Finding a Treasure in “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”

Mount Kilimanjaro in 1911 – by Rudolf Hellgrewe (1860-1935)

This post expresses my heart as a writer with the difficult, but never-ending quest to present the truth.

(September 7, 2016 ) Original post date on my former blog site “Beyond The Physical Realm”

The other day, when I was in the hunt, tracking a specific breed of information, I stumbled upon a treasure totally different and unrelated to the subject I was in hot pursuit of. I found this treasure in an unlikely source too, in the 1952 film “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”. 

The treasure is actually a quote, a short dialogue between the main character, a young Harry Street, and his uncle Bill. It has to do with being a writer. No doubt not everyone would deem this particular excerpt ‘a treasure’ unless they too can relate to it as I do, which is on the heart level of fighting the “forces of ignorance and evil” on the literary battlefield, where words are the weaponry. 

I will share the quote with you. Perhaps you too will find yourself identifying with it. 

Uncle Bill: 

“You still intend on becoming a writer?”



Uncle Bill: 

“Well, there are different kinds of writers…just like there are different kinds of everything.  

You can become another hack.  [a ‘goof off”] 

It’s easy… peddle soap to housewives.  Nothing wrong with peddling soap. 

Make a fortune.

But I’ll tell you the only right approach to real writing…   

It’s like a hunt.  

It’s a hunt in which a man pits his brains against the forces of ignorance and evil.  

It’s a lifelong and lonely safari.  

The prey he seeks is a truth worth telling…  

a faith worth living by… 

Something worth spilling your guts about.  

He must track it down by himself.   

I don’t know if you’ll be one to have the fortitude to stick to it. 

To follow the spoor no matter where where it leads… 

To what pain and suffering…  

through hell and high water. 

If you are, God help you. 

God pity you. [have compassion for]  And good luck.”

While I have not poured myself into being what many would consider a professional writer, I’m not a “hack” (goof off) either. I have labored through “hell and high water, pain and suffering” to speak the truth because the truth is “worth spilling my guts about”.

I am at war with the “forces of evil” because they are at war with you

Every time I write, it is a battle where I literally pit my “brains against the forces of ignorance and evil” using words… the weapons of this battle field. 

The enemy uses words as weapons of deception to steal your will, and keep you ignorant of their devices. I use words to expose the enemy’s lies with the truth. 

So, while I am writing, I am continuously on the hunt to find the right word or phrase that will paint as accurate a picture as possible of what the truth is… because I know that when the truth walks in and stands next to a lie, the lie is exposed for what it is. 

You deserve to have the truth.