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For those who used to follow my old blog, “Beyond the Physical Realm,” I shut that blog down for several reasons. I will probably go into detail later on, but the main reason I shut that blog down is because through my affiliation with certain charismatic individuals who, unfortunately, I had trusted to disciple me, I had slowly become infected with the demonic doctrines they were teaching me, specifically in regards to ungodly spiritual warfare. In Fall of 2016, the Spirit of God began showing me where I had deviated, and so I began to divorce myself from everyone I knew who had been teaching, practicing, and promoting false doctrines, beginning with Dan Duval and Bride Ministries. The Spirit of God continued showing me the false doctrines that I had been indoctrinated with and had started to believe in and had been sharing with others, so I began going through old blog articles, trying to clean them up. I was shocked at the amount of false doctrines that were peppered throughout many of my blog articles and interviews I had done with others. It grieved me, and still does grieve me, to realize that I had been sharing things that weren’t lining up with God’s written Word. Much of it was very subtle, but the infection was plain to see.

Furthermore, I had also shared some things from other people and other ministries that were very much contaminated with false doctrine.

So, realizing that “cleaning up my blog” was proving to be more difficult than I had originally anticipated, I decided to shut that blog down and restart fresh.

Here, I will be posting some information that has to do with identifying and exposing Lucifer’s (Satan’s) plan in the last days. In addition, I will be posting related information from the web site I share with Loren Grace, as well as information from the book Loren and I authored, Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft.

Exposing What is Hidden in Plain Sight

Many years ago, I taught classes on how to read the woods, on tracking wildlife, and beginner info on hunting as well as survival.

For the person who has very little experience in the woods, what is hiding in plain sight remains invisible (camouflaged) to them until someone familiar with the woods shows them what to look for and starts pointing things out to them. As an instructor and guide, this was part of my job: to point out what was hiding in plain sight.

Likewise, an un-camouflaged hunter is easily seen by the prey who then is able to discern life threatening danger and be motivated to run from it and seek safety…which is why being camouflaged is so important to hunters, using specific clothing that blends with the particular habitat they are hunting in.

With these analogies in mind, my main objectives with this blog is to point people to what is hiding in plain sight:

  • to point to and expose Satan’s (Lucifer’s) global, world-wide deception that is taking them away from the Truth that will set them free
  • to spell out and to expose Satanic (new age, ecumenical, theosophical, gnostic) doctrines
  • to expose and unmask Satan’s plan to Christians of how he is camouflaging Luciferian (Satanic) doctrine as being Christian doctrines, and how he is attempting to redefine Scripture, blending in with Christian environments and in Christian groups and ministries without many Christians even knowing it!

It is my hope that through the information I share on this website, that as many people as possible are supplied  with information that points them back to the Word of God, and unmasks the enemy and his plan that is contrary to the Word of God (that has been properly interpreted within context), enabling others to discern for themselves how Satan is working in the world today, and how they can avoid his tricks by getting back to the basics of the Word of God!

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