Illumination — What Actually Is It?

The Basics of Illumination and Enlightenment

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, “illuminate” means “to enlighten spiritually or intellectually”. “Enlightened” is defined as being “freed from ignorance and misinformation.

While these definitions are accurate, it’s also important to understand that within Satan’s Organization, there are various degrees or stages of “illumination”. (To best understand how this works, see my article: Lucifer’s Hierarchy, Structure, and Purpose.) “Enlightenment” (“freedom from ignorance and misinformation”) is an ongoing process as the initiate within Satan’s Organization works his or her way to greater and greater “enlightenment” as they “evolve” spiritually.

The Lies of Illumination and Enlightenment

The Organization is based on total deception, and illumination (enlightenment) is based on the lies of evolution and reincarnation, as well as the lie of the “cyclic karmic laws,” falsely claiming that mankind is ever-evolving physically and spiritually, working towards perfection.

This satanic theory (lie) is completely contrary to God’s plan of salvation and redemption through Jesus Christ!

Those who work within Satan’s Organization (particularly in the “White Lodge”) are led to believe that through this karmic cycle of evolution and reincarnation, they are working their way to perfection, getting closer to what is called “The Light of The Christ”.

In actuality, the “Light of The Christ” is the “light” of Lucifer. Lucifer is Satan. Satan is real. His “light” is darkness and he is the Father of Lies! And those who reach full illumination are shown this truth.

Moving Up the Ranks in The Organization

There are many levels in Satan’s Organization, and since the hierarchy works on a “need to know basis”, servers are given only what they need to know in order to carry out their assignment.

Many people who work within Satan’s Organization do not advance very far past a certain level, while some do reach higher levels of illumination. Even fewer reach full illumination (the final stage or the highest level of “Illumination”) whereby initiates are fully “enlightened” (“freed from all ignorance and misinformation” that is purposefully put out by those in Satan’s Organization).

Those who advance are led to believe they are advancing because they are “spiritually evolving,” so they are being trusted with becoming more illumined.

However, the truth is that this “illumination” or “enlightenment” is only given to them so they can be of more use to Satan and the furthering of his plan.

As one progresses through The Organization, they are groomed and prepped to be ready to accept the next stage of “enlightenment” (“illumination”), where the initiate will be prided on his/her spiritual advancement so that they readily accept that it was necessary that they were lied to before (had the full truth withheld from them), because of their limited ability to “understand the higher thought”. The initiate is manipulated into believing that they weren’t actually lied to, but that it just appears that way at first, and as they continue to progress (spiritually “evolve”) and begin to understand the “higher thoughts,” then they will come to understand.

Full Illumination

In the ranks of the organization, there are various belief systems promoted as the “truth,” but as one advances, they shed the former belief to embrace a “higher illumination”.

For example, on some of the lower levels, people are taught that there is no true evil. Then there are versions that believe in order to have good, there has to be the balanced opposite, like “yin and yang.”

As one moves up in the ranks, they are progressively illumined regarding good and evil, the true identity of Lucifer, and the truth behind his plans.

Initiates of the final stage of Illumination:

  • Learn the complete truth about the true nature of The Plan and the true identity of those who govern it (the fallen angels).
  • Learn the truth that the “God” of The Plan is actually Lucifer, and not God at all.
  • Learn that Lucifer is the literal Satan of the Bible.
  • Learn that evolution is a lie, that reincarnation is a lie, and that humanity is not evolving, but is in a fallen state.
  • Learn that Jesus Christ is literally who and what the Bible says He is. He really is the Savior, the Only Christ — The Chosen One of God to redeem and save fallen humanity.

And then, the initiate who now knows this truth (who has been “fully illumined”), is asked to continue serving The Plan, to give their full allegiance to Lucifer (Satan), aligning themselves with Lucifer (Satan) and the fallen, against God and humanity, turning their backs on God forever, and to continue to work Satan’s deception, making it possible to actualize his (Satan’s) kingdom on earth.

In return for this faithful service to Lucifer (Satan), the initiate is promised many things, including the reward of unfathomable wealth and power, a high position of world leadership (rulership and authority) in Satan’s (Lucifer’s) kingdom on earth and into eternity, and even companionship that gives one the feeling of being eternally and irrevocably loved and understood — of belonging.

This is the stage I was taken to, and once I realized the truth (and the truth was that I had been purposefully lied to by those I had been serving for my entire life up until that point!), I said no to Lucifer (Satan) and cried out to God to save me.

Illumination Within Christianity

Sadly, I have watched over the years as more and more Christians who, having refused to love the truth and having refused to heed the desperate warnings of myself as well as the warnings of others, fall for Satan’s lies of enlightenment and illumination.

