Lucifer’s Hierarchy, Structure, and Purpose

“The Spiritual Hierarchy” — Who Are They?

The authors, overseers and the directors of “The Plan” call themselves “The Spiritual Hierarchy”. This spiritual hierarchy is comprised of Lucifer (who is Satan) and the fallen angels who have aligned themselves together against God the Creator of the universe and His plan for mankind, which is a plan of salvation and redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ.

There are also hybrids and selected humans who work directly alongside “THE Spiritual Hierarchy” (Satan and the fallen), and so they, too, are considered to be part of “the spiritual hierarchy” as well.


Many years ago, I came up with the simple diagram below to help illustrate how Satan’s Spiritual Hierarchy is structured.

Diagram blue by Carolyn Hamlett copyright

This diagram is designed to help one understand some basics of the operational structure of Satan’s entire working hierarchy, which incorporates both non-human and human servers, whether conscious or unconscious.

There are two basic sides (“Lodges”) of Satan’s Organization: the “dark” side (the “left-hand path”), and the “light” side (the “right hand path”), and the top-ranking members of Satan’s Organization (the “Spiritual Hierarchy”) oversees and rules both.

⇒ Note: it didn’t always used to be this way, but today, it isn’t uncommon now for some, particularly those who are on higher levels within each section, to go back and forth between the “dark side” and the “light side,” depending upon the purpose they serve within Satan’s Organization and the message that the fallen want to channel through them. The reason for this is because in truth, both sides serve the same purpose! And this purposeful blurring of the line between “dark” and “light” and blending the two, is causing people to believe the lie that “dark” and “light” balance one another, that the “dark” is just as desirable as the “light,” and that “dark” can be used for “good.”

This is a very deliberate manipulation by Satan’s Spiritual Hierarchy that is fooling many!

The “left-hand path” is composed of all the different forms of the “dark arts.” It is referred to by the Spiritual Hierarchy as “The Brotherhood of the Black Lodge,” and is described as being blatant Satanism that is governed by “The Son of Perdition”.

The “right-hand path” is composed of all the different forms of Luciferianism (the “light side”), and is referred to by the Spiritual Hierarchy as “The White Brotherhood” or “The Brotherhood of the White Lodge.”

⇒ Note: Some people use the terms Brotherhood of the White Lodge of the Ascended Masters of Wisdom, The Brotherhood of Light, The Brotherhood, The Great White Brotherhood, The Great White Lodge, or even The Sisterhood of Light. But these are terms that are all referring to the same thing.

From my experience, the most dangerous side is the “White Lodge,” because they are the most deceptive, masquerading as holy, benevolent, “illumined” servants or angels of God. But I’d like to reiterate that both sides (the “light” side and the “dark” side) take orders from the same source! That source is Lucifer (Satan) and his inner circle of his chosen fallen angels, referred to as “The Spiritual Hierarchy.”

Only the people in the highest level of each Lodge (both the “Black Lodge” and the “White Lodge”) are aware that both sides are of the same organization, governed by the very same head, which is Lucifer, who is Satan. All those who reach this level are fully Illumined.”

Looking at the diagram again, notice that the pyramid is divided into levels from the foundation on up to the very top: each of those levels represents a degree of “spiritual enlightenment,” and each level is governed by its own hierarchy that is within itself a hierarchy, able to operate independently of the other levels. Only the top members of each level know that there are levels higher than the one they are working in. One advances to a higher level through an initiation where the initiate is trusted with “higher” esoteric (hidden, occult) knowledge.

⇒ Note: this “esoteric knowledge” is also referred to by many Christians and pagans alike as “mysteries”. Some Christians occultists also refer to this as “the meat of the word,” or, “the deeper or higher things of ‘God.'”


The purpose of the Spiritual Hierarchy and all of the levels of hierarchies within Satan’s Organization that they govern is, very simply, to build and establish Satan’s kingdom on earth, installing a global government/spirituality that many people presently refer to as the “New World Order.”

The way Satan and his fallen (and the others that are under their command) go about this is referred to as The Plan,” and is a very intricate and complex system of mapped-out deceptions that I have dedicated my life’s work to expose through the information I have shared and will continue to share on this personal blog as well as on the website I share with Loren Grace.

