) of the Holy Spirit of the true God within the hearts of people. The Kingdom of God is not established by witchcraft through an expansion of so-called personal heavenly realms. The influence of the Holy Spirit is not increased in our hearts by working through the demonic.

The Kingdom of God is established and expanded not through the influence of mankind, but through the influence of the Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom of God is established and expanded in the hearts of mankind, not in geographical territories.

The Kingdom of God is established by submitting to God, walking in obedience to His Word, and asking Him to increase His influence in our own lives.


The major points of this chapter are as follows.

  1. The Shining Ones are fallen angels who have authority over defined geographies called territories or realms. These boundaries of territories are known to the authors as the Grid.
  2. Within the boundaries of territories are bases of operations out of which the fallen work. Within this plan to infiltrate Christianity, these base camps are Christian churches, ministries, or organizations, and are either:
    1. churches/ministries that have been heavily infiltrated and taken over by the demonic and used as a base camp for the demonic;
    2. or, churches/ministries that have been founded by infiltrators and set up at the very beginning to be a base camp for the demonic.
    3. The size of the church/ministry/organization does not matter. In other words, the fallen will use an operation with one or two individuals, or an operation with multiple thousands involved.
  3. These fallen angels, and the demonic hordes beneath them, are operating out of these bases and advancing the kingdom of darkness in preparation for the coming of the final Antichrist by using certain chosen humans as vehicles.
    1. People can be used to channel demonic messages of the fallen to other people around them.
    2. People can be used as a walk-in, whereby the fallen angel will take control of the human body.
  4. The reasons for using humans as a vehicle are:
    1. so the fallen can gain acceptance by the larger majority of people, thereby gaining influence and authority over those people;
    2. and, through gaining influence and authority over people, the fallen expand their influence over physical geographies, thereby gaining more power within their individual realms.
    3. These things are in preparation for the final Antichrist to appear.

How this relates to the Shining Ones doctrine and the teachings on realms:

  1. The charismatic Shining Ones teaching is based on the fractal spirituality that is driving the “Spirit Man” theology. These teachings are false and are doctrines of demons.
  2. The Shining Ones teaching is centered around preparing certain, chosen charismatic Christians to be used by the fallen as a vehicle, via channeling or as a walk-in. This is part of Satan’s plan to deceive Christians and to bring Christians into alignment with the spirit of the antichrist.
  3. The fallen are using those certain chosen charismatics to deceive other people into opening the spiritual space (“realm”) of their heart and mind to being influenced by the fallen and the demons who are working under them. The teachings on realms is one way this is taking place.
  4. When the average individual opens the spiritual space (“realm”) of their heart and mind through the charismatic and Satanic doctrine of realms, they will come under the authority of the fallen angel to whose territory they are submitting. The result is as follows:
    1. The individual’s spiritual space within their body is invaded and taken over by the demonic who are working under the fallen angel who is over that particular territory.
    2. While this invasion is taking place, the individual is hooked up to a spiritual drug that gives them a spiritual high.
    3. They are then brought into alignment with and connected to the spirit of the antichrist.
    4. This continual connection leads them into delusion, whereby the influence of the demonic is expanded in their hearts and lives, causing them to come under the control of the demonic. The demonic:
      1. capture the territory of the human heart (intentions, desires, focus, et cetera);
      2. and through this, they capture the spirit/soul.
    5. Any geographical space the individual has authority over will be brought under the authority and control of that fallen angel, as well, such as homes, places of business, churches, et cetera.

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III. Other “Christian” Occult Teachings

By the time you have read this far, it is hopeful that based upon what we have shared with you, you understand that the basic “fractal spirituality” — such as what is found within the Spirit Man theology and Shining Ones teachings — is false and is leading to deception. This is not a simple disagreement over Biblical doctrine; it is a major deception. There can be no agreement between dark and light. There can be no agreement between God and Satan. There is no compromise between doctrines of demons and Biblical doctrine.

There are a few other teachings we want to highlight in this book that are all based on this same fractal spirituality, and they go hand-in-hand with the Spirit Man and the Shining Ones theologies. Hopefully by this time, you will be able to recognize that since they are based on false beliefs, the doctrines or teachings themselves are false. But we are going to dive into a few details, just to make sure this point is clear, and to give you, the reader, the ability to point to clear writings on specific points within each doctrine that show how these doctrines are false.

Before we get into specifics, it is first important to understand the human element involved in this training and teaching of occult doctrine. Yes, it is demonically led and inspired, but there is human involvement, of course. There are different settings that are used as an opportunity to promote these occult doctrines, as well as training the individuals to help them develop their occult skills. This training can take place in a church setting, a church-sponsored Bible study, or in a “deliverance counseling” session. These can be in person or through various media. There are also seminars to attend, classes to take, as well as books and video lessons to buy, where people will teach others how to “engage” different spiritual elements and have spiritual experiences.

There are often blog articles written or YouTube videos created, offering certain amounts of information that is meant to entice people into spending money for all this training. Buzzwords and catchphrases are used to entice people into these occult doctrines, such as “gain a deeper understanding, engage in high-level spiritual warfare, or activate your spiritual senses.” (See the Glossary for more phrases and words.)

Other times, the training of the charismatic in these occult teachings is facilitated by various types of small “support-group-like” settings, either in person or through different types of social media. They will meet regularly, share their “spiritual experiences,” and give one another encouragement, instruction, and direction as they practice their occult skills through activities they call “prayer, meditation, or spiritual warfare.” These are usually free, but can still serve as an enticement to spend money on different products and opportunities that will teach them even more.

A Caveat: In the same way that the “little gods” teachings are repurposed and repackaged every so often and given a fresh new name and a few differing details, so are the following teachings. So, depending upon the year and upon the person trying to sell you these false doctrines, there may be some details that are different than what we have below. Therefore, on most of these points, we try to offer basics and not much detail, especially since we have already gone into considerable detail concerning where much of this is coming from.

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A. Teachings Related to “Spirit Man” Theology

As of this writing, there are two main related teachings on the “Spirit Man” theology: Seat of Dominion and Gateways. As far as we can tell, the teachings on “Seat of Dominion” are directly related to the original teachings on the spirit man, and are being taught by the founder of this theology. On the other hand, while the teachings on “Gateways” are something that, perhaps unintentionally, complement the teachings of the Spirit Man theology, they are being taught by a completely different person.

1. Seat of Dominion

This teaching is related to the Spirit Man teachings, in that it is the “spirit of the person” who takes control of the Seat of Dominion found within the spiritual realm of the person, for the express purpose to operate within that spirit’s realm. Since the system of a dissociative person is being  wrongly regarded as being equivalent to the “spiritual realm,” for those who are dissociative, the Seat of Dominion is found within their system.

Spiritually speaking, teachers and proponents of this teaching say they believe there is an internal “temple of God” (a mirror of the tabernacles that are spoken of in the Bible) within each person, and inside the individual’s “internal tabernacle” are mirrors of the articles of furniture that are found inside “God’s tabernacle.” They believe the “Seat of Dominion” is found within that internal tabernacle, and it is described as the throne of authority for the spirit of the person to take control of, allowing that spirit to rule and reign over the soul and body of the individual. When the “spirit” of the person engages this “throne,” it directs the individual’s actions and special assignments, which are often related to engaging in “spiritual warfare” in the supernatural. They believe that since their spirit is in direct communication with God and that it is up to the individual to learn how to submit to this spirit, then they allow this spirit to take a place of dominance and control over them via this “Seat of Dominion.”

Physically speaking, teachers and proponents of this teaching say the Seat of Dominion is located directly behind the center of the forehead, in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the same location as the so-called third eye. They will often freely and publicly admit that this is the same place as the “third eye.” They say the Seat of Dominion is meant to be spiritually plugged into that part of the brain, and when the spirit of the person sits on the seat, the individual will feel as if they have been “amped up,” or, filled with energy. After the individual has been “plugged in” to this Seat of Dominion, they believe they are able to grow in dominion and authority through their spirit.

What’s Really Going On

The name sounds Christian enough (sort-of), but that’s where the similarity ends.

First, there is no Scriptural basis for this whatsoever.

Second, considering the nature of how the Seat of Dominion is being planted inside the system of a dissociative individual through the Spirit Man programming (or the spiritual space inside a non-dissociative person), the Seat of Dominion “exercise” is actually Seat of Dominion Programming that is being placed inside the individual.

Third, even according to their own admission, the Seat of Dominion is equivalent to the third eye that occultists speak of, and it is meant to be the “seat of the spirit.” Likewise, many occultists describe the third eye as being “the seat of the soul,” and by their definitions, the terms “soul” and “spirit” are used interchangeably.

Furthermore, when the so-called spirit of the person takes control of the Seat of Dominion, it has the same effect as what happens when the third eye is opened. There is the initial euphoric rush of adrenaline, and the area on the forehead where the third eye is supposedly located can start to tingle and get warm. But not only is this Seat of Dominion exercise opening the third eye, it is also serving as a way for the “head center” or, “crown chakra” to be opened.

Although the words “third eye” and “head center / crown chakra” are terms that occultists use, they are, in actuality, describing spiritual gateways that they open up to allow the demonic to control them. These gateways are not the only ways that people can open themselves up to demonic influence and control, but they certainly are quick ways to do so, and simply serve as a point of visualization in order to facilitate the process.

Truth Versus Lie of the Third Eye

There is a web of lies surrounding the third eye and its supposed connection to the endocrine system, specifically the pineal gland. To understand this, let’s first explore the basics of human anatomy as it relates to the endocrine system.

According to the website, Inner Body, “the endocrine system includes all of the glands of the body and the hormones produced by those glands. The glands are controlled directly by stimulation from the nervous system as well as by chemical receptors in the blood and hormones produced by other glands. By regulating the functions of organs in the body, these glands help to maintain the body’s homeostasis. Cellular metabolism, reproduction, sexual development, sugar and mineral homeostasis, heart rate, and digestion are among the many processes regulated by the actions of hormones.”(46)

We aren’t going to go into detail of what each of these systems do, but here is a basic list of the elements that comprise the endocrine system:

  1. Hypothalamus.
  2. Pituitary Gland
    1. Posterior Pituitary
    2. Anterior Pituitary
  3. Pineal Gland
  4. Thyroid Gland
  5. Parathyroid Glands
  6. Adrenal Glands
    1. Adrenal cortex
    2. Adrenal medulla
  7. Pancreas
  8. Gonads
    1. Testes (male)
    2. Ovaries (female)
  9. Thymus

The Lie of the Endocrine System as it Relates to Spiritual Centers or Chakras

Although there is wide disagreement amongst various occult groups worldwide, one common “westernized” occult view of the anatomy of the endocrine system is that the spiritual centers or chakras relate to the following seven parts of the endocrine system:(47)

  1. Root chakra — gonads (some say the root chakra controls the adrenals)
  2. Sacral chakra — adrenals (some say the sacral chakra controls the gonads)
  3. Solar plexus chakra — pancreas
  4. Heart chakra — thymus
  5. Throat chakra — thyroid
  6. Third eye chakra — pituitary gland (some say the pineal gland is linked to the third eye chakra as well as the crown chakra)
  7. Crown chakra — pineal gland

As you can see, even from this perspective, there’s some confusion among occultists as to exactly which part of the endocrine system each “chakra or center” is supposed to govern. However, when some occultists (or Christians who have been fooled by occultists and occult doctrine), particularly those who would generally be considered “lower-level initiates,” speak of the pineal gland, they are often referring to the third eye.

The Lie of the Pineal

Many self-proclaimed “Christians” are beginning to declare the following about the pineal gland:

  • They say this gland is the seat of the soul.

  • They say that God created this gland as the means to communicate with us, and in order to do so, we must keep it open.

  • They proclaim that the pineal gland is there for us to operate through so we can connect to the supernatural, and in order to do so, we must keep it open.

  • They say that sometimes the pineal gland gets calcified and closes, hindering our communication with God; therefore, they say we need to decalcify it. Some of them will offer to teach you how to do this — for a fee, of course.

What these “Christians” are actually doing through these teachings is opening, or advocating the opening of, the third eye. They may say, “We aren’t opening our third eye; we’re unblocking our pineal gland.” However, they are giving an occult application to the pineal gland, and what they describe about the “pineal gland” is exactly what many lower-level occultists say about the pineal gland: that it is accessed by opening the third eye, and among other things, that it is a way to communicate with the “spirit world.”

The Truth of the Endocrine System as it Relates to Spiritual Centers or Chakras

In reality, however, more “advanced” occultists (often referred to as “high-level initiates”) know that the pineal gland has nothing whatsoever to do with the third eye. This lie is perpetuated in order to deceive people into opening the third eye, which is considered to be a “spiritual center” that can help facilitate communication with the spirit world (what is actually the demonic). It can also be a stepping stone to opening the “head center,” which is where a higher-level connection with the demonic takes place, causing the individual to come under an even stronger bondage to the demonic. Since the demonic desires to have greater control over individuals, the “opening of the third eye” is the gateway to allowing this to take place.

Of course, the occultists are not likely to say these centers or chakras are actually gateways that open communication with the demonic; instead, they use terms such as: spirit world, spirits, angels, the Divine, spiritual beings, Ascended Masters, Galactic Masters, et cetera, and the stated intention is to have a “oneness or unity” with the “Universal Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, the Divine” or other such phrases. But these beings are, in fact, different types of demonic beings that work for Satan, and the “oneness or unity” is, in fact, a unity with the spirit of the antichrist and with the demonic. These centers (or, chakras) are nothing more than gateways that connect the individual with the demonic and with the spirit of the antichrist, serving as entryways or portals for the demonic to enter into the individual and to work through them to influence the world at large.

The truth behind the endocrine system and how it is really connected to these centers or chakras, is that once an individual opens themselves up to demonic control (via the gateways), the demonic are able to control their emotions, partially by taking control of their endocrine system.

To remind you of what we have already written at the beginning of this book, the process by which Satan and his members control their human hosts is detailed as follows:

  1. The demonic entities using the human (also known as a vehicle) have a spiritual cord attached to the human, giving them access to the whole person, spiritual and physical, including the ability to manipulate the nervous system and the endocrine system.

  2. Through that cord they transfer a type of spiritual energy that affects the human’s neurotransmitters, impacting them in the same way it would if they were to take a physical drug that altered their brain chemistry.

  3. Satan’s members then have the ability to artificially boost a person’s mental and emotional state, causing the brain to release a type of opiate that makes them feel positive and good. People can mistake these positive emotions as something spiritual, and be encouraged to continue down the path that the influencing entities are leading them down.

  4. The entities using that human can also use the brain connection to affect their human negatively when they are moving off course. The person will notice an undesirable difference in feeling, encouraging them to avoid the things which the influencing entities want them to avoid. This negative reinforcement works the same way the positive reinforcement does, keeping them on the path the influencing entities desire them to go.

As stated before, an individual does not have to go through any type of Seat of Dominion exercise, or unblocking or opening of chakras/centers exercises, meditation, or any other types of similar activities in order to open themselves up to the demonic. However, these are quick ways to do so, and regardless of whether such exercises are used or not, the result is the same: the demonic are controlling the individual by artificially boosting or deflating an individual’s emotions, particularly by taking control of the nervous system and by manipulation of certain hormones found within the endocrine system.

Without getting overly technical, allow us to simply explain how this works in a bit more detail.

In response to stimuli, the nervous system sends out particular chemicals called neurotransmitters that are fast-acting but short-term. On the other hand, in response to stimuli, the endocrine system sends out certain hormones that, while slower-acting, have a more long-lasting effect.(48) The neurotransmitters are directly related to the nervous system, and the glands of the endocrine system are also controlled directly by stimulation from the nervous system.

When the demonic have control over your nervous system as well as your endocrine system, they can regulate your emotional and mental states, encouraging you to participate in activities that strengthen their link to you, and discouraging activities which will weaken their link to you.

So, regardless of their doublespeak and their state of doublethink,(49) those Christians who believe that their pineal gland allows them to have communication with God have been led into deception. By buying into this lie of the pineal gland, they are actually opening a gateway to the demonic — called the third eye by many occultists, and thinly disguised as this “Seat of Dominion” exercise within certain charismatic groups — and allowing the demonic to begin controlling them through that occult gateway. They begin receiving “spiritual messages,” believing them to be from God, but they are actually from the demonic. They begin having “spiritual experiences,” believing them to be of God, but they are actually part of a demonic deception.

The Bible clearly shows that we are able to have communication with God because of the work of Jesus Christ, and because the Holy Spirit of God now dwells with us and in us. When we have the Holy Spirit of God in us, we are connected to the very Creator of the universe!

So the question we have for these charismatics who have fallen for this Satanic deception of the pineal gland is this: is the Almighty Creator of the heavens and earth so weak that He is limited by a gland in your body that He created?

If you believe the answer to this is “Yes,” then you are serving the wrong god.

Now that we have a clearer understanding of the endocrine system and how occultists relate it to the centers or chakras — both lower-level initiates as well as more advanced occultists — we will continue on with our study of this Seat of Dominion, as it is an exercise that is actually opening what occultists refer to as the third eye, as well as leading to what they say is the head center (crown chakra) being opened.

Effects of Opening the Third Eye

Opening what occultists call the third eye — or, as some charismatic occultists are putting it, “allowing the spirit to take the Seat of Dominion” — will most certainly lead to an increase of supernatural experiences and open the lines of communication to the spirit world of the demonic. The initial rush of euphoria is common, as well as the high that comes from the supernatural experiences that follow. However, as outlined in the section on “upheaval and subtractions,” opening this portal or gateway to the demonic can also lead to insanity, nervous breakdowns, depression, suicidal ideation / suicide attempts, and for some, the triggering of latent programming. This is especially true if the individual isn’t properly “prepared” beforehand. Bluntly put, this “preparation” consists of getting used to how it feels to be possessed by a demonic entity, having a sharp increase in the sensitivity of the spiritual senses, and not being in complete control of the spirit and body senses.

High-level initiates within the occult are often taught to avoid opening the other centers and just go right for the top (the head center), because essentially they believe the “higher, purer spirit messages” come from the head center, while the “junk” comes from the other centers. By going straight for the top, the effects of the “pure” messages they receive from the top is believed to filter down to the other centers, automatically creating balance.(50) But there is still a considerable amount of preparation that is involved beforehand. A large part of their preparation for this is learning to separate themselves from their own emotion, so they are not so negatively affected by the intensity of the supernatural experiences and by the different spiritual entities (demons) they come across. This preparation usually begins from a very young age, and is, in fact, teaching them how to dissociate.

Even many lower-level initiates understand that to get a person to the point of opening what they will usually call the “third eye,” it’s important to go slowly, so as to avoid the sharp contrasts between the highs and the lows. They sometimes manage this process by slowly working their way through each of the “lower centers or chakras.” They believe this will help regulate the emotional and mental states, hopefully avoiding the negative effects.

But whether “high-level or low-level,” many occultists will try to manage their fluctuating emotional and mental states by taking part in activities that will release “feel-good” hormones and chemicals, such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, estrogen, or progesterone, chemicals and hormones that are produced by the nervous system and the endocrine system.(51)

While taking part in activities that increase and release these chemicals and hormones is not bad in and of itself, what is bad is the chosen activities for occultists are often those things that will continue to keep them open to demonic influences, including yoga, different forms of meditation, and a variety of other spiritual activities. The individual will also be more likely to engage in different types of sexual activity outside of Scriptural boundaries, to release these chemicals and hormones. Quite often they will also resort to abusing drugs or alcohol in an attempt to regulate or alter their own emotional and mental states. But what is really going on, is that these types of spiritually unhealthy activities are being spurred on by the demons who are controlling the individual, encouraging them to engage in these activities as they administer the spiritual drug we have previously talked about, through the fast-acting neurotransmitters of the nervous system, as well as the slower but longer-lasting hormones of the endocrine system. The demonic does this so the individual will continue to remain open to their influence.

But regardless of whether or not the individual has had “adequate preparation” or an “experienced mentor” to help them through the process of opening the so-called 6th or 7th centers, such an activity is not of God, and is actually opening up the person to the demonic.

Seat of Dominion within “Deliverance Counseling”

In implementing this “Seat of Dominion” exercise within a “Spirit Man deliverance counseling” situation, demons are preying on the insecurities and trauma injuries of the individual, as the individual, with the encouragement and through the prompting of their “counselor,” seeks spiritual experiences to help them feel more in control. They are told by their counselor that this “Seat of Dominion” is something that will allow their own spirit to take control of them, and this is supposed to help facilitate healing of emotion, mind, and even body, as well as allow them a deeper level of communication with God.

However, the Seat of Dominion is an exercise that opens what occultists call the third eye, and it facilitates a complete possession of the individual by the demonic in a much faster way than a traditional “opening of the third eye” will do. In this way, it acts much like what occultists refer to as an “opening of the head center,” as well. This is where much of the subsequent upheaval comes from, particularly with individuals who are already experiencing trauma in their life (such as dissociative clients who are dealing with trauma injuries and memory flooding). And for an individual whose “third eye” has already been previously opened, the Seat of Dominion takes that experience to a whole new level, as the demonic spirits begin to quickly invade and drive the individual through those open gateways.

So there’s no misunderstanding, here is what is really happening through this “spirit” taking control of the individual through the Seat of Dominion:

  1. Since we’ve already established that the “spirit” of the person through the Spirit Man theology/programming is either a demonically controlled part of the person, or a demon itself, the person is giving control of themselves to the demonic. They are opening the spiritual space within themselves to be invaded by other spirits.

  2. The demonic enter into the individual’s spiritual space, and physically take control of the nervous system and the endocrine system, which is where the spiritual highs and lows come from.

  3. The demons plug the person into the demonic drug through this supposed “Seat of Dominion,” which is where the “amped up” feeling or the “energy rush” comes from.

    1. This “Seat of Dominion” is equivalent to what occultists call the “third eye,” and can eventually lead to the opening of what some call the crown chakra, or the head center.

    2. To reiterate, the teachings behind the “centers or chakras” are a demonic deception. In reality, they simply create gateways to allow for communication with the demonic, as well as serve as an opening through which the demonic can enter into and work through.

  4. Through this “spiritual drug,” the demonic can manipulate the person’s thoughts and actions through their brain chemistry. They will administer the drug so a high is given, and withhold the drug so a low is experienced.

  5. Because of this, the individual seeks the highs through the spiritual experiences that are being facilitated through this gateway. In this way, it will lead to the individual becoming addicted to those spiritual experiences. Some of these experiences include:

    1. “Seeing in the spirit” or “traveling in the spirit” to places across the earth, or to “heavenly places.” This is actually different types of astral travel/projection and remote viewing, and the “heavenly places” are demonic realms that are set up to be pleasing to the human senses.

    2. Having visions. Some of these vision may be real, but they are from the demonic, given with the intent to lead them into delusion, and to keep their focus on the spiritual experiences rather than the Heavenly Father.

    3. Receiving their own “personal angel” (what is actually a demon or a fallen angel) to guide them, lead them into “spiritual truth” (what is actually occult doctrine), and to work with them on assignments (this usually entails a false “spiritual warfare”).

    4. Engaging in what they believe to be “spiritual warfare.” This is basically to keep them warrior-minded, and to keep them busy in activities that will keep them from developing a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

    5. An enhancement of their occult gifts that they mistakenly believe to be from God, such as: astral travel, telepathy, seer gifts, et cetera.

    6. This can also lead to or intensify other types of addictions, such as alcohol, drugs, food, or sexual addictions, as the demons influence the individual through the gateway/s that the person has left open.

    7. The influence and control the demonic have on the individual will begin to change the personality of the person. These personality changes are not always visible to the general public, as many changes appear to be insignificant to those who don’t know the person very well. But close family and friends will be more likely to notice these changes as being significant. See also in this book: “Common Effects (Fruit) of Practicing Witchcraft” and “Submission to Authority and the Heart.”

  6. While the individual is busy engaging themselves with all the spiritual experiences they are having, the demonic connect them to the spirit of the antichrist, and the individual becomes a receptor for demonic messages, as well as an open gateway through which the demonic can enter into and work through to influence the world at large.

Some clients of “deliverance counseling,” are brought through the “Seat of Dominion” exercise through the “Spirit Man” theology/programming without any preparation beforehand and without the entire process being clearly explained. They are quite blatantly lied to, as those teaching these exercises do not always make it clear that this exercise is intending to “open or clear the third eye.” Many of these clients have deep occult ties, and their third eye has already been opened. Not all, of course, but considering the types of people who seek out “deliverance counseling,” the likelihood of many of the clients to have occult ties is very high. They don’t realize that going through the exercise of the “Seat of Dominion” is something that will facilitate a complete possession by the demonic, as well as establish a more open and secure line of communication to the demonic. As a result, these individuals are not always prepared for the constant fluctuations between the highs of the spiritual experiences, and the subsequent crashes that come afterwards. They are caught off-guard because they have been lied to and told that this is a “Biblical” exercise. They are also caught off-guard because they don’t realize that in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the influx of demonic messages and supernatural experiences, they will need to dissociate themselves from their own emotions. Although dissociation comes very naturally for many of these types of clients, they are going through “deliverance counseling” to overcome dissociation; therefore, the “Seat of Dominion” exercise is actually reinforcing that dissociation and is a complete contradiction to their reason for going through “counseling” in the first place.

Some may be more prepared because their “counselor, coach, or mentor,” through bastardizing Scripture, conditions them for the spiritual experience of opening the “third eye or the head center” through the Seat of Dominion exercise, taking more time to coach them through the entire process, and to help them work through any upheaval they may experience. But the clients are still being lied to and told that it is their “spirit” who is taking control. And since the client is more likely to trust their “counselor” and the judgement of said “counselor” over and above their own judgement, they are not likely to question if it’s even a good idea to give their own supposed “spirit” full and total control of them in the first place!

However, not all such clients have counselors who properly prepare their clients beforehand and help them deal with the aftermath, and for those clients, struggling through the upheaval on their own can be devastating.

While it’s true that any type of counseling process can cause upheaval in the client’s life if they are being flooded by memories, there are circumstances within certain counseling situations, however (such as with “deliverance counseling”), that exacerbate the upheaval caused by opening what occultists call the 6th or 7th chakras/centers. Aside from memory flooding, the upheaval can be compounded by various other factors, including:

  • Counselors who are grossly unqualified to help people with severe trauma and dissociative disorders.
  • Inadequate or a complete lack of support for the clients.
  • Programming that is opening up or is being triggered within the clients, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Constant switching between alters because of the emotional, mental, and spiritual stress and trauma they are going through, both in their personal life as well as within the “counseling” situation.

All of this upheaval is bad enough, but if the individual has been deceived into believing that they are supposed to give complete control of their entire self — including their body — to their “human spirit,” adding the Seat of Dominion into the mix is a recipe for disaster. And no, not everyone will have a tremendous amount of upheaval. Some will have much less. However, regardless of whether they have less or more upheaval, they are literally allowing the demonic to have complete and total control of their mind, will, emotions, and body.

So although this “Seat of Dominion” is packaged and sold to charismatics under the guise of “healing,” or to supposedly facilitating a “deeper relationship with God,” it is actually facilitating a demonic takeover of the individual. It is giving the demonic the “seat of dominion” over the individual. It is teaching Christians to willingly give control over to the demonic by opening up the spiritual space within themselves, allowing themselves to be hooked up to a demonic drug, and ultimately connected to the antichrist spirit, which will then bring them under a spirit of delusion. With some who have come under the lie of the “Shining Ones,” it is allowing the fallen to have total and complete control of them, as well.

One final point: after the individual has been “plugged in” to this Seat of Dominion, they say they are able to grow in dominion and authority through their spirit. This is actually speaking to a “spiritual evolution” they are seeking to obtain as part of learning to walk in and manifest their “godhood.” (This topic was touched on in the section titled, “Fractals.”) This is an idea that is part of the “little gods” teachings, although they don’t always word it so blatantly. They prefer to use “Christian language” to hide the true meaning, so they speak of their spirit growing stronger, growing bigger, growing in dominion, growing in authority, et cetera, a process they believe is, in part, facilitated by the Seat of Dominion.


There is a saying that is quickly taking root within charismatic groups: “Satan has a counterfeit for every truth that comes from God.” Therefore, by their logic, Satan has chakras or centers, and God has the Seat of Dominion. Or, Satan has the third eye, and God has the pineal gland. However, these things are a lie! The teachings behind the “centers or chakras” are a demonic deception, and the Seat of Dominion is part of that same occult deception!

Unclogging, decalcifying, or cleansing the pineal gland does not help you communicate with God. It has nothing to do with anything in the spiritual at all. It is a demonic deception that is meant to trick you into opening a gateway (what occultists would call the third eye) for the demonic to control and influence you.

Likewise, opening what occultists call the “third eye” or the “head center” does not help you communicate with God. This is a lie!

Neither does the Seat of Dominion allow for a deeper and stronger connection to your Heavenly Father. That is a lie!

When you participate in any of these things, you are simply creating gateways to allow for communication with the demonic. They will take control of your endocrine system, as well as your nervous system, manipulating your emotions through the particular hormones (slower but longer-lasting) and the neurotransmitters (fast-acting chemicals) found therein. And instead of connecting with your Heavenly Father, you are connecting yourself to the prince of the power of the air (Satan) and to all the demonic influences that work for him. They will plug you into the spirit of the antichrist, and you will become a “portal” (a gateway) for the demonic to enter into and work through to have greater influence over you and in the world at large.

Creator God did not create a gland in our body to be the physical connection between ourselves and Him. We do not have communication with Him by “opening the third eye or the head center.” We do not have a deeper connection to God through an imaginary “seat” that is found in our spiritual space or in our system. The bridge between mankind and God is Jesus Christ, and it is through His work that we are able to have open communication with the Father through His Holy Spirit Who continually works on our heart to keep those lines of communication open. Do not engage in activity that will open your mind to accept and receive the demonic, but keep your mind focused on your Heavenly Father and on building a relationship with Him.

  • Important Note: the co-author, Carolyn, is aware that in the past she may not have always been as clear as she wanted to be when explaining the truth about the third eye, spiritual centers (what some call chakras), and the pineal gland. Therefore, if you have any confusion about what she has said in the past, she would like for you, the reader, to consider the information in this chapter to supersede anything she has ever said or written in the past about this subject that may have been confusing or contradictory.

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2. Gateways(52)

The following are the basics behind the “gateways” theology:

  1. They say there are three basic gateways: gateways of the body, gateways of the soul, and gateways of the spirit.
  2. The gateways of the body are said to lead into the gateways of the soul, and they claim the gateways of the soul lead to the gateways of the spirit.
  3. The gateways of the spirit are said to lead to the center of the human spirit, where the “Gateway of First Love” is found, opening up to the “Glory of God” that is reflected inside each of us.
  4. There are also gateways that are talked about as being “ways of learning” (musical, mathematical, interpersonal, visual, et cetera).
  5. People are taught to separate their spirit from their soul in preparation for opening the gateways.
  6. People are taught to submit each gateway to their own human spirit.
  7. People are taught to keep their gateways “clean and clear” so the supposed “glory of God can flow through the gateways.”

What’s Really Going On

There is a lot of Christian language being used in this occult teaching on gateways. However, there’s also a lot of Christian language used in the Luciferian/Satanic writings of occultists such as Helena Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, or Alice A. Bailey. So “language” can be distorted to cause the reader to come to a conclusion that is not true. We briefly discussed this “language distortion” under the section titled “Doublespeak and Doublethink.”

But here is the truth behind what is really going on with these gateways:

1. The entire concept of “gateways” is based on fractal spirituality, also known as quantum spirituality. Aside from the nesting effect these gateways have, this fractal spirituality is most apparent in the fact that they say the “glory of God is reflected inside each of us.” Since we’ve previously explained fractal spirituality and discussed the dangers, we will not go over it again. However, we will remind you that emanationism describes the basic ideas behind fractal or quantum spirituality, and is something that Scripture clearly warns against.

2. “Gateways” ties into the “spirit man” theology, especially because this doctrine is teaching people that they need to separate their spirit from their soul in order for the supposed “glory of God to flow through the gateways of the spirit to change the soul.”

First, separating the spirit from the soul is not Biblical at all. This entire concept was thoroughly discussed in the Spirit Man chapter, so we won’t repeat what has already been said.

Second, this entire concept is not Biblical. The Holy Spirit works in us and through us to change us; it is not the work of our own assumed “human spirit.”(53)

3. Gateways are used in the context of the spirit/soul gateways being tied into the five senses of our physical body (the body gateways). These gateways are used as one way to teach people how to “see in the spirit” and how to hear the voices of other spirits (presumably their own “human spirit”).

As talked about in point six of the Spirit Man chapter, the “human spirit” they are speaking of is either a demonically-controlled part of them, or a demon itself. So in truth, the teachings on gateways are one avenue through which occult gifts can be developed and mastered, and also are one avenue through which they learn to listen to the voice of the demonic. These “gateways” are open doors through which the demonic can enter into the individual and work through them to influence the world at large.

4. This teachings speaks of “cleaning or opening” the gateways. It’s couched in “Christian terms” and urges people to keep their gateways open through: forgiving others, being sensitive to the “Holy Spirit,” and speaking in tongues. And while these things may be fine and good, this is not sound Biblical teaching.

First, the entire premise is off: these teachings on “gateways” are not Biblical at all. As mentioned all throughout this book, this “human spirit” they are speaking of in this teaching is either a demonically-controlled part of them, or a demon itself. Ironically enough, this demon, or demonically-controlled part, is doing exactly what the teaching says it will, just not in the way they think: they are keeping the gateways open and clear so the individual continues to be open to the demonic.

Furthermore, keeping the gateways “clean and open” is exactly what occultists teach about the spiritual centers or chakras. The true reason for this is so the demonic has free and open access to the spiritual space inside the person. So these activities within these “gateways” teaching are literally opening people up to demonic possession and influence as they open the gateways to the demonic.

Additionally, while forgiving others is a good thing to do, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives is accomplished by submitting to God, repenting of our own sin, asking forgiveness for our own sin, and walking in obedience to His Word. Certainly not through our human “feelings of sensitivity,” nor through a gift of tongues. Furthermore, anyone — saved or not saved — can forgive. This is not necessarily an indication of the Holy Spirit working in someone’s life, although it can be one indication. Repentance of one’s own sin (turning away from the sin), however, is a true indication that the Spirit of God is working in that individual’s life, as well as evidence of the true fruit of the Spirit that comes about as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit.

5. Along with the exercises of opening and cleaning the doorways, these teachings are also using visualization. This is a well-known and well-used precursor to teaching astral travel/projection and remote viewing, occult activities that are performed through demonic assistance and control. How? Because by opening up their mind through visualization, the individual is opening the “gateways” to their heart — the spiritual space inside them — and the demonic is flooding in. And because the individual has opened up their heart and their mind to the demonic, those entities are able to further manipulate the individual’s mind to have visions of things that are not truth, or take them to places that are not truth, such as so-called “heavenly places.” The visions they see or the places they visit in the supernatural may be real, but they are not truth from God.

Bottom line, our Heavenly Father doesn’t need us to “visualize” anything in order for Him to do His work inside us; all He requires of us is that we submit to Him, repent, and walk in obedience. That’s it. No visualization needed.

6. The “tree of life” referenced in these teachings is a Biblical reference that is being used in an occult way. These charismatics are using “gateways” as a way to access and eat from this “tree of life.” (This also ties into having a spiritual awakening — an enlightenment — and developing, or manifesting, their so-called “spirit.”) For some, this may be a figurative “eating.” However, through the “Spirit Man” and “Shining Ones” teachings, some are entering into real spiritual realms, through astral travel or projection, and eating fruit from a “tree of life.”

Either way, whether literal or figurative, this is not of God. No matter how they try to say that we, as humans, can have access in this life to the Tree of Life that is spoken of in the Bible, there simply is no Scriptural support for this. God has forbidden human access to His Tree of Life for our own protection, and it will not be available to us until we are in our eternal home. There is no indication in Scripture that He has changed His mind about this.

On the other hand, since there is no Scriptural evidence we are aware of that God made it impossible for mankind to partake of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” after the fall, it seems more likely, given all the facts of the occult teachings within the “Spirit Man” and “gateways” doctrines, that they are being deceived and eating from the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Not the “tree of life.”

But whether this is a figurative eating or a literal eating, and whether this “tree” is actually the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” or not, it would be beneficial for them to go back and reread — with proper, Godly understanding — the account in Genesis 3, as after the fall, mankind was forbidden by God to eat from the Tree of Life. Regardless of how they try to twist the meaning of Scripture, this practice of “eating from the tree of life” is not Biblical. They are not going into Heaven and eating from the Tree of Life that is there. They are being taken into a demonic realm (demonic realms can be deceptive and look very beautiful) and are partaking from a tree that has demonic fruit. Any tree that is of Satan is a tree of his nature, and of his kingdom; therefore, this is demonic fruit.

This is symbolic of them gaining their “spiritual nourishment” from Satan rather than the Word of God. Unfortunately for them, “Satanic fruit” is all calories and no nutrition, and even though they will get hyped up on all those calories, they will slowly starve themselves to death, spiritually speaking, even while they continue to gorge and make themselves fat on the demonic fruit.