Although some Christian occultists use the terms “illumination or enlightenment,” many of them use different terms to describe this “enlightenment and illumination.” But they are describing the exact same Satanic concept!

They use terms such as:

  • Activating (the spirit)
  • Advancing (in the spirit)
  • Awakening (the spirit)
  • Developing (the spirit)
  • Eating the “meat” (as opposed to drinking the “milk”)
  • Getting a promotion (in the spirit)
  • Graduating (spiritually speaking)
  • Manifesting (of the spirit)
  • Seeking after the “deeper things of God”
  • Seeking after understanding “mysteries”
  • Seeking or desiring “higher intelligence” or “greater thought”
  • “Learning to move or operate in” (the supernatural)
  • “Learning to walk in” (used in the context of learning to “develop spiritually”)

Related to these terms that Christians use to describe the process of illumination, they also believe that with their “illumination” comes with the following perks:

  • an upgrade in their so-called “spiritual weapons”
  • an increase in their so-called “anointing” or “power” or “authority”
  • a better ability, power, and authority to “command angels” or to  “command demons” or to pass out their “decrees”
  • an increase in their “gifts and abilities”
  • sometimes with an increase in authority in the physical, or an increase in money, or an increase in possessions, or something else that they have desired
  • … and many other things that they deem to be things that “prove” their higher state of “enlightenment”

Truthfully, this process of “illumination and evolution” that these “Christian” occultists are going through, is nothing more than a Satanic LIE that is keeping them eager to serve as the pawns of the fallen angels and, ultimately, of Satan. Their “illumination” (with all of the treats and perks, real or imagined) is simply proof of the process they are going through as they are learning to give greater and greater permission to the demonic to work through them in order to build Satan’s kingdom on earth!

(For a more comprehensive glossary of terms used by many “christian” occultists, see:

So, please know that whenever Christians use the terms “illumination” and “enlightenment” (as well as related terms, some of which I have briefly listed above, that have the same meaning as “illumination” and “enlightenment”), applying them in relation to anything spiritual, it is of the web of deception of Lucifer’s (Satan’s) plan!

Some of you may think I am wrong, that there are exceptions, or that this doesn’t apply to you, but I assure you that it does apply to you and there are no exceptions.

I can hear it now: “Oh, but I’m a Christian, and those terms are all about learning the ‘deeper things of God.’ It’s not evil. It’s good!”

Let me remind you that being a “Christian” doesn’t mean you can’t be deceived!

In fact, the term “deeper things of God” is just one of the “Christian” sounding terms that has been injected into Christian groups by people serving Satan’s (Lucifer’s) plan to lead you, Christian, away from the Bible and away sound Biblical doctrine and principles, tricking you into believing the “meat” is seeking “the deeper things of God”.

Tricking you into seeking and chasing after the esoteric (the hidden… the “mysteries”).

This is a setup, and I urge you to seriously consider who is behind this setup!

Loren Grace and I have already written and talked much about this topic, so rather than write everything again, you can start by reading the chapter in our book titled “Milk versus Solid Food.”

In fact, I urge you to read the entire book that we wrote, as one of the major themes is that of Christians falling for Satan’s deceptions by being lured by the promise of learning the “deeper things of God”. In fact, many occult doctrines that have infiltrated Christianity are based on what they claim are the “deeper things” or the “mysteries,” and have the Satanic lies of “illumination and evolution” woven throughout the teachings, including the occult teachings on the “Spirit Man” and the “Shining Ones” doctrine (also known as “Manifest Sons of God”). Loren and I dissect these ungodly doctrines in our book, thoroughly explaining why they are doctrines of demons.

A Final Word

Lucifer seeks to keep all in darkness. His “Illumined Ones” are “illumined” only in that they know the truth of how EVIL Lucifer actually is, in spite of his deceptive “light,” and that the “ascended masters” are not “ascended” at all, but that they are only masters of deception.

“Illumination” is nothing more than being shown by Lucifer’s hierarchy of “ascended masters” that Lucifer and his “spiritual hierarchy” of fallen angels are the enemies of all that is Righteous and Good, and that “The Plan” is both the sinister physical plan known as the NWO to enslave humanity under Satan’s “Christ” (Satan’s “chosen one”), and a spiritual plan to lead humanity to spiritual ruin and away from God’s plan of spiritual restoration to Him.

All evil atrocities glorify Lucifer, who is Satan.

But the Kingdom of God thrives on Love and on all Goodness and Righteousness through Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to trade your “illumination” for the truth of God that is found in the simple truth of His written Word — the Bible!

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