Lies They Tell

What those within the “Spiritual Hierarchy” claim to be and what they actually are, are two completely different things!

Some of the lofty-sounding titles or terms they claim to describe themselves include:

  • “The Spiritual Hierarchy”
  • “The Masters of Wisdom”
  • “The Ascended Masters”
  • “The Great White Brotherhood” (And variations of this title, as described above. They claim this, regardless of whether they rule over the Black Lodge or the White Lodge, because, as previously described, they are working on blurring the lines between “dark” and “light,” and they want people to think of Satan’s entire Organization as being “light and good” and serving “God,” or a type of “god,” regardless of which side they are on.)
  • Arcturians
  • Light Beings
  • Angels or Archangels
  • “The Federation of Light”
  • “The Galactic Federation of Light”
  • “Galactic Confederation”
  • Galactic Masters
  • Lords, Princes, Masters, Saints, or Christs
  • Various types of “extraterrestrials”
  • So-called “highly evolved” interdimensional beings

… and others.

Some of the names or variations of names they use include:

  • Adonai or Adonis
  • Ai
  • Ashtar
  • Buddha
  • Confucius
  • Djwhal Khul
  • El Morya
  • Hilarion
  • Jason
  • Jesus, Yeshua (or other variations)
  • Krishna
  • Kuthumi
  • Maitreya
  • Quan Yin
  • Saint Germain
  • Sananda (sometimes “Sananda Jesus” or “Jesus Sananda”)
  • Uriel

… and many, many other names, such as:

  • Some pretend to be Biblically historical individuals, such as Moses, Elijah, Mary, Paul of Tarsus, or Melchizedek.
  • Some pretend to be angels or archangels that are named in the Bible or in other religious or historical books (and in addition, will sometimes connect this “angelic” persona with the title of “prince”), such as Michael or Gabriel.
  • Some use the names of various ancient “gods,” such as from ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, or Hindu “gods”, and include names such as Poseidon, Zeus, Jupiter, Thoth, and Ardhanarishvara (Shiva/Parvati).
  • Some manifest as a “walk-in,” purportedly using the bodies of certain chosen humans, such as: Gerald Heard or Lobsang Rampa.

…and numerous others (this is a very short list, but it includes the names of many of whom myself and Loren have had personal experience with).

Here are just a few of the things they teach and claim, which are all lies:

  • They all claim to be “highly evolved” and “ascended” benevolent spiritual beings.
  • Some say they were humans who moved (evolved) beyond the earth’s total cyclic law of karma, of birth and rebirth.
  • Some of them claim to have come from stars, some from other planets, and others claim to have come from other realms or planes of existence. Additionally, some of those in this category claim to have come from the stars (or other planets, or other realms), chose to incarnate as humans, and from there, evolved into a higher-level “Master of Wisdom,” or other such title. Many of them claim they chose this incarnation so they could “show humanity the way.”
  • Their proposed “benevolent” purpose is to raise the individual and the unified consciousness of mankind to a “higher spiritual level,” also referred to as a “higher vibration”, or a “higher frequency”, and to bring about an era of global peace and equality.

But none of these things are true!

The Truth

In truth, they are descended (fallen) angels, and this truth is eventually revealed to those serving The Plan who, as I did, reach full Illumination,” who have also have been proven to be loyal and trustworthy to The Organization and to the proposed Plan.

Everything that they teach to humans is all based on the lies of evolution, the lies of reincarnation, and the lies of karma. These false belief systems are sometimes referred to using different terms, depending upon the religious belief system of each individual. But the meanings are the same.

These fallen angels teach and encourage this false doctrine (much of which, like themselves, is evil (“dark”) that has been carefully disguised as “good” and “light”) and a false “salvation/redemption plan” (the lies of evolution, reincarnation, and illumination) in order to take people away from the simplicity of God’s redemptive plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, away from the grace of God, away from the Word of God, and away from a relationship with the Father!

To listen to Loren and I talk about some of our experiences within Satan’s Spiritual Hierarchy, see: