Announcement Regarding Laurel Glaze

Because of the lies and slander Laurel Glaze (who claims to be a Christian) has continued to publicly and privately spread about me over the past few years, I, Carolyn Hamlett, am now in the undesirable and uncomfortable situation to have to make a public announcement in order to let everyone know where I stand.

This announcement is not made to attack Laurel Glaze; this is not to cause her to feel as or to be seen as a victim; but this is to defend myself against blatant lies, to defend Loren Grace against blatant lies, and most importantly, to defend the TRUTH. We pray that this announcement is received in the spirit of love and concern in which it has been given.

There is a backstory between Laurel Glaze and I, with many details (TRUTH… of which I have proof) that I may provide at a later date, if and when I have the energy to deal with it, but for now I would like to publicly say the following:

I do not endorse Laurel Glaze in any way, shape or form, and neither do I endorse any of the unbiblical beliefs that she holds to.

Laurel Glaze is publicly slandering and lying about me in an effort to make me look unstable and unreliable; she is misquoting me; she is cherry-picking through parts of my testimony that I have previously shared, taking my words out of context and in some cases directly misquoting me, in a very translucent attempt to make herself and her own point of view look valid. Among other things, it is causing people to believe that I believe things that I do not actually believe, and giving the perception that my testimony validates Laurel’s misinformation or personal theological/prophetic beliefs, some of which very clearly do not line up with God’s written Word.

And rather than give people links to the actual articles on my actual websites that I actually write (or co-write with Loren), or links to any place on the internet where people can find out for themselves what I am currently sharing, or a link to the book I authored with Loren Grace, she instead gives old links to old interviews, some of which were infected with false doctrines due to have been unknowingly discipled by heretics, as I have already briefly explained.


All of this is bad enough, but Laurel also puts on a kind façade, which many people are fooled by, and gives public support of heretics and abusers and liars, while vilifying, lying about, and shaming their victims.

I have said this before and I see that I need to say it again… The best way to hear my testimony is to hear it directly from me, not from anyone else.

So as a result of all the lies and misinformation Laurel Glaze is spreading about me, I am publicly asking Laurel Glaze (assuming she reads this article) to please stop lying about me (as well as Loren Grace now), and to please stop using my name and my information.

I know this is probably not something that she will be able to prevent herself from doing, so at the least, I am publicly asking that if Laurel Glaze cannot stop herself from trying to use my testimony to make herself and her own viewpoints look valid, and if she cannot refrain from lying about me and Loren Grace, then I am asking if she would please at least have the decency to give people links to my actual websites so that they can find out for themselves what I actually do believe.

In case Laurel Glaze (or anyone else) does not know the web addresses of my new websites, here they are:

Personal Message to Laurel Glaze

We (myself and Loren Grace) pray that you, Laurel Glaze, will repent of the lies you have spread about us, and that you will stop lying about us. Most importantly, however, we pray that you are able to take a quiet moment to stop and think about the harm you are causing, and that you will repent of the false doctrines and false teachers/ministers you have believed, endorsed, and have/are promoting, and that you return to the simple and pure gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are praying for you. ♥

In the end, the full truth will come out as God will expose the lies and the liars. For the sake of those individuals who are being misled and deceived by such lies, we pray that day comes soon.

Carolyn Hamlett