I Want This Publicly Known, by Carolyn Hamlett

On September 17, 2017, I posted an article on my former blog, “Beyond The Physical Realm”. The article was titled, “I want this publicly known, by Carolyn Hamlett”.

I have decided to repost that article here, because recently in an article written with Loren Grace, I supplied more details in regards to what took place beginning in late summer of 2017, and continuing on through the fall of 2017, during which time I wrote “I want this publicly known, by Carolyn Hamlett”. It was a horrendous experience involving the treachery and deceit of an Editor-in-Chief of a so-called “Christian” magazine, who chose to publish slanderous lies about me and lies about my testimony, which not only soiled my reputation and defamed my good character, but the action also wrought damage to my testimony … and sadly … during this ordeal, I once again suffered the shocking betrayal of someone I thought was my friend.

When I wrote the article in 2017, I made the decision to not list any names, including the name of the magazine in question and its editor, who, in spite of knowing the reasons why I explicitly forbade him to do so, chose to publish my name and images in conjunction with what he (the editor) knew was a falsified “transcript” and a lying, falsified video that was nefariously created by one of his own chosen writers for his magazine that had been unethically passed off as a legitimate interview with me.

However, now that several years have passed, I have seen the need to set the record straight once and for all about the real truth, and the truth of what I believe and what I will and will not stand for, and to issue a warning to others. Therefore, I have chosen to now name the names of all those I didn’t name in 2017… the names of the self-proclaiming “Christians” who continue in unethical, immoral, ungodly practices and who continue to actively spread Luciferian doctrines. Included are the names of those who continue to support them and their lies.


I tell some of the story of what took place in 2017 and I name names in this article by Loren Grace and myself: Time Travel And The Crucifixion.

Please read first the original article of 2017 posted below.

I Want This Publicly Known, by Carolyn Hamlett

I was notified that the Editor In Chief of a “Christian” magazine (Luciferian under the guise of “Christian”) without my permission has chosen to publish an article or articles/“transcript” (inaccurate) with my name associated with it and making it appear that I support things that I absolutely do not support. I want it publicly known that I do NOT endorse this magazine, nor it’s editor, nor writers nor content, and most certainly not their unethical practices. Everything in this magazine goes contrary to my beliefs. This magazine is teaching Luciferianism under the guise of physics peppered with a little scripture out of context to give the illusion that it is Bible backed when in fact the contents of this magazine are NO different than what I was taught by Lucifer’s spiritual hierarchy and Lucis Trust, formerly Lucifer Trust. Even the name of the magazine is telling you what it is doing to you. It is no wonder this magazine is teaching and promoting what it is, since a number of the present writers of this magazine are known teachers and supporters of New Age spirituality which is in fact Luciferianism, whether they realize it or not. 

In the book, Doctrine of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” which I co-authored with Loren Grace, we expose such teachings for what they are, pure Luciferian straight from “The Plan” of Satan and his spiritual hierarchy. 

So as to prevent any confusion or misconception, now or in the future, I want it known that the contents of the book I co-authored with Loren Grace, supersedes all previously written or recorded content associated with me. This book I co-authored with Loren Grace reflects my heart, my views and my testimony as well as being the “head’s up” to warn and educate people so they can identify the deceptive lures of Satan’s end time plan, and therefore not fall prey to them. Please beware of the magazine being used to entangle you in deception and take you away from Jesus Christ. Please read Loren’s and my book to see why I am saying this! 

Because of the rash of people who have been misquoting me, taking my words out of context and twisting what I have said, I want it publicly known that no one other than myself is qualified to speak for me or to represent my views. Rather than take another person’s word for what they say I support or allude to what I support, download a free copy of “Doctrine of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” by Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett, and see for yourself.

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