What follows are links that give clear definitions to some of the major things that I have talked about over the years in regards to Satan’s (Lucifer’s) Organization.

In the past, I’ve had difficulty in getting the fullness of this message out in a way that simplifies the complications of Satan’s deceptions. But now, with the help of my friend, Loren Grace, here are the definitions.

The Heavenly Father has delivered us (Loren Grace and I) from the occult, and after years of personal experience of working alongside Satan’s “Spiritual Hierarchy,” as well as after years of involvement with the charismatic movement, we are both in the unique position to understand and explain how Satan’s plan is pushing forward not only within blatant occult groups, but also within Christianity. Therefore, we have compiled these definitions based on what both of us were taught by both human teachers as well as non-human teachers, and on what we personally observed and experienced during our years of working alongside Satan’s “Spiritual Hierarchy.” This is done not to cause you, the reader, to be fascinated or captured by these things, but to warn you of the dangers and deceptions of Satan’s plan, and to warn you of what is to come.

This page will be updated with more definitions as we are able to complete them.

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The Organization

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The Plan

The Plan Network small

Lucifer’s Hierarchy, Structure, and Purpose

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Illumination and Enlightenment

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