Explaining My Background as a Former Illuminist

Carolyn Hamlett 1986, shortly after leaving “the organization”

It was around 1986 that I left what I call “The Organization,” and the position I had working within Satan’s spiritual hierarchy.

I desperately wanted to warn people, especially the Christian community, of this huge conspiracy being orchestrated against the peoples of the world by the organization I was born and raised in. However, at that time, most Christians just didn’t have the ability to understand what I was talking about. They had no frame of reference or context to understand, and I knew it would be many years before I would be able to share the most important things and have the message understood.

Some of them, however, were becoming aware of how dangerous occult involvement was. They didn’t always understand what constituted occult involvement, but they did understand that it was dangerous. So I began sharing my testimony by explaining to people that I came from an occult background, from a “gnostic Christian” point of view. I then proceeded to warn about the dangers of occult involvement, about the importance of renouncing past occult involvement, and about walking according to God’s standards.

As a result of Constance Cumbey’s book, “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow,” and Texe Marrs’ book, “Dark Secrets of the New Age: Satan’s Plan for a One-World Religion,1 Christians started to become more familiar with the idea of the “New Age movement” as well as the “New World Order,” but it was clear to me that not many understood that they were both part of the same plan of Satan. For instance, many thought that the “New Age Movement” was Satan’s plan… but trying to explain that it was just a small part of Satan’s plan was difficult.

So, while it became easier in many aspects to share my testimony and for people to begin to understand a bit more about my background, people started expecting there to be a name to describe where I had come from. I kept getting the same types of questions, over and over, asking me what group I came from, what religion I came from, etc… wanting to know a name to describe my background.

My response was that it didn’t have a specific name. I tried explaining that it was a spiritual hierarchy, and that I came from being raised in and working within Satan’s “inner circle”, alongside some of the highest ranking fallen angels.

This answer was incomprehensible to others. They couldn’t understand it. Although many of them believed that Satan and demons existed, not many understood about the fallen angels, and their understanding was very limited to what they could see or experience with their own physical senses. It seemed to be unbelievable to them that humans and the demonic could interact in such a way that an individual like myself had come from working directly with them.

I realized that it was going to be impossible for people to understand my testimony unless I had a name to give them that would describe what I came from. And since Satan’s spiritual hierarchy was huge and his plan was so well organized, I started calling it “The Organization.”

This name seemed to satisfy people.

Around 2004, I started reaching a wider audience by sharing my testimony on Internet forums. By that time, people had begun to understand more about “secret societies” and about conspiracies to bring about a “New World Order,” and the word “Illuminati” had started to become more common. I thought at that point, people might have been ready to understand that the Illuminati was just a small piece of the larger picture. I thought people would have been able to understand that Satan’s plan encompassed more than just the NWO; that the Illuminati was but one of many smaller organizations within Satan’s hierarchy; and that Satan has created and used many smaller organizations to further his overall plan.

Also around 2004, seeing the opportunity to share my testimony with an even larger audience who would likely be able to finally understand my warnings of Satan’s plan, I contacted several others who I thought would be interested in the information, including some radio show hosts, letting them know that I had come from a place of having personal experience in working inside Satan’s organization… from a position that was higher than the Illuminati… from within Satan’s inner circle that oversaw the smaller organizations within Satan’s larger organization.

But in spite of doing several radio interviews where I was able to share some of my information, most people still didn’t understand. Instead, regardless of my efforts to explain what I had experienced while working within Satan’s spiritual hierarchy, people started incorrectly labeling me as “former Illuminati”, and have continued to label me as “former Illuminati”, even though I have continued to state otherwise.

The time has now come when it is absolutely necessary that I set the record straight once and for all about my background… because, in order to understand the significance of my message and the implications it has for the present day… and the near future… it’s important to know what my background actually is!

So, regardless of the terms that others have used to try to describe my past experiences in working with Satan’s hierarchy… I am not former Illuminati.

Instead, I worked at the top of Satan’s spiritual hierarchy in Satan’s “inner circle” — a group that is comprised of Satan (Lucifer), some of his chosen high-ranking fallen angels, as well as certain chosen humans, who call themselves “The Illumined Ones.”

This is the group which is the Seat of Authority which holds dominion; it’s the governing group which runs, directs and oversees the entire workings of the entire plan of Satan.

This is the group in which I used to work. 

Not the “Illuminati”.

Please watch: “Setting the Record Straight: On Being “Former Illuminati””

1 Stating the name of these authors and their books is not meant to be a blanket endorsement of any of their respective materials; nor is it an endorsement of their websites, business, or ministries; nor is it an endorsement of their character.