7. We have one final point about the occult “tree of life” (not the true Tree of Life that is in Heaven).

The “tree of life” has been an occult reference for many centuries, and is known as: tree of knowledge, sacred tree, eternal tree, tree of immortality, world tree, et al. Furthermore, within mind-control, there is a “tree of life” programming that many individuals have been programmed with. So the possibility exists that for some, this “tree of life” is nothing more than a fractal programming script that is running; although there certainly is danger in this, as well, as demons and programming are closely related.

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B. Heavenly Places

So-called “heavenly places” are basically used as a way to have supernatural experiences. Common activities that take place in these “heavenly realms” include:

  • Interactions with supposed angels.
  • Speaking and interacting with what is presumed to be Jesus.
  • Speaking and interacting with those who are presumed to be the dead (necromancy).
  • Eating fruit from the supposed “tree of life.”
  • Going into “courtrooms of heaven” (done as a type of spiritual warfare).

The person can travel to these heavenly places, and within charismatic circles, this is commonly called “traveling in the spirit.” Alternatively, they may have visions of these heavenly places, and they call this “seeing in the spirit.”

Charismatics may also refer to heavenly cities that aren’t finished yet because the cities are waiting for people to “awaken to the reality of them” so they can be built. When used in this fashion, “heavenly places” is usually being referred to more specifically as being a “supernatural, personal realm” more so than a generic “heavenly place.”

Many charismatic “schools,” special conferences, or classes for “advanced teaching” on how to engage heavenly realms have now popped up to teach people how to travel to spiritual places and how to interact and engage with the various elements found therein, such as angels, Jesus, tree of life, courtrooms, et cetera. They will teach you all of this for a hefty price, of course. They also sell books and audio/video recordings that will teach you these things — for a generous sum of money.

We’ll explain it to you for free.

What’s Really Going On

Other than what we have already laid out in this book, there are several other important points to understand about “heavenly realms.”

1. The mode of travel to these “heavenly” places is astral travel or projection, which are occult activities, and some will “engage their realm” to travel to these place via this astral travel or projection. However, charismatics try to change the perception of others by controlling the language and calling it “spirit travel.”

2. Sometimes, visitations to these “heavenly realms” are facilitated by the individual’s “personal angel,” a spiritual being that is actually a demon or a fallen angel.

3. These “heavenly places” are actually demonic places, regardless of how beautiful they look.

We, the authors, have had many occult experiences in traveling to many different types of realms, and we can attest that, although some of these realms are very beautiful, they are not of God. These types of places are set up to be beautiful because the demonic want people to desire going there. Although there are different reasons why these places are set up and used, we will not go over our understanding of these reasons at this time, but suffice to say, these places ultimately keep the focus of the individual off the Word of God and off of seeking after and building a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

4. Traveling to these spiritual places and having the supernatural experiences is similar to addiction, in that people begin to prefer this over their everyday life in the physical.

5. Like much other occult activity, when engaging these realms, there can be a euphoric high. Unfortunately, there can also be the depressing crash, so there is usually a constant desire to engage in these supernatural activities so as to enjoy the high and avoid the crash. This can especially be true of someone who is not trained in how to minimize the distance between the highs and the lows, so the lows are not so intense. This subject has been discussed in “Common Effects (Fruit) of Practicing Witchcraft,” as well as in “Upheaval and Subtraction,” and has been detailed further in “Seat of Dominion.”

These crashes can also be interpreted as being a demonic attack, which then drives the individual into seeking after the teachings of others who claim to have more effective techniques of spiritual warfare. This is covered more in the chapters “Courtrooms of Heaven” as well as “Spiritual Warfare.”

6. The teachings on heavenly realms are not scripturally sound, and rely on a gross twisting of Scripture and a building of a doctrine that is imbalanced and not in line with the Word of God.

7. Since these teachings aren’t Scripturally sound, people rely on following men and women who teach on “heavenly realms,” seeking them for answers that arise, rather than seeking the Word of God, as they are learning and developing their occult skills on how to travel to these places.

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C. Spirit Travel and Seeing in the Spirit

“Traveling in the spirit” is a charismatic term for what occultists have always called “astral travel or projection.” This “spirit travel” can also include bilocation or translocation. “Seeing in the spirit” is a charismatic term for what occultists usually call “remote viewing.”

The various forms of astral traveling and remote viewing is facilitated by getting into a meditative state, sometimes aided by hypnotic music or repetitive noise. It also uses visualization of the mind and of the emotion, and when being taught how to astral travel by others, this visualization can be aided by suggestion. The entire process is made possible through demonic assistance. Charismatics learn how to astral travel in the same way occultists do, and with the same demonic assistance, but they either do not realize this, or they simply lie about it. They say they are being led “by the Spirit of God,” and they will engage in various occult activities through the use of astral travel/projection and remote viewing, such as:

  • Traveling to or seeing into other realms or dimensions, in particular to what they consider to be their own personal realm. Sometimes this is part of their “spiritual warfare.”

  • Going into or seeing into what they consider to be “heavenly places.” In these “heavenly places” they will engage in other activities, such as talking to spiritual beings who they believe to be Jesus or angels, eating from a so-called “tree of life,” and speaking to those whom they consider to be dead.

  • Going to what they believe is the “courtroom of heaven.”

  • Astral traveling, sometimes to harass other people in various ways. They call this “spiritual warfare,” however.

  • Astral travel/projection is also connected to inserting themselves into people’s dreams, but this is a subject that is addressed separately.

What’s Really Going On

The occult meanings of astral travel, astral projection, remote viewing, bilocation, translocation, et cetera, are somewhat disputed because the language and understanding of the topic varies from group to group. For instance, some occultists say astral travel is on the earthly plane, and astral projection is into other dimensions outside of earth’s realm; others lump both terms into meaning the same thing. In spite of inconsequential disagreements, however, these are all terms that speak to various states of “spirit/soul travel,” and sometimes supernatural physical travel, although this is usually more rare. These disputes, in fact, speak to the fact that there are different levels and types of supernatural travel. They often overlap, and sometimes what it is called depends upon the situation.

Without getting into a ton of detail, the following are some of the common levels and types of supernatural travel based upon our experience and understanding.

1. Basic Astral Travel

This is the most common form of supernatural travel, and can be done by anyone if they have open gateways to the demonic, including generational occult ties. Meditation and visualization involving the mind and emotion are two ways to open these doors. It does not have to include leaving the body, and in fact, “remote viewing” is a type of basic astral travel when it does not involve leaving the body.

Remote viewing can be like a vision that occurs in an awake state. The way the vision comes to people varies, but it can include seeing things with the physical eye or seeing things with the mind’s eye, and sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference. Remote viewing that includes leaving the body is getting into astral projection.

2. First Level Astral Projection

This first level is the next most common type of supernatural travel, and it involves part of the soul/spirit of the person leaving the body, and not simply visualization of the mind/emotion. There can be levels of awareness from total awareness, to none whatsoever, particularly if an individual is dissociative. This doesn’t mean this travel necessarily happens “accidentally,” however. At the least there is demonic assistance involved, and as with the other levels of astral travel, this type of travel is indicative of the fact that there are open doors to the spiritual space of a person that may have been either intentionally opened, or unintentionally, including generational occult ties.

Sometimes this type of astral projection can seem like a dream when it occurs in a sleep state, and is sometimes referred to as “lucid dreaming,” although some occultists squabble over this term, too. In the case of supernatural travel, however, it is not a dream in the fact that part of the spirit/soul of the person has left their body. As stated before, sometimes the individual themselves may or may not have any awareness at all, or limited awareness, particularly if they are dissociative.

3. Second Level Astral Projection

While situations vary with this level of supernatural travel, what looks like the form of the individual may show up in a different physical location, or it may not. Certainly, the essence of the person is there, and so people may be able to hear the individual if they choose to be heard. If a form appears in the physical, it can be “ghost-like” or transparent in appearance, but we don’t know if this is the case in every situation. This can be considered to be a type of basic bilocation.

This type of travel can also be more involved, and can include a more complex form of bilocation in other realms, as well as what many call “translocation,” which is the moving of the physical body from one place to another place either in this earthly realm or in other realms. There is a lot of emotion and spiritual energy involved, and the ability to do this comes through practice and assistance from various types of occult teachers, and of course, the demonic. It can also be a type of forcedtranslocation, and without getting into sensationalistic details that serve no Godly purpose whatsoever, this can include what many call alien abduction.

Levels of awareness vary widely, from having no recollection whatsoever, to having total recall. The level of awareness depends upon several factors including: how traumatic the event was; if it was purposeful on the individual’s part or done against their will; and how dissociative the individual normally is.

4. Third Level Astral Projection

This is not something we wish to dwell on for long nor give many details of, because it is diving even deeper into the sensational, something we now strive to stay away from. But it includes things like multi-location or bilocation on a deeper level. For instance, bilocation on this level can describe the process whereby a demonically created, physical body of the person appears in other places and is a “vehicle” for the parts of the person’s spirit/soul that have been separated from their body.

Although not common by any means, it may be possible for an individual to experience this level of astral projection if they are heavily pursuing the demonic and have deep occult ties. But this type of astral projection is not all that unusual for those who are used for certain types of mind-control purposes, including space exploration or particular assignments in the astral realms.

In spite of all these different types of travel, and others that we haven’t described, many occultists simply use the term “astral travel,” and it is a generic phrase used to describe the many different forms or states of supernatural travel that can take place with demonic assistance. This type of supernatural travel is accomplished through demonic power, and it takes a literal splitting away of the individual from the body. On the lower levels, this splitting away involves the mind and emotions, but their “essence” — their spirit/soul — stays inside their body. On the higher levels, such travel involves mind and emotion, and also includes a splitting away of the soul/spirit from the body, or, in the case with those who are dissociative, a splitting away of a part of their soul/spirit from the body. Sometimes it involves mind-control agendas as well.

As the person willingly opens themselves up to demons (charismatics will call these “angels”), or are forced to open themselves up to demons (such as through SRA or TBMC), they are able to learn how to see into or travel to other places outside of their body in various ways, or travel to other places within their body by supernatural means.

The charismatics engaging in this occult activity defend their “spirit travel,” insisting, almost overly so, that they are not astral traveling. But it is clear that they are. There are several defenses they hide behind, and we’ll go through them one-by-one.

Defense 1

Some of them will insist that they aren’t leaving their body, therefore they aren’t engaging in any type of astral travel. However, if we simply go by the charismatic definition of what the “soul” is (reminder: they often define the soul as being the “mind, will, and emotions” of the person); and when we consider that even the very basic level of astral traveling is made possible through willful meditation and by a willful visualization of mind and emotion; then by their own definition of what a soul is, they are astral traveling. Just because they claim they aren’t leaving their body, doesn’t mean it’s not a very basic form of supernatural travel or remote viewing.

Some of them may argue and say they are not meditating or visualizing, but they are either flat-out lying or they have been deplorably duped and lied to. There are different ways they meditate and visualize, but they often describe the word “meditation” in a more Christian-sounding way, such as “contemplative prayer,” or, “getting in the spirit,” or “going into my prayer closet.” However, these words are simply “Christian” words that describe activities that any occultist would immediately recognize as different forms of meditation. This meditation can be aided by repetitive phrases or babbling (what they would call “speaking in tongues”), and sometimes this meditation is aided by music. Just because the music may have the words “Jesus” or “Holy Spirit” in them, does not mean this music isn’t being used to induce a hypnotic-type of state in order to aid visualization of mind and emotion.

For instance, in many charismatic services (either in person or via different types of media), this visualization is overtly aided by music and facilitated by a “worship leader” or other leader who has often been specially trained in these methods of creating a spiritual atmosphere. (See in the Glossary under “Schools or Training.”) As the music is playing, they will give repetitive instruction to the crowd, spoken or sung, sometimes interspersed with speaking in tongues, such as “let the spirit in.” Or they will repeat the same words that, coupled with the music, are acting as a hypnotic chant, such as “yes yes yes.” Even what are commonly thought of as Biblical words can be used as hypnotic chants, such as “holy” or “worthy.” As we have mentioned before, this serves to bring a type of spiritual ecstasy to people as they open themselves up to spiritual manifestations — manifestations that are being provided by the demonic and by human infiltrators in the astral. (See: “Elements of Creating a Spiritual Atmosphere,” and Loren’s testimony in “The Project.”)

These elements of meditation are also providing an avenue for a willful visualization of the mind and emotions, and are used as a way for individuals to have “heavenly visions” or travel to “heavenly places.” Every bit of this is demonically led and inspired.

Defense 2

Another common school of thought amongst these individuals who hotly defend their various types of astral travel and remote viewing, is usually something along the lines of: “For every Satanic counterfeit, God has the genuine. Therefore, astral travel and projection is of Satan, but God has ‘traveling in the spirit.’ Satan has remote viewing, and God has ‘seeing in the spirit.’”

What this is essentially saying is that truth is like two sides of a coin, where the light is on one side, and the dark is on the other, but both are part of the same universal truth. This is an occult concept, and is basically saying that truth is relative, depending upon the situation or one’s own point of view. However, the Bible teaches that truth comes from God. Truth is our plumb line whereby all other matters must align, and this truth is found within the Word of God. If we try to twist and distort the truth — even by a little — then everything built according to that standard will be off. It will be unstable, and will eventually fall.

Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44), and our Heavenly Father is the Source of Truth. Yes, there are spiritual truths that Satan twists and uses for his own purposes, but this does not mean, for instance, there is a “Biblical equivalent” to consulting a medium. It is not okay or Biblical to consult a “Christian medium,” regardless of whether they call themselves a “prophet” or not. This is witchcraft, and is a practice that is forbidden by Scripture. There is no “Biblical equivalent” to communicating with the dead. This is necromancy, and is a practice that is forbidden by Scripture.

It is not okay to practice astral traveling or remote viewing, but claim it’s okay because “it’s for God” or “it’s to be closer to God.” Anyone who believes this is deluded and is purposefully lying to themselves.

Defense 3

Charismatics defending this practice also say, “Astral traveling is a type of ‘soul’ travel; but God’s version of it is only ‘spirit’ travel; therefore, astral traveling is of Satan, but ‘spirit traveling’ is of God.”

This, too, is incorrect. First, as we’ve already pointed out, by their own definition of what a soul is, they are engaging in astral travel. Second, while it’s true that many occultists use the term “soul travel” to describe such travel, many of them also use the terms “soul and spirit” interchangeably, so sometimes they say “spirit travel,” and sometimes they say “soul travel.” They do not make a differentiation between soul and spirit the way charismatics do, and ironically enough, on this point at least, the occult view of the human soul and spirit more closely resembles a Biblical view on the same topic. We briefly touched on this Biblical viewpoint when we discussed the teachings on realms, but to recap, the Bible does not always make a clear differentiation between the spirit and the soul, and sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably. Therefore, to defend “spirit travel” as being something that is Biblical because it uses the so-called “spirit” but not the “soul,” is foolish and ignorant.

Defense 4

Charismatics who are seeking after and engaging in astral travel love to point to a few verses in the Bible where such supernatural travel took place. And yes, there are several instances recorded in the Bible where particular Godly men would get “caught up in the Spirit,” and were immediately taken to another place in the heavenlies. There is even at least one clear instance where someone supernaturally traveled from one point to another in the physical (see Acts 8). However, in every one of these cases, there are at least five basic points to consider that set these instances far apart from what the charismatics are engaging in:

  • Over the thousands of years that the Bible covers, out of the billions and billions of people living during that span of time, and out of around 3,200+ specific people mentioned by name within the Bible, there were only a handful mentioned that traveled supernaturally by the Spirit of God. This is in direct opposition to the charismatic belief that everyone can and should seek after and learn how to travel supernaturally, as long as they call it “spirit travel” and say that it’s “God” helping them do it.

    On the other hand, there were certainly no shortage of false prophets and seers spoken of in the Bible who were seeking after supernatural experiences, and the charismatics of today resemble this group of false prophets, rather than those of God.

  • None of the men in the Bible were seeking after these supernatural experiences. They simply happened by the Spirit of God. Unlike the charismatics engaging in this activity, they weren’t trying to learn how to “engage their spirit” or “engage their realm.” They weren’t visualizing; they weren’t getting into a meditative state in an attempt to induce such travel; they weren’t gathering together in small groups to learn how to travel to heavenly places. They were simply brought — by the Spirit of God and for His purposes — to other places via supernatural travel.

  • There was no real transdimensional “travel” involved in these situations. What we mean is, they found themselves instantaneously in a different place, with no visitation of any places in between. They didn’t use the unexpected supernatural travel as an opportunity to go traveling around different realms, in other words.

  • After such experiences took place, no one began trying to make a doctrine out of it. Unlike charismatics, they didn’t start up support groups to brag about their special abilities that were allowing them to travel to such places, nor did they start teaching others how to do the same.

  • Furthermore, the lifestyles of such men were one of holiness and obedience to God, unlike the charismatics who are engaging in these occult activities. (See the section titled, “You Will Know Them by Their Fruit.”)

It is not okay to engage in occult activity, such as astral travel/projection and remote viewing, and then try to defend such actions as being of God because you believe that “God has a genuine for every one of Satan’s counterfeits.” This simply isn’t true! It is not okay to twist Scripture out of context to validate and excuse occult behavior and activity. If you are engaged in this type of occult activity, we urge you to put away your occult practices. Stop chasing after manifestations and experiences. These are leading you into deception. Turn away from your sin, go back to studying the Word of God within proper context and with understanding, and begin building a relationship with your Heavenly Father. We have all eternity to “explore the heavenlies,” if that is even part of God’s plan for us. For now, God has a job for us to do on earth, the most important of which is to build a relationship with Him. The second is like it: to share with others directly around us about the good news of salvation found through Jesus Christ, so they, too, can begin to build a relationship with the Father.

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D. Dream Insertion

A practice that is gaining popularity with some charismatics is to insert oneself into other people’s dreams, presumably with the intention to “help” or “guide” or “encourage” the other person. This is accomplished through their so-called “spirit man,” and while it can sometimes be accomplished without the knowledge of the person who is inserting themselves into the dream, it can also be done intentionally.

This is a practice that the charismatic will regularly engage in, and not even attempt to pretend they aren’t doing it, because they believe this is of God and is part of their “special abilities.” One man has even been known to publicly advise people that if he shows up in their dreams, they should “test it” to see if it is of God or not.

What’s Really Going On

In case it isn’t clear, this is absolutely an occult ability, and there is no Scriptural basis for this practice whatsoever. This is the first “testing of the spirits” that should be considered, but many charismatic occultists do not. (For more on this, see, “Testing the Spirits.”)

This can go by different names including: dream invasion, dreamwalking, dream spirit, or dream manipulation. It is a common practice within many different occult groups, and is accomplished through demonic power and with the help of demons who often are called “spirit guides” or “angels.” In the case with charismatics, this dream insertion is commonly done through their so-called “spirit man.” Since we have long established that this “spirit man” is either a demonically controlled part of an individual, or a demon itself, this dream insertion is done through the demonic.

The motivations behind such dream invasion can include reasons such as:

  • to have sexual encounters, either consensual or nonconsensual.

    • Those who purposefully engage in this activity often believe that since they aren’t bound to their body, they aren’t bound by the same rules or moral code found within the Bible that lay out the clear standards of God that govern sexual behavior and its consequences. They are gravely mistaken, however.

  • to spy on or harass the individual.

  • to attempt to influence the thoughts or behavior of the individual.

  • to bring deception to the person by teaching or encouraging false doctrine.

  • to bring the other person to other realms via astral travel.

    • This can be part of an attempt to introduce the individual to supernatural experiences, or to encourage them to continue following after supernatural experiences. This will then often prompt the individual to seek after and focus on the supernatural, rather than to seek after and focus on a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

There is a related practice to this “dream insertion” that is used on people who have been mind-control programmed, whereby remote programmers can access the individual while they are sleeping. Common purposes for this can include:

  • to access, insert, or destroy codes or files.
  • to shut down certain programs that are running.
  • to trigger other programs to begin running.
  • to give a task to the alters of the individual to be done at a later time.
  • to pull out or take out one or more of the alters out of the individual’s system for a specific task to be accomplished at that time.

While this isn’t exactly the same thing as this occult practice of “dream insertion,” it is the same type of intrusion upon an individual as an occult dream insertion, and it is accomplished through the same demonic power. It is also related to dream insertion in that the individual is sleeping when this occurs, and can be in what feels like a “dream state.” This sleep-state can be during normal sleeping hours, or induced in the middle of the day, as alters, who are loyal to programmers and have been previously set in place for this purpose, are remotely accessed to cause the individual to feel sleepy. Once the individual falls asleep, the programmers can access the individual, entering into the person’s system to manipulate things from the inside of the system, or they can access the individual remotely, from the outside.

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E. Angels

It is very common nowadays for certain charismatic-minded individuals to not only speak to angels, but to claim to have a “personal angel” that is there for their protection, guidance, and to be a fount of spiritual knowledge. The guidance and advice of these angels is sought after, and they are often ordered about through supposed spiritual warfare, and sent on assignments by the individual. The charismatic occultists will often express the belief that unless they send these “angels” on assignments, these “angels” would otherwise be bored and unoccupied.

What’s Really Going On

The real truth is that these “angels” are not angels of God, but rather, are demons who have disguised themselves as angels, and in some cases, they may be the fallen angels. There is another related consideration, especially in regards to those who are dissociative, and this is “Angel programming.” This is discussed in the next section, but for the purposes of this chapter, we will not describe these “angels” in the context of programming, but in the context of servants for mankind and supernatural guides.

Supernatural Servants

Many charismatics place these “angels” in the category of “supernatural servants” who are eagerly waiting to do the bidding of the human master. This attitude is evident in how they are treated as the personal bodyguards of some individuals, as well as groups of these “angels” being treated as an army of warriors, ready to fight on command by order of the human commander.

In fact, some charismatic occultists regularly send their “angel” to attack other people, for various reasons. Although this is clearly not of God, they believe it to be part of their spiritual warfare.

Supernatural Guides

Charismatics have also placed angels in the position of the Holy Spirit, as one who guides them into understanding spiritual truths. This attitude can be thought of as a type of “angel worship,” revering the guidance of these demons (who are disguised as angels) over and above the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. They take these messages from these “angels” as being the true word of God, without actually going to Scripture to see if these messages do, in fact, line up with the Word of God. Any Scripture that is used to “verify” these “angelic messages” are twisted out of context.

Sometimes these “angels” guide them into supernatural experiences, such as going into other heavenly realms. As has already been described, these are not experiences that are authored by the Heavenly Father. These are demonic deceptions.

Some individuals have reported that their “personal angel” will take over and speak through them, and they are unable to control it. This is clearly not Scriptural, and is either channeling or a walk-in.

It is important to point out that while Scripture records instances where angels have had encounters with humans, Scripture does not record that these encounters involved an ongoing relationship and communication with mankind.(54) People are susceptible to this deception of angel worship and “sending their angel on assignments,” mainly because Scripture — interpreted properly and within context — is not considered to verify and validate these experiences with angels, nor is Scripture used to verify and validate the messages and advice from said “angels,” except to occasionally search for those passages to twist to one’s own purpose and occult viewpoint.

The very fact that people think they have the authority or right to command the angels of God is a display of their embarrassing ignorance, arrogance, and pride. There is absolutely not one Scripture that indicates that mankind has been given the authority over the armies of Heaven. All throughout Scripture we are reminded that God Himself commands His angels, not mankind. He is the Lord of hosts (the armies of Heaven), not mankind.

Psalm 91:11 — “For He will give His angels orders concerning you, to protect you in all your ways.” (HCSB) — is one such verse that is being blatantly misused to try to say that angels are akin to our personal bodyguards, and that we have the right (authority) to command them about. But this verse does not say that. The Bible clearly says that God commands His angels, not mankind. We have no authority over God’s angels. We have been given authority over the demonic so they can not harm us (Luke 10:19-20), but nowhere does Scripture indicate that we have been given authority over God’s holy angels.

Scriptures to Consider

1 Peter 3:22 — “[Jesus] has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God, with angels, authorities, and powers subject to Him.” (BSB)

Keyword: Him. Angels are subject to Jesus Christ, they are not subject to mankind.

John 16:13 — “However, when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.” (BSB)

Keywords: the Spirit of truth. The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth, not angels.

Galatians 1:8 — “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be under a divine curse!” (BSB)

Keyword: contrary. If anyone, even an “angel” that comes from the heavens, tells us something that is not backed up by Scripture, it is cursed of God.

Colossians 2:18 — “Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you with speculation about what he has seen. Such a man is puffed up without basis by his unspiritual mind.” (BSB)

Keywords: disqualify and speculation.

In the context of this verse, the word disqualify is a word that means: to deprive of salvation.(55)

The word “speculation” is actually two Hebrew words that translated mean: he has seen detailing.(56) In the context of this verse, the phrase “he has seen” means: to see with the mind, to perceive, know.(57) And the word “detailing” means: to investigate, search into, scrutinize minutely; going into curious and subtle speculation about things which he has seen in visions granted him.(58)

Taken together, in context, this verse is saying that we should not allow others to keep us from our salvation through the speculations they give about the visions they have seen in their mind. And since this verse is in direct reference to the worship of angels, we can probably safely assume the Scripture is also speaking of speculations about visions of angelic beings.

Certainly, charismatics are putting angels in the place of — or higher than — the Holy Spirit of God, by relying on these “angels” to guide them into spiritual truths and into having supernatural experiences. This is a type of angel worship. Furthermore, the “angelic experiences” they have certainly come with an excess of visions surrounding them, as well as endless speculation about those visions. Scripture warns us to not be misled by people like that.

2 Peter 2:10 — “Such punishment is specially reserved for those who indulge the corrupt desires of the flesh and despise authority. Bold and self-willed, these men are unafraid to slander angelic majesties.” (BSB)

Keyword: slander. In the context of this verse, the word “slander” means: specifically, of those who by contemptuous speech intentionally come short of the reverence due to God or to sacred things.(59)

Certainly those who are ordering God’s holy angels about, treating them as if they are their supernatural servants and bodyguards, are not showing the respect and reverence they deserve as God’s holy angels. This is not to say they should be worshipped or placed on a level beside the Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit of God. However, there certainly should be a greater level of respect than is currently being given through the charismatic doctrines on angels, and Scripture warns that those who engage in this type of disrespect for the sacred things of God will be punished.

Jude 1:8 — “Yet in the same way, these dreamers defile their bodies, reject authority, and slander glorious beings.” (BSB)

Keyword: slander. This word is the same word used in 2 Peter 2:10, mentioned above.

This ungodly focus on desiring supernatural experiences has led the charismatic into being led by and guided by demons who are disguising themselves as angels. 2 Corinthians 11:14 makes it very clear that even Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

We would do well to ask ourselves the following question: is it more of an honor and privilege to speak to angels, or more of an honor and privilege to speak with the Creator of the heavens and earth? Let us keep focused on our Heavenly Father, and not on having interactions with angels.

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F. Jesus

By using various techniques such as Gateways, and also by succumbing to various false doctrines, including Spirit Man, many charismatics find themselves interacting with a “Jesus.” Some of them see a “Jesus” in their spiritual space they go to through visualization, and others who are dissociative may see a “Jesus” in their system.

What’s Really Going On

For some who have dissociative disorders, they may have an alter who believes himself or herself to be Jesus. However, for the purposes of this section, we are speaking of a demon who is disguised as “Jesus,” that may or may not be related to “Jesus Programming.” This could be considered a type of antichrist, and it certainly comes from the antichrist spirit.

There are two main points we want to make here:

First of all, “Jesus” being inside people’s system or spiritual space is not a Biblical concept at all, therefore, the entire experience of interaction with this “Jesus” can be dismissed as occult. This concept is often expressed through an esoteric, Biblically unsound study of what it means to be “in Christ,” and was thoroughly discussed in the section titled “Realms.”

Second, the teachings being taught or validated by this “Jesus,” as well as the activities surrounding this “Jesus,” are absolutely not Scriptural.

This “Jesus” does several ungodly things, but they usually include things such as the following:

1. He leads the individual into spiritual experiences that are not Scriptural or authored by God, and also serves as a validation for those experiences. These spiritual experiences can include, but are not limited to:

  • Necromancy
  • Interacting with and being guided by demons who are disguised as angels
  • Going into demonic realms that have been set up to be pleasing to the human senses (the so-called “heavenly places”)
  • Eating from a “tree of life”
  • He leads the person into unbiblical activities that are not Scriptural or authored by God, and also serves as a validation for those activities. These activities can include:
    • Astral travel
    • Dream insertion
    • Engaging in an unbiblical and false spiritual warfare, including the “courtrooms of heaven”
    • Having sexual or erotic encounters with this “Jesus.”
  • He leads the individual into occult doctrines and validates those doctrines. These occult doctrines can include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Spirit Man
    • Shining Ones
    • Gateways
    • Seat of Dominion
    • Realms, particularly through the false “In Christ” teachings

Overall, interaction with this “Jesus” keeps the individual’s focus off of building a relationship with the Heavenly Father, and onto building a relationship with the fake Jesus. Furthermore, interaction with this “Jesus” hinders the individual from lining up their experiences with the written Word of God. Instead, they obtain their validation from the fake Jesus!

In some instances, since the individual asked for a “sign from heaven,” or asked for “proof from God,” such as “If you’re real, show me you are real,” a demon provides the answer. The demonic is all too happy to provide supernatural experiences and signs and wonders. And when the individual has an experience that is undeniably real, they are more likely to follow after that “voice” claiming to be the “Holy Spirit,” or a spiritual being that claims to be “Jesus,” or an “angel” that claims to be from God, without lining up such experiences with the written Word of God. They will say and do certain things because this “Jesus” or “spirit” or their “personal angel” says it is okay, but since the things they are doing or saying are not lining up with the written Word of God, they are, in fact, not okay. They are being led by demons!

Everything — even so-called “signs or words from heaven” — must line up with the written Word of God, and if it doesn’t, it must be thrown out and never touched again. We need to go to the Word of God and begin building our relationship with our Heavenly Father based upon the Scripture we properly study. We should not seek after signs and wonders and spiritual manifestations and spiritual experiences to build our relationship with our Heavenly Father. That is foolish.

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G. Great Cloud of Witnesses/Necromancy

As listed in the chapter “Definitions,” necromancy is defined as: the practice of talking to the spirits of the dead; black art; conjuration of the spirits of the dead for purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events. Within charismatic groups, this necromancy takes several different forms, and many times they will refer to the “dead people” they are communing with as being part of the “Great Cloud of Witnesses,” who they believe are the “dead in Christ.”

The following are some ways this necromancy manifests in charismatic groups:

1. It is common for charismatics to astral travel (while in a hypnotic/meditative state, or while their physical body is asleep) to different spiritual dimensions and supposedly speak to people who have died, usually people who are mentioned in the Bible, such as Paul, King David, Moses, et cetera.

2. Sometimes, a person’s so-called spirit will dine with these dead people (in a “heavenly realm” or in a “personal realm”) and have conversation to gain “spiritual understanding.” The person themselves can be aware of the interaction and conversation as it is happening, or they can become aware later, when communing with their own “spirit.”

3. With those who are dissociative and going through “deliverance counseling,” they can sometimes find a group of what appears to be people show up in their system, claiming to be the “Cloud of Witnesses” (the so-called “dead in Christ”).

4. Some people have mentioned speaking to and communing with deceased celebrities, and it’s common for them to speak to the dead spirits of certain “Christian celebrities.”

For instance, many within certain offshoots of the charismatic movement visit the graves of men and women they consider to be of God, and drape themselves across their graves to “receive their spirit of anointing.” They often will commune with what they consider to be the “spirit” of such dead people.

What’s Really Going On

This is exactly what it looks and sounds like. It is necromancy and is communication with the so-called “dead,” who are actually demons who are manipulating and puppeting the deceived charismatic. What the charismatic does in order to “communicate with the dead” is no different than occult groups using various methods to “communicate with the dead.” There is no real effort on the charismatic to hide this ungodly behavior, except to try to twist one Scripture in Hebrews 12:1 that mentions a “cloud of witnesses” in a decidedly pitiful, transparent attempt to make their necromancy seem to be a Biblical activity. Scriptures that pertain to necromancy, and it being an activity that is forbidden by God, are listed in the last section, in the chapter titled “More Scriptures for Study.”

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H. Spiritual Battle/Spiritual Warfare

Many charismatics have an obsession with spiritual warfare, and often refer to it as “battling in the spirit.” We’ve mentioned the charismatic spiritual warfare on and off throughout this book, and this is because it relates to much of what they do, and is directly related to what some of them consider to be “kingdom building” by engaging their personal realms. So while we’ve already covered much of the warfare through realms in the kingdom building section, we’ll just highlight a few more points here (we have more detail in the Glossary)

1. Some of the common buzzwords and phrases surrounding this “spiritual warfare” include the following:

  • activating their spiritual armor or upgrading their spiritual armor
    • They believe their spiritual armor gets “upgrades” and these upgrades can be related to what they consider to be a “spiritual promotion.”
  • contending with
  • dimensional warfare
  • engaging or activating, for the purposes of warfare. For example:
    • engaging or activating angels
    • engaging or activating heaven
    • engaging or activating realms
    • engaging or activating weapons
  • fighting against
  • kingdom warfare
  • making decrees and declarations against or to
  • redeeming from or freedom from
  • rules of engagement
    • This relates to “rules” of spiritual warfare, or “rules of engaging heaven, God, or angels,” typically for a type of spiritual warfare.
  • taking back (authority, kingdom, inheritance, bloodlines, et cetera)
  • using or activating spiritual “tools”
  • using or activating their “spiritual arsenal”
  • weapons of their warfare
    • These “spiritual weapons” include things such as: swords, arrows, fire, light, water, wind, salt, grenades or bombs, cages or boxes (to trap what is considered to be the spiritual essence, or part of the spiritual essence, of people inside).
    • Their personal realms are also used as weapons.
    • Since they believe they are ordering angels about, angels are also used as part of their personal spiritual arsenal.

2. This warfare is a huge part of “deliverance ministry and inner healing.”

3. Spiritual warfare is used especially in the context of working with “angels” to engage in such warfare.

4. This spiritual warfare can also involve an individual engaging in their “personal heavenly realm” by working through their “spirit man,” or their “Shining One spirit man.” (See: Realms) 

5. They travel to or see into other dimensions or realms to engage in these spiritual battles, but call it “traveling in the spirit and seeing in the spirit.”

For those who don’t know how to travel or see supernaturally, they either learn how, or use a special “seer” in order to engage in spiritual battle.

6. They also sometimes make special trips, either through astral travel, or simply by a type of remote viewing done through visualization, into the “courtrooms of heaven,” where they engage in a special type of spiritual warfare.

For those who don’t know how to travel or see supernaturally, they either learn how, or use a special “seer” who helps them make these special trips.

7. The spiritual warfare includes learning how to use their “spiritual armor” or “spiritual weapons” to attack others, but calling it “prayer” and “spiritual warfare.” This is sometimes related to “binding and loosing,” mentioned below.

They are using the term “spiritual upgrade” to speak of this armor, and these upgrades come in conjunction with what they call a “spiritual promotion.” These things are believed to make them more powerful in warfare, and is also related to what occultists would recognize as a type of “spiritual evolution,” which shouldn’t be surprising, because these charismatics are simply occultists who are calling themselves “Christian.”

8. This spiritual warfare includes “sending back curses” that they believe others have sent on them, as well as “praying against” certain people they believe are against them in one way or another. These things are operating as curses, and can bring harm in various ways to the recipient of such curses. It can also be related to “binding and loosing.”

9. They sometimes speak of “binding and loosing” when referring to their spiritual warfare.

This is ego-driven, and is based upon a gross misunderstanding and misapplication of the Biblical principle of “binding and loosing” (see the Glossary for more info).

They do this as a command through what they believe to be their “spiritual authority” they have developed or “matured into” (as part of a “spiritual promotion”), not as a request or a petition to their Heavenly Father.

Furthermore, they are not just attempting to “bind” demonic powers, but to “bind” people as well, and believing themselves to be “loosing angelic powers” to war against these people in ways such as: cutting the silver cord, commanding their “angels” to stab people with the “sword of the spirit,” or commanding their “angels” to place the spirit/soul parts of a person in a box or cage and be tortured, often with the “sword of the spirit.”

These things can cause physical pain and injury, and emotional/mental/spiritual torment, in particular if the person is not aware of where it is coming from and how to turn to the True God for deliverance, protection, and defense.

What’s Really Going On

Just to reiterate, the spiritual beings they are “commanding” are, in fact, demons who are pretending to be angels. And in case it isn’t clear, this type of “spiritual warfare” is witchcraft. The demons are using this ungodly, unscriptural warfare to train the charismatic, teaching them to become used to the warring spirit that is driving them, and to believe it is from God. Why? Because the fallen angels, under whose authority they have submitted themselves, are warriors, and are using these charismatics to build Satan’s kingdom on earth. This was discussed at length in the section titled, “Building Satan’s Kingdom.” Some people are used to a greater degree than others, but they are all working, in one way or another, to build Satan’s kingdom by helping to influence the hearts and minds of people around them to come under the authority of the fallen who are using them.

They are also being used to attack sincere Christians, because the demonic are working hard to wear down Christians and to try to take their focus off of a relationship with their Heavenly Father by whatever means necessary. If they can’t tempt the Christian into practicing the occult, they will try to keep their focus off of a relationship with God. But for many individuals, these attacks work as a lure to trick them into occult practices and into coming into alignment with the spirit of the antichrist.

For example, within some “deliverance counseling” situations with people who have dissociative disorders or other types of severe trauma injuries, this type of spiritual warfare, including “Courtrooms of Heaven,” often begins when they are tricked into such counseling by the demonic and by those whom the demonic are using. This is a theme we, the authors, have seen played out not only in our own lives, but with others in the same situation. While this can play out in a variety of ways, this can include some of the following elements, or variations thereof:

1. The individual has an initial encounter with a “deliverance counselor,” either by listening to them on an internet radio program, seeing them on a YouTube video, or coming across their website in some way.

2. Since they have had the types of issues in their life these “counselors” say they help others with, they inquire further, pressing for more information, often out of desperation.

3. After first contact is made with this “deliverance counselor,” whether in person, via telephone, or through some type of internet video call, it is not uncommon for there to be an increase in spiritual and demonic attack. But this is a trap. The demons are, in fact, pushing the individual into seeking after this type of “deliverance counseling,” and out of desperation for a solution to the increase of attack, the person will begin such counseling.

4. Once counseling begins, after a period of time has passed, the individual finds themselves engaged in an increasing amount of what is called “spiritual warfare” in an attempt to find freedom from past bondage, and to find freedom from what is becoming an ever-increasing attack on their mind and emotions, sometimes including physical attacks from the demonic, and at times, from human visitors in the astral.

5. This ever-increasing demonic activity actually serves to keep the individual dependent upon the “deliverance counselor” to help them. And again, this is a trap.

6. This spiritual warfare stirs up, heightens, encourages, and feeds off of the “fight or flight” emotions that such individuals are prone to live with. As they are often used to living in a state of heightened awareness, in part because of trauma injuries and PTSD symptoms, this seems to be natural to them, and they have a difficult time recognizing that the “spiritual warfare” is not bringing any lasting healing, but only temporary relief. In some cases, there may not be any temporary relief at all, but again, such individuals are used to living in a constant state of turmoil, so they don’t always recognize that this is not healthy or normal.

Spiritual Warfare According to Scripture

Because people are being misinformed and taken away from the Bible, let’s look at what spiritual warfare really is. It begins with basic, foundational doctrine, and continues with those basics.

First, it begins with a relationship with our Heavenly Father, something that is only made possible because of and through the work of Jesus Christ. The territory that is being fought over, and what is gained or lost for the Kingdom of God or for the kingdom of Satan, is our hearts and minds; therefore, our purposeful fighting back against satanic forces (spiritual warfare) begins with salvation, and continues as we build a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Second, we must have a genuine love for God and for the truth. Having a love for the truth is the basis for the strength to do the things that are of God. The Holy Spirit constantly works on our heart to compel us to follow the ways of God, but we have to daily make the choice to do and say the things that are of God, and to stay away from that which is contrary to God. The things of God are life-giving. When we practice the things that are not of God, these things not only begin to bring corruption to us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but it also creates an open door for the enemy to enter. When we start behaving like the enemy, it is the same as saying “yes” to the enemy. It is the same as coming into agreement with the enemy, giving the enemy permission to infiltrate our entire self, resulting in us being molded into the enemy’s image. This can happen slowly, causing us to be less likely to realize what is happening, or to not even care, because the enemy can also feed our ego, or other self-centered, ego-based desires that we respond to. This is how the enemy takes territory: he captures our hearts and minds. If we have not submitted to and continue to submit to the authority of God, and if we do not allow the Holy Spirit to change us into His image, we will succumb to the tactics of the enemy.

Our hearts are the territory that influences the world around us. The battle is for our hearts and to rule our hearts! If the enemy can capture our minds — our attention and our focus — he can capture our hearts — our desires, our intentions, and what drives us forward.

According to Biblical standards, spiritual warfare looks like the following (scriptural emphasis added):

  1. James 4:7 — “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (BSB)

    Submission to God begins at salvation when we come under His authority, and it continues throughout our life. Submission involves obedience to our Heavenly Father, something that is a daily activity.(60)

    Resisting Satan means that we stand in a 180-degree, contrary position to what he stands for, and we refuse to back down or give up our ground on what we know to be truth.(61)
  1. 1 Peter 5:9 — “Resist him [the adversary], standing firm in your faith and in the knowledge that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kinds of suffering.” (BSB)

    There’s that word again — resist. Oppose what is not of God, and stand firm without wavering, refusing to compromise.

    And here’s another important command: stand firm in our faith. What faith? Faith in our salvation through Jesus Christ, and because of this, in our relationship with our Heavenly Father (see: Faith is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and as you develop a relationship with Him that is built on submission and obedience to His will, this fruit will become evident in your life.
  1. Ephesians 4:27 — “…and do not give the devil a foothold.” (BSB)

    In this verse, the word “foothold” means, “a place, region, seat; an opportunity.” It also means, metaphorically, “opportunity, power, occasion for acting.”(62) In other words, don’t give Satan an opportunity to gain power and control over you, and don’t give him an occasion for acting through you in your life.
  1. Ephesians 6:13 — “Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.” (BSB)

    Many Christians know of the verses that come right after this one and this verse is often overlooked. But the importance of this verse cannot be overstated: when you have taken a position that is contrary to the enemy, hold your ground and don’t give up. It is about knowing what is right, and refusing to compromise. It’s about standing firm.(63)
  1. Ephesians 6:14-18 — “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth fastened around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness arrayed, and with your feet fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Pray in the Spirit at all times, with every kind of prayer and petition. To this end, stay alert with all perseverance in your prayers for all the saints.” (BSB)

    These verses are very often used to foster a warrior mentality within many charismatics who are being used by the demonic, and the weapons mentioned in these verses are also often spoken of as having been “imparted and activated,” usually by another individual who has a supposed “power or authority” to do this. The weapons used by such people also need or require occasional “upgrades,” but since these upgrades are said to come about as they get a “spiritual promotion,” they don’t see the fact that their weapons need occasional upgrades to mean that they are, in fact, inferior and weak.

    However, let’s just look at these verses in a very simple way, getting to the heart of what is being said here.

    First, we are told to “stand firm.” There’s that word again — stand. Don’t compromise.

    Second, our weapons are not a belt around the waist of our spirit man, a bright and shiny breastplate protecting his or her chest, and some heavy-duty army boots. Our spirit man doesn’t have a shield or a sword, and he or she doesn’t strap a helmet on every morning. Paul was simply using very powerful imagery to help his audience understand how each of these elements protect us from the enemy.

    Our weapons are: truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation and the Word of God. These are our weapons!

    But wait! There’s more! Let’s not neglect to continue reading. We are also admonished to be in constant prayer and petition to our Father, and to stay alert, persevering in prayer for one another. These also are weapons.
  1. 1 Thessalonians 5:8 — “But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and the helmet of our hope of salvation.” (BSB)

    This verse speaks to faith and salvation as being our weapons, and it also brings in love as being a weapon! This is not “love” that allows us to beat people up with the Word of God (or anything else) because we claim to “love them so much.” If you are confused about what love is, go to 1 Corinthians 13:

“If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a ringing gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have absolute faith so as to move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and exult in the surrender of my body, but have not love, I gain nothing.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no account of wrongs. Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

“Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be restrained; where there is knowledge, it will be dismissed. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when the perfect comes, the partial passes away.

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I set aside childish ways. Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.” (BSB)

And for even more study, you can read the entire book of 1 John. It speaks of love all throughout — what it is and what it isn’t.

So according to these few verses we just studied, the spiritual weapons that protect us from the attacks of the enemy are:

  1. Salvation — this is received through faith, and is made possible only by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 2:4-10)
  2. Submission to the Father — this involves coming under His authority and being obedient to His Word.
  3. Opposing what is of Satan — refusing to be moved from our position of opposition against Satan; not compromising.
  4. Not allowing Satan to have opportunity to gain power or control over us. You could think of this as keeping the “gateways” to your spiritual space closed, in other words.
  5. Truth — truth is found in the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth that will lead us into all truth. (John 16:13)
  6. Righteousness — not our righteousness, but the righteousness that comes from God, by faith, through Jesus Christ.
  7. The gospel of peace — this is the peace and assurance we have because of our salvation through Jesus Christ, and our ability to remain at peace no matter the circumstances surrounding us. This can also mean “wholeness,” which, it must be pointed out here, is in direct opposition to the brokenness that surrounds the “Spirit Man” theology.(64)
  8. Faith.
  9. Love.
  10. The Word of God.
  11. Prayer and petition to God.
  12. Persevering in prayer for one another.

These are our weapons, and while there may be a need for the weapons that come from Satan to have upgrades, there is no need for the spiritual weapons that come from God to have upgrades. In fact, 2 Corinthians 10:4 says, “The weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of the world. Instead, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” (BSB)

Divine power.” Does this sound weak to you? Our spiritual weapons that come from our Heavenly Father and are given to us by His Spirit are not weak. They don’t need occasional upgrades, and if you think they do, you have been deceived by Satan, and have traded in the weapons of God for the weapons of Satan.

Therefore, let us wage spiritual warfare the way Scripture teaches us, not the way the enemy would have us. The spiritual warfare that many are waging today is ego-driven, fear based, retaliatory against people, and is coming from a spirit of witchcraft.

A Biblical viewpoint on spiritual warfare begins with the state of our heart, and manifests as a firm, unwavering opposition to the things of Satan, and a refusal to allow him to influence our minds and control our hearts. True Biblical warfare puts the focus on our relationship with our Heavenly Father, dependence and faith on Him to protect and defend us, and the peace and assurance that no matter what happens, our salvation is secure in Him.

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I. Courtrooms of Heaven

Different charismatic groups see this in slightly different ways, but here are some common things you may come across in your research:

  1. Accessing this “courtroom of heaven” can be practiced through meditation or guided meditation (such as with a “deliverance counselor”), although not everyone literally “sees” themselves inside a courtroom in heaven.

  2. For those who do see themselves entering into and interacting inside a spiritual “courtroom,” it involves visualizing this courtroom in heaven, and, through astral travel or projection, or remote viewing, bringing a request (petition) to “God.”

    • For those who aren’t already familiar with astral travel or remote viewing, they are trained in learning how to do this, or they use someone else to help them “visualize,” which will eventually teach them how to travel about on their own. As we’ve stated before, however, charismatics call such occult modes of travel to be “spirit travel.”

  3. Some common attendees in this courtroom can include: the person themselves; a “deliverance counselor” or a coach or mentor, if one is being used; a being they consider to be God; a being they believe to be Jesus; angels, Satan and/or other demonic entities; so-called heavenly witnesses; and what is said to be a Divine Counsel.

  4. The object of this exercise is to confront “the accuser” (Satan or one of his minions) and ask “God” to give a verdict in their favor.

  5. The verdict is commonly seen as a legal document that will force Satan into following the rules that “God” sets forth in his final judgement in this courtroom.

  6. This technique is touted to be a “better or more efficient way” to get answers to prayer (such as, deliverance, justice, healing, freedom from demonic affliction, et cetera) than regular praying for the will of the true God to be done, and faith that the true God will supply their every need through Jesus Christ.

  7. This technique is often employed out of desperation.

What’s Really Going On

Basically speaking, this is a type of “spiritual warfare” that people engage in, often out of desperation in seeking an answer to their prayers. They stand before a fake god, a pretend Jesus, a host of demons who are disguised as angels and various types of witnesses, as well as demons who are there displaying all their unholy gruesomeness to play their role in inciting fear in the individual as they face them, attempting to gain a verdict in their favor from a false god in hopes that the demons will leave them or their loved ones alone. It’s like some sick, twisted version of a Satanic production in a Satanic theatre, put on for the amusement of the demons as they puppet the deceived charismatics, parading them up and down the stage.

Not only does the mode of travel to these supposedly “heavenly courtrooms” involve various types of astral travel and remote viewing, something that is unbiblical, but since some of the “witnesses” can oftentimes be so-called “dead saints,” there is an element of necromancy, as well.

This entire doctrine is based on Scripture that has been violently contorted out of context, and it is a tactic of the enemy used for many different purposes, including the following:

1. The “courtrooms of heaven” is supposed to be a better way to fight the enemy and to keep the enemy from attacking or harassing, but since this entire doctrine is built upon a faulty foundation and is not Scriptural at all, this keeps the individual caught up in various types of useless, unbiblical spiritual warfare, and keeps them warrior-minded. (See: “Spiritual Battle.”)

2. This keeps the individual from reading and following sound, Biblical advice, and instead keeps them focused on getting a desired verdict in these courtrooms, including going through various types of what they claim is necessary preparation to enter into these courtrooms.

3. It also keeps the individual from a relationship with the true Heavenly Father by keeping them focused on the demonic, including a false god and a false Jesus.

4. These “courtrooms” encourage a lack of faith and trust in God, as well as encourages the individual to seek after their will to be accomplished rather than the will of the Father.

Although they claim they are merely asking for the will of the Father, the fact that they are often engaged in this activity after not receiving a desired answer to “regular prayer,” or out of fear that “regular prayer” just won’t work for the problem they or their loved one is facing, the charismatic is seeking these “courtrooms” to have what they consider to be a “legal verdict” in their favor, instead of praying to the Heavenly Father and asking that His will be done over and above their own.

5. This courtroom activity also creates and fosters an atmosphere of fear for many people. This fear stems from two sources:

  • From the prospect of having to “stand beside Satan” in this fake courtroom.

  • From the ungodly and unholy fear of not getting what the individual asks for from the demonic entity who is pretending to be God, rather than the Biblical, Godly fear of the true God that leads to repentance and submission to His will.

Scriptures to Consider

1 Timothy 6:16 — “He [God the Father] alone is immortal and dwells in unapproachable light. No one has ever seen Him, nor can anyone see Him. To Him be honor and eternal dominion! Amen.” (BSB)

Keywords: unapproachable; no one has ever seen Him; nor can anyone see Him.

Hebrew 9:24 — “For Christ did not enter a man-made copy of the true sanctuary, but He entered heaven itself, now to appear on our behalf in the presence of God.” (BSB)

Keywords: “on our behalf.” Not “alongside us.”

1 Timothy 2:5 — “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” (BSB)

Keywords:one mediator, Jesus Christ.” Not, “two mediators, Jesus and me; or “three mediators, Jesus and we.”

The very fact that the charismatic is resorting to such occult tactics, usually in order to be free from demonic attack or harassment, shows they do not understand one very basic principle of life: we, as humans, are never going to be free from demonic attack or harassment. This is discussed in more detail under the section titled, “How to Deal with These Attacks,” but here are just a few Scriptures to study that speak to this very principle:

  • 1 Peter 1:6-7
  • James 1:2-3
  • John 16:33
  • 1 Peter 5:9-10
  • John 15:18
  • Acts 14:22
  • 2 Corinthians 12:5-10
  • 2 Timothy 4:6-8

This “courtroom” teaching is not Scripturally sound, and is, in fact, a demonic deception. It completely does away with the work of Jesus Christ to be our Advocate and Mediator once and for all; it puts the focus on the individual themselves to plead their case before this fake god; it takes the focus of the individual away from seeking after the will of the Heavenly Father; and it causes the individual to put more trust and faith in their ability to “persuade” the fake god to do something in their favor, rather than trust and faith in the Heavenly Father to supply their every need according to His will in their life. While we will never be free from demonic attack or harassment in this lifetime, we can learn to focus on our Heavenly Father, in spite of the attacks, with the assurance that we will reap eternal life. For more details on how to properly engage in spiritual warfare, refer to “Spiritual Warfare According to Scripture.”

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IV. Conclusion

The greatest deception of the occult lies in the fact that the spiritual experiences and manifestations are very real. The gifts and abilities are tangible. For those being used by the demonic, sometimes there are increases in money or possessions. Even the increase of power and authority in the physical is very real, and to the person being used by the fallen, it feels as if their own power and authority has been increased.

All of these things are real.

So — if you don’t care about transferences or subtractions in this life, and if you don’t care about facing the eternal consequences before the true God after this life, and if you are willing to open yourself up to being led by and used by demonic spirits, and if you are prepared for the day when the demonic spirits get tired of using you and finally destroy you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually — the gifts and abilities aren’t difficult to obtain and master. If you want, you can have a lot of supernatural experiences: astral traveling and projection, seeing demons, seeing and interacting with demons who are disguised as angels, interacting with the supposed dead. You might even see some gold dust here and there, or come across some glory clouds. If you so desire, you can have a lot of “feel-good feelings” as you are being hooked up to the spirit of the antichrist and fed a demonic drug. You can gain what feels like power and authority, if this is important to you, and if you are able to ignore the fact that the power and authority isn’t really coming from you, but from the fallen angels or demons to whose authority you have submitted. And you can have a lot of people giving you loads of money, if that is what you think will make you happy. You can even allow your body to be used by a fallen angel who is disguised as an angel of God, and get a rush from that experience — assuming, of course, by that time you are still present in your own body and you have your mental faculties about you.

Anyone can do these things. Anyone can have these things. But what is real is not always what is true. All of the occult experiences being had through these doctrines of demons, and all the spiritual manifestations being seen and felt, may be real, but they are not of God. They will lead you to becoming a mind-controlled puppet for Satan and his end-time agenda, ultimately leading to your destruction.

It’s easy to be led by and used by demonic spirits; but it takes self-sacrifice, humility, and submission to God’s will above all else to be led by and used by the Spirit of God. The former will lead to destruction; the latter will lead to eternal life. So you can follow Satan, if you want all the tangible but temporal things he has to offer you in this lifetime. Or, you can take up your cross and follow Jesus Christ, focusing on your Heavenly Father and your relationship with Him. The Holy Spirit of God is calling you today to make up your mind who you will serve. If it is God, then repent, put away your witchcraft and serve Him. If it is Satan, then stop using the name of God in vain and pretending to be a Christian.

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V. Review — Sections One, Two, and Three

Satan’s overall plan (also known as “The Plan”) is to lead people into deception by bringing all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” whereby people are open to the supernatural and to the influence of the fallen, allowing them full access to people. This is paving the way for his final Antichrist to appear. He accomplishes this overall goal by using infiltrators, both conscious and unconscious, and in the physical as well as in the supernatural, to spread this universal “spirituality.”

The ultimate goal of the infiltrators are to train people, through occult doctrines and techniques, to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness” (among other phrases), thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ (the final Antichrist) to appear.

These are Satan’s general goals for all mankind; however, unlike other schemes and plans and infiltrations that have worked around the world through the many centuries, his end-time plan also pulls in Christians. How? Because the demonic, with the help and permission of certain individuals, have been working overtime, especially through the charismatic movement, to get Christians to the point where they are vulnerable and susceptible to being deceived, and to be completely infiltrated, taken over, and possessed — like a territory that has been defeated, seized, and occupied by enemy forces — without them even realizing it.

This infiltration — both by the demonic and by human infiltrators — has been orchestrated by Satan, and is led by his top leaders in command: high-ranking fallen angels. These are Satan’s most powerful warriors who have been brought in specifically for his end-time plan to infiltrate human society to a greater degree than has been achieved thus far. They have systematically set up base camps of operations all over the earth from which they operate. Within Christianity, these base camps are churches, ministries, or organizations of every size that have either been heavily infiltrated and taken over by the demonic, or churches or ministries that have been set up from the very beginning as base camps for the demonic to operate.

Satan’s end-time plan for Christians is to bring them under the same world-wide deception as everyone else, and it is the goal of the fallen and of the demonic who operate out of these churches, ministries, and organizations to spread demonic teachings that bring people under delusion. They use human infiltrators, either conscious or unconscious, both in the physical and in the supernatural, to spread these false doctrines. Through these false doctrines, people are opening their hearts and minds to be invaded by the demonic. In this way, the fallen are taking over the territory of the hearts and minds of mankind, and subsequently, they are able to have greater influence over geographies. In this way they are building and advancing the kingdom of Satan on earth.

Charismatic-minded individuals are susceptible to this deception through false doctrines and the resulting demonic invasion because of the following motivations that drive them:

  1. They are ego-based: man-centered, not God-centered.
  2. They are focused on gifts and abilities and how to develop those gifts and abilities.
  3. They desire spiritual experiences and spiritual manifestations.
  4. They seek after going to heavenly places and supernatural realms.
  5. They are warrior-minded, focused on a false spiritual warfare.

These motivators in particular are causing people to come under deception, and eventual delusion, by doctrines of demons that have heavily infiltrated through the charismatic movement, including, but not limited to:

  1. The Spirit Man
  2. The Shining Ones
  3. Realms/heavenly places
  4. Seat of Dominion
  5. Gateways

These overtly occult doctrines have been built upon other false doctrines and unsound teachings that have, over many years, been carefully and purposefully circulated by occult infiltrators within the charismatic movement.

The imminent danger behind these doctrines is that they are directly aligning individuals who come under these false teachings with the spirit of the antichrist, bringing them under complete possession and control by the demonic. Through the fractal or quantum spirituality these teachings are based upon, they are quite literally programming people with what we, the authors, call “End-Time programming.” This programming causes them to fall into a state of delusion, unable to see where they have gone wrong.

Through these doctrines of demons, the demonic are providing supernatural experiences and taking them to demonic realms that the charismatic considers to be “heavenly places” or “supernatural realms,” including “courtrooms of heaven.” These supernatural experiences are made possible through the fractal spirituality that comes with these doctrines of demons. They involve various forms of astral travel, and have people engaging in activities such as:

  1. Necromancy.
  2. Inserting themselves into the dreams of others.
  3. Being led, guided, taught, and controlled by demons who have disguised themselves as angels.
  4. Interacting with a false Jesus who is:
    1. serving as a validation for the unbiblical activities and occult doctrines.
    2. leading them into spiritual experiences that are not authored by God.
    3. taking them to demonic realms that have been set up to be pleasing to the human senses (the so-called “heavenly places”).
  5. Ungodly and unscriptural spiritual warfare, including:
    1. going into a demonically set-up “courtroom of heaven.”
    2. sending curses against people they do not like, or against people they believe are coming against them.
    3. astrally attacking people they believe are attacking them, or astrally attacking people they consider to be an enemy, either of them or of God.
    4. believing themselves to be killing or wounding various types of demonic entities, an activity that is simply keeping them focused on this “spiritual warfare” by feeding their ego.

For certain chosen individuals, this “spiritual warfare” is training that is preparing them to be used as a vehicle for the fallen angels who are warriors. By keeping the chosen charismatic warrior-minded and warrior-focused, the charismatic believes the warring spirit they are being led by is of God, not realizing they are being prepared to be a vehicle for the fallen to channel their messages through, or to be used as a walk-in. The training and preparation for certain chosen individuals to be used in this way involves the following:

  1. Getting the chosen charismatic hooked on the spiritual high they receive by being plugged into the “Christ Consciousness,” and teaching them, through the positive and negative reinforcement of giving or withholding the spiritual drug, on how to follow the bidding of the demonic.
  2. Appealing to the charismatic motivators: man-centered (ego-based), gifts and abilities, supernatural experiences and manifestations, heavenly places and supernatural realms, and spiritual warfare. (These are ways for the demons to give “positive reinforcement.”)
  3. Through the fractal programming present in specific doctrines of demons, including the Spirit Man theology and related teachings on “quantum spirituality,” the demonic incite and cultivate an atmosphere of delusion.
  4. The individual is given a new, satanic identity and purpose that involves training them to have a warrior mentality that appeals to their ego, creating a sense of power, control and authority. Because the fallen angels are warriors, the charismatic “spiritual warfare” falls right in line with their end-time plans to infiltrate Christianity, and to use these “warring charismatics” to gain authority over mankind and physical geographies, building Satan’s kingdom on earth.
  5. Through the doctrines of demons, in particular the Spirit Man and Shining Ones teachings, as well as similar doctrines, the individual is: guided into hearing and being led by the demonic; and guided into accepting demonic possession, channeling, or walk-ins as being something that feels normal and is of God. This is training them to become accustomed to another entity controlling them.

It is at this final stage that the individual then becomes a perfect vehicle for the fallen to use, and the demonic, including the fallen, are able to completely and totally control them, having gained their complete acceptance and permission to do so. They are then used in a greater way to spread demonic teachings and to bring deception to the general masses of charismatics, encouraging them to open their hearts and minds to be invaded by the demonic, bringing them into alignment and agreement with the spirit of the antichrist, ultimately paving the way for the final Antichrist to appear.